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– (R-18) –

Compared to other girls, Elena seemed awfully shy. This was new to Jake.

He looked behind her and saw that the bed was littered with red flower petals. The room was decorated to the max with woven flowers as well as attractive symbols depicting a fresh start, love, and relationship.

“Mister Y-yahul…” she said as he came and sat beside her.

“I prefer to be called by my secret name Jake.” He lifted her chin.

There was no way he could accept her moaning someone else’s name when he would rail her. As for her learning his real name, that was the least of his concerns.

“Okay, m-mister Jake…” She darted her eyes as a cute blush covered her cheeks.

“Remove the ‘mister’, Elena. From today, we are man and wife, bound by our vows and virtues.” Jake tenderly looked at her.

He never took those vows, of course. Jake was pretty decent at lying and Elena fell for it, deeper and deeper.

“Jake, I don’t know how to… um…” Her mind was full of those thoughts which they would do tonight, and she didn’t spare a moment to calm herself.

“No worries. We can just go with the flow…” Jake faked his purity and came closer.

Albiet not so bright, he yellow light inside was a great merit as it let him see Elena’s beauty. Tonight, she was wearing a silky white chemise that could not hide the ups and downs on her youthful body.

Elena had healthy light skin and soft flesh. Her womanly parts had grown fully, boasting breasts the size of ripe mangoes. Small, compared to Rose’s, but shapely and alluring in their own regard.

However, Jake’s gaze wasn’t only focused on them. He stretched his other hand and touched her right cheek.

“With my face that God gave me, I have had many women fall for me. However, Elena, you are the only one who heats such a desire in my body. I restrained myself for this day, this night, because I knew I would meet someone like you.”

Jake placed his other hand on her thigh while she was stunned by his sweet bold words. He could feel the smoothness of it over her chemise.

“Jake…” Elena felt something bubbling within her. She felt immensely happy that she was blessed with a husband such as this.

Seeing the opening, Jake immediately kissed her lips. A wheaty smell entered his nose as he opened her mouth and tasted inside. His other hand lifted her chemise, and stroked her bare thigh.

His palm slid towards the center of her legs like the head of a sly snake. Oh, she wasn’t wearing her underwear. Jake teased her vulva by rubbing it once.

The moon hung in the sky. Their shadows danced in an intimate act. A sound of small popping tinkered through the air as Jake tasted her lips.

They exchanged each other’s saliva. As their kiss stopped, Jake got onto the bed on his knees.

Elena touched her lips and looked at her husband unbuttoning his pants. She remembered her mother’s teachings at this moment.

“Be a virtuous wife and serve your husband in every way he wishes.”

Since she turned 12, she had been brainwashed by this concept of subservience. Even when she was in the city, her aunt always told her to be docile.

She was just a late teen, born in a backward society, how could she not heed the words her family drilled into her head? Elena gulped as Jake’s pants fell.

His bulging straight stick was restrained by a thin underwear. This was… her husband’s manhood? It looked so imposing.

“Let’s not waste any time, dear. Tonight, we consummate our marriage and pave a new future for us, for our families.” Jake brought his cock closer to her and pulled his underwear.

Elena suddenly covered her face, seeing the meatstick as thick as a baby’s arm. Although she had known what it was like, this was her first time seeing a man’s thing.

Looking at her red ears and hearing the cute girly noises she made, Jake placed his palm on her head.

“Open your mouth, Elena. Sucking this is your duty.”

She peeked through her fingers and slid down her palms. Then, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. He could see her lips trembling.

“Larger, my wife. It needs to fit.” Jake placed his other palm on her head as well.

Elena made her mouth’s opening as big as possible.

“Now stretch your tongue out and sit comfortably, spreading your thighs.” Jake’s tone was turning authoritative.

She did as he said, hanging her tongue out. Placing her palms flat on the soft bedding, she leaned her upper body closer to Jake’s abdomen as he spread his legs.

Elena could feel the air inside with her wet tongue. Suddenly, she felt a soft tip passing through her lip’s entrance… A hard rod slid inside her mouth, stretching her lips.

“Good girl,” Jake said and moved her head back and forth.

“Mrmmm… Mmmm…” Elena opened her eyes in surprise. She was sucking her husband’s dick!

“Yeah…” Jake could feel that sense of dominance powering his body, as if his balls had grown another pair.

Seeing this girl’s beautiful face from above, he moved his hips, fully plugging her mouth with his thick cock.

“Ummfgh! Fmumrrmgh!”

Tears quickly secreted on Elena’s eyes as Jake fucked her face, his foreskin creasing due to her lip’s tightness.

As she sat there in a toad’s position, tilting her head up, Jake’s cock went deep inside her throat. Elena’s tongue licked Jake’s balls and her nose hit his loins.

“Ouggh… Mrrffghh!” She made gagging sounds as Jake felt the wet tightness pressing on his rod from all sides.

He then pulled out, letting her breathe. His whole dick was soaked and dripping with her saliva.

“Hah… hah…” She took long thirsty breaths, holding her neck. At this moment, a pill appeared in Jake’s hand.

“Eat it, you will feel better.” He opened her mouth and tossed it inside.

This was a Vigor Improvement Pill which cost him only 120 Evil Points. It would help her hold her breaths for a long time and last longer in sex.

As for the contraceptive… Jake didn’t think it was necessary.

‘When I cum inside, I shouldn’t let my demonic powers transfer through my semen. However, the matter about Elena’s pregnancy… I’ll let my good friend Yahul handle it.’ He thought and plugged this beautiful girl’s mouth with his cock again.

“Aurrggh! Ougrrhh… Mrmmm… Mmmm…!”

The consummation was just beginning.

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