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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement
Chapter 52 - Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, Scheming Sheng Xiao

Chapter 52: Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, Scheming Sheng Xiao

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Feng Si did not know that Sheng Xiao was right in front of him. He was still boasting about their friendship. “This time, he knew that I was coming to snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl. He insisted on accompanying me, but I rejected him.”

Feng Si pointed at the subordinates behind him and told Sheng Xiao, “I’ve specially invited two Masters to help me and a team of top-notch mercenaries. I don’t need him.”

Feng Si said those words to tell Sheng Xiao two things.

Firstly, Sheng Xiao and I are bros. We are very close!

Second, I have two Masters under me. The others are also top-notch mercenaries.

Therefore, a person who was alone had to retreat in the face of difficulties. He should be sensible and shouldn’t join in the fun. He should leave the mountain.

Sheng Xiao felt awkward for Feng Si.

Sheng Xiao asked a direct question. “If you need the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, it means that you are a low-level Beast Tamer. I am curious. Why would a genius like Master Sheng be your bro?”

Hearing such an offensive question, Feng Si’s reaction was not anger. Instead, he had a thought: That’s right. Why would Master Sheng be friends with a low-level Beast Tamer?

Feng Si chuckled and waved his hand. “Although Sheng Xiao is proud, he never dwells on ability and family background when making friends. Compared to family background, he values character, charm, and morals more.”

Sheng Xiao almost believed him.

He sized Feng Si up seriously. He really couldn’t tell what kind of charm this person had.

He was short and boastful. He was the kind of person that he despised the most.

Sheng Xiao asked again, “Are you from Divine Realm Academy?”

He probably wasn’t. Divine Realm Academy didn’t accept trash.

Feng Si coughed and shook his collar. He said, “My surname is Feng, and I’m the second young master of the Feng family of the Ice Domain Continent. My name is Feng Zhen. Two years ago, I officially entered the Divine Realm Academy to study.”

Feng Zhen?

Sheng Xiao had some impression of this person, but he remembered that Feng Zhen did not look like him.

The reason why he remembered Feng Zhen’s face was that he had a deep impression of him. He was one of Sheng Xiao’s most unforgettable juniors.

Divine Realm Academy was different from ordinary colleges. All the items in the school had to be exchanged with cultivation points. They could not be bought with money. In Divine Realm Academy, meals, bathrooms, and baths required cultivation points to be exchanged.

If he did not have enough points for cultivation, he would have to starve.

On the other hand, Feng Zhen sneaked into the boys’ dormitory to steal food the first week of school. Coincidentally, it was Sheng Xiao’s room.

The stolen item was a bag of chips, a bag of pork shacks, and a bundle of beverages.

Sheng Xiao did not even have a chance to drink it.

That was why Sheng Xiao still remembered what the thief who stole his beverage looked like.

Feng Zhen was actually Feng Si’s second brother. He knew Sheng Xiao’s personality well because of his second brother. His second brother was afraid of Sheng Xiao, like a mouse that had seen a cat.

Feng Si saw the change in Sheng Xiao’s expression and thought that he was frightened by his words. Feng Si stood on his tiptoes and patted Sheng Xiao’s shoulder. He asked, “Bro, are you a Beast Tamer?”

Sheng Xiao glanced at his shoulder and replied coldly, “Yes.”

“Bro, you’ve seen it too. The people from the Blazing Realm Continent’s Teng Family are here too. Everyone has helpers with them. You can’t win against us alone. Why don’t we do this? I’ll hire you as my guard and help me get the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl. Let’s be friends.” After saying that, Feng Si took out a coin-sized purple card from his pocket. It was the honorable VIP card used by the entire continent’s bank. The opening deposit was 50 million.

Feng Si stuffed the coin into Sheng Xiao’s hand and said, “This is the deposit. It’s 50 million. After it’s done, I’ll give you another 30 million. What do you think?”

It was Sheng Xiao’s first time encountering such an idiot. He took the card and said, “Okay.”

He would ally with Feng Si and borrow his strength to deal with the others. When those people fell, he only needed to kill Feng Si and the others to obtain the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

This was really… killing two birds with one stone!

A wise man submits to circumstances. Feng Si liked Sheng Xiao more when he saw that. “What’s your name?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Ma Yao.”

Feng Si nodded and changed his address, “Mr. Ma.”

Sheng Xiao said, “Young Master Feng.”

After Sheng Xiao became Feng Si’s friend, Feng Si treated him well and Sheng Xiao even took a nap in their team for an hour.

When he woke up, the sun was about to set.

The gas that emerged from the Black Dome was getting darker and darker. It seemed that the Black Dome was about to erupt.

All the mercenaries wore gas masks. Only Beast Tamers did not need gas masks because they possessed energy.

Feng Zhen passed Sheng Xiao a gas mask and said, “Wear it. We can’t let people guess our strength.” Wear the mask and pretend to be an ordinary person to deceive the enemy.

He was a fool, but sometimes, his wit surprised him. He was not stupid enough to point that he was beyond hopeless.

Sheng Xiao took the mask and put it on. He saw that everyone in his team was wearing a mask. For a moment, he could not tell who were the Beast Tamers Feng Si had invited.

Sheng Xiao had just put on his mask when he heard a puff. It was as if water had been boiling and a bubble was rising in the kettle.

The commotion was very soft, but the beast tamers’ hearing was much better than ordinary people’s. They immediately sensed the abnormality.

Feng Si stared at the bubbling hole in the middle of the Black Dome peak and subconsciously reached for his glasses. He muttered, “It’s about to explode…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a crack in the soil at the center of the Black Dome. The thing hidden on the ground could not wait to see the light of day again!


Feng Si shouted and his team retreated more than ten meters away in an orderly manner. Seeing this, the other teams also followed suit.

Pfft! 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

A thick black gas broke through the soil on the Black Dome and rushed into the clouds!

The moment the flames rose, there was a pungent smell in the air. When the animals living tens of kilometers away smelled this smell, they immediately fell to the ground and twitched!

The poisonous gas in the Black Dome was erupting!

Everyone looked up and saw the black eye of the storm hidden in the gas through the towering toxic gas pillar.

The storm eye was really like a human eye, looking down at the ants below with a disdainful gaze.

All the poisonous gas was revolving around the eye of the storm. The scene was extremely freaky.

“It’s the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl!”

The young master of the Teng Family, who had made the strategy in advance, immediately recognized the true identity of this storm eye. He deliberately shouted, “The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl only recognizes the first person to obtain it as its owner! Go!”

When they heard this, many people swarmed over as if they were on stimulants, and they ran madly towards the poisonous gas without any regard for the consequences. On the other hand, the shouting Young Master Teng was far away and didn’t move at all.

Sheng Xiao thought that Feng Si would be the first to rush up. However, Feng Si raised his hand and said to his subordinates, “Calm down. They are going to die.”

That Teng Family young master had deliberately shouted earlier to deceive those people into sending themselves to their death.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Young Master Teng wanted to be the oriole, and so did Feng Si.. However, none of them knew that the largest sparrow had already turned into a mantis and infiltrated them.

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 52 - Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, Scheming Sheng Xiao