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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement
Chapter 54 - Youre Already Here, Yet You Want to Leave?

Chapter 54: You’re Already Here, Yet You Want to Leave?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Si’s cursing was so straightforward that Teng Feng’s features became somewhat sinister. “Brat, you grew a mouth in vain. Could it be that you only know how to drink milk and don’t know how to speak properly?”

“Heh!” Feng Si rolled up his sleeves and shouted provocatively at Teng Feng, “What did you say?! Say it again if you have the guts!”

Just as the two of them were about to fight, someone suddenly realized that the eye of the storm in the sky had changed.

“Look! There’s someone there!”

Someone shouted and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Sheng Xiao raised his head and saw that the eye of the poisonous gas column had turned into the illusion of a beautiful woman.

The moment that shadow appeared, the surrounding air began to whimper, as if a demon was howling.

Feng Si stared at the shadow and his pupils dilated with fear. He exclaimed softly, “Su Tingxue’s remnant consciousness has awakened!”

No wonder no one had been able to obtain the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl for the past hundreds of years. It turned out that Su Tingxue’s consciousness was hidden in the Sacred Pearl!

Purifying Spirit Master Su Tingxue was a powerful Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master. Even if it was just a wisp of her soul, it was not something low-level Beast Tamers like them could fight against!

Teng Feng naturally guessed the identity of this woman and immediately had the intention to escape.

They might be able to fight with all their might against the eye of the storm, but they had no chance of winning against Su Tingxue’s remnant consciousness.

Teng Feng immediately shouted, “Let’s go!”

Feng Si also said to the people behind him, “Let’s go!”

They did not want the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl anymore!

In the face of the threat of death, Feng Si felt that his butterfly beast form was extremely pleasing to the eye.

Everyone was prepared to retreat, but how could they come and go as they wished?

An angry female voice faintly sounded amidst the whimpering wind. “You’re already here. You expect to leave?” These words were spoken nonchalantly, but they gave off a terrifying pressure that made one feel as if their souls were about to be torn apart.

Upon hearing that voice, Feng Si and the others ran even faster.

In the sky, Su Tingxue’s remnant soul flipped her palm and the black poisonous gas surrounding her immediately turned into countless sharp scimitars that flew towards everyone!

They were clearly formed from gas, but those scimitars contained shocking energy. They had a terrifying power that would cripple anyone who touched them.

Knowing that he couldn’t escape, Teng Feng subconsciously used his most powerful move to protect himself. “Raging Lion Roar!” Teng Feng’s beast form, which was in the form of a lion, increased in size by several times. He opened his bloody mouth and roared at Su Tingxue.

The beast roared as the air trembled, pulverizing the scimitars that flew in front of them. However, just as this wave shattered, another wave of scimitars approached.

Su Tingxue’s attacks were endless, but Teng Feng was only a Scholar. He quickly ran out of energy and fell to the ground while struggling.

On the other side, Feng Si’s face had already turned pale from fright. As he ran, he shouted, “Little Uncle! Uncle Ling! Protect us!” At the same time, Feng Si summoned his beast form.

It was a beautiful purple butterfly, and it was only half of Feng Si’s size. The butterfly wanted to bring Feng Si away from this dangerous place, but Feng Si was too heavy and the butterfly was too weak, so it was unable to lift Feng Si. 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

Feng Si despaired.

This useless trashy beast form!

Other than being beautiful, it was useless!

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 54 - Youre Already Here, Yet You Want to Leave?