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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement
Chapter 56 - After Killing the Butterfly, Become a Purifying Spirit Master!v

Chapter 56: After Killing the Butterfly, Become a Purifying Spirit Master!

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When he hit the ground, Black Qing used his huge body to cushion Sheng Xiao’s fall. Even so, Sheng Xiao still felt like his internal organs were shattered.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and raised his head to look at the sky.

Su Tingxue’s body was almost transparent. She held the Eye of Destruction with both hands and looked down at Sheng Xiao as if she was looking at a weak ant.

Sheng Xiao leaned against Black Qing and stroked his head with one hand. He said in a low voice, “Black Qing, fight with me again!”

Black Qing roared and stood up with all his might. He pressed his dragon horn against Sheng Xiao’s forehead. The blood of one beast and one human stood together. They were in a bizzare state.

For the first time, Black Qing appeared in Sheng Xiao’s Spiritual Abode. He floated in the sky and looked at Sheng Xiao quietly.

Sheng Xiao looked at Black Qing and Black Qing looked at it. From that second onwards, they seemed to have become one. They could sense each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Sheng Xiao felt his body warm and his forehead felt itchy. It was as if something was about to break out of the ground.

Black Qing suddenly moved. He waved his tail and charged at Sheng Xiao in the blink of an eye. Sheng Xiao opened his arms and accepted Black Qing. Black Qing’s huge body became one with Sheng Xiao.

No one saw two black dragon horns on Sheng Xiao’s forehead. Black dragon scales appeared on the skin on his neck.

At that moment, Su Tingxue, who was high in the sky, poured all her psychic energy into the Eye of Destruction. After she threw the Eye of Destruction at Sheng Xiao, she disappeared from the world because of her exhausted power.

The Eye of Destruction flew toward Sheng Xiao again. This time, it was even stronger than before.

When the Eye of Destruction was less than a hundred meters away from Sheng Xiao, Sheng Xiao opened his eyes suddenly. He flew into the air and Black Qing followed suit. He turned into a dragon-shaped sword and Sheng Xiao held it in his palm!

Sheng Xiao held the sword in his hand and mobilized every bit of energy in his body. The two forces merged into one. The sword’s energy increased sharply and a dazzling black light shone on the sword!

Sheng Xiao raised his black sword and pointed it at the sky. He seemed unfathomable.

“One sword slashes a myriad of souls!”

The sword clashed with the Eye of Destruction head-on, and the ground instantly quaked.

The sunlight was blocked by the black energy body, and there were whimpering sounds in the air. In an instant, one could not see their fingers when they stretched out their hand.

Feng Si and the others hurriedly used their arms to cover their eyes. After the ground under their feet stopped shaking, they slowly opened their eyes and looked at the valley between the Black Dome Mountain and the Purgatory Sea.

A black figure was standing in the sky above the valley. His dark green shirt had been torn, and the two black dragon horns on his forehead were glowing and burning. A black dragon coiled around his body, and the man and the dragon became the most powerful existences in the world.

Feng Si was dumbfounded. He took off his glasses and looked at Sheng Xiao. He realized that Sheng Xiao was still like that. He immediately knelt down and exclaimed, “A Supreme Master!”

A 25-year-old Supreme Master!

Sheng Xiao had created another miracle!

After the battle, the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl fell into Sheng Xiao’s hands. Sheng Xiao even broke through his cultivation and became a Supreme Master.

Feng Si’s uncle and Uncle Ling quickly carried Feng Si and ran. If they did not run, Sheng Xiao might kill them too.

After Feng Si and the others left, Black Qing landed in the valley with Sheng Xiao. There was no one around. Sheng Xiao could no longer endure it and spat out blood.

Sheng Xiao had indeed broken through, but he was injured too. He was so injured that he could not even walk.

Sheng Xiao leaned against Black Qing and gradually lost consciousness.

In the Purgatory Sea.

The Butterfly Queen could not kill Yu Huang even if she wanted to. When Yu Huang revived for the 103th time, both she and the Butterfly Queen lost all their patience.

Staring at Yu Huang, who had revived once again, the Butterfly Queen felt annoyed.

Who was she? She couldn’t be killed no matter how hard it tried!

The girl and butterfly stared at each other with strange expressions. After a moment, the Butterfly Queen and Yu Huang moved at the same time. The Butterfly Queen gathered her strength and prepared a big move. This time, she wanted Yu Huang’s death to take longer.

Yu Huang also landed on her spiritual sea with a jump. She stomped her foot and caused a thousand ripples. Yu Huang focused her mind and tried her best to mobilize more spiritual power for her to use.

Spiritual Strength surged towards Yu Huang wave after wave before condensing into a large bow in her left hand. When the large bow was completely formed, Yu Huang already felt exhausted.

But this was not enough!

Yu Huang stared at the butterfly bathed in flames. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes again, risking the exhaustion of her soul to mobilize as much spiritual force as possible.

A translucent arrow slowly appeared in Yu Huang’s right hand.

It was still not enough!

Yu Huang continued to mobilize her spiritual energy. The long arrow became more and more corporeal, and Yu Huang’s consciousness became more and more blurry.

The butterfly queen stopped flapping its wings suspiciously. It looked at the bow in Yu Huang’s hand with a serious expression. It could actually sense endless killing intent from it!

There was a rare hint of fear in the Butterfly Queen’s eyes.

Yu Huang’s body was on the verge of collapse. She raised her long arrow and placed it on the big bow. She used her last bit of strength to pull the big bow to its limits. Yu Huang could tell that the Butterfly Queen was afraid. The corners of her lips curled up slightly as she muttered softly, “Are you afraid?”

The Butterfly Queen looked at her warily and subconsciously mobilized all her energy. The flames burning around it dyed Yu Huang’s spiritual sea red.

Yu Huang looked at it fearlessly. She said, “When you feel afraid, you won’t be far from death.” And she was fearless. She was invincible!

Yu Huang loosened her fingers and the arrow left the bow. It shot towards the Butterfly Queen’s eyes with a sharp and terrifying power!

The Butterfly Queen subconsciously dodged, but this was Yu Huang’s spiritual world. As long as Yu Huang wanted, her arrow could hit any target!


The Butterfly Queen had nowhere to hide and was eventually shot in the eyes by the arrow.

The arrow formed by Yu Huang’s mental strength turned into a dagger and entered the butterfly’s body, severing all of its tendons.

The butterfly queen roared at the sky. Her cry was strange, and it shook Yu Huang to the point that she knelt on the ground and hugged her head.

In the sky, the massive Butterfly Queen let out a shrill cry before suddenly exploding. Fire-red lava landed in Yu Huang’s spiritual sea and fused with her spiritual power.

The originally silver-white spiritual sea had actually turned fiery red!

Her Spiritual Abode suddenly became silent. Yu Huang raised her head and looked at the fiery red Spiritual Sea under her feet. She actually had a feeling of disbelief.

She really killed the Butterfly Queen?

Yu Huang raised her head and looked at the sky. There, a fiery red Psychic Pearl was hanging in the sky while silently expirating spiritual power.

Psychic Pearl!

Yu Huang looked at the Psychic Pearl and suddenly felt tears well up in her eyes.

She had finally become a Purifying Spirit Master!

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 56 - After Killing the Butterfly, Become a Purifying Spirit Master!v