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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign
Chapter 265 Against A Grandmaster

Ziltris snapped his fingers. "Go"


The three dashed forth. 

Ezra's vassals responded in kind.

Roxanne morphed, her red hair receded till only a small portion remained as her face protruded, a beak thus formed.

Her skin took on a metallic luster, her legs shook, turning from straight to hinged while feathers of light silver colour grew on her arms. 

Her body subsequently enlarged and then… "CAW!"

A silver hawk came forth.  

Looking onto Maldaga's figure, she flew forth with unbridled rage; Velora followed, white scales growing her skin with her eyes turning those of a snake.

A swipe of Roxanne wings shot forth an array of silver feathers.


Ziltris caught the feather in between his fingers.

"Tch" Maldaga clicked her tongue. Stepping aside to avoid the incoming volley of feathers as did the other two.

The two sisters swiftly gave chase.  

Theron faced Jagamar, making a quick swing for his head while his fur grew on his skin. 

"You're with me"

Coating the halberd with fire, Jagamar felt his face grow hot. 

Dodging it, "Hmph" he stomped the ground, causing a tremor to disorient Theron while the Earth coalesced around his body.

"Encasing armour!" With a shout of his skill, Jagamar struck with both fists and kicks.

Theron faced it head on, his head morphed into that of a fox as canines grew to fit.

And then…


A scream of terror was unleashed upon Jagamar, blasting him afar.

The 'screaming' attribute of a screaming firefox was unveiled.

Long claws protruded from Ashton's hands while Johan's skin morphed to mirror steel

Naberus stomped his staff on the ground and it lit up with a green light.

Right after, numerous vines shot off the soil. 

Johan hastily stepped back. "Damn mages"

"Why you still fight is beyond me" Ziltris spoke, crushing the feathers into dust with the tip of fingers. "Surely you realize your deaths are but certainties at this point" 

A line of black lightning cut through the Naberus' vines.


Ziltris appeared before Ezra. "To dare ignore me"

His hands lit up with a crimson glow.


Fist and sword collided.


The soil cracks into immaculate pieces.


But unlike before, Ezra was unmoved.

Ziltris gaze narrowed. 'Even at this level?!'

He aimed to inflict a fatal injury.


Ziltris' hand faced the soil, Ezra successfully averted the attack.

"Are you finally getting serious?" Ezra muttered.

'If he was serious at this level…

The original intent was to stall for time.

But when Ziltris' power fell far below expectations, a subtle change set in.

…killing him is definitely a possibility'

So far, they'd been grazing each other, testing combat ability-this would be Ziltris' first hard hit.


Ezra redirected punches one after the other and was able to guard Ziltris attacks without budging.

'You're following my attacks is it? I'll play with you' thought Ziltris.


Giving another next punch, Ezra dodged, Ziltris eyes narrowed.




A kick to Ezra's feet swept him off the floor.

'I saw the attack, but I couldn't respond in time!'

Straight in mid-air like a fish to be butchered, Ezra expression scrunched up seeing Ziltris smirking at his powerlessness.

Marcus looked at him like such before killing him.

'I won't let you keep that face!'


His brain went to work. Black lightning was shot out of his body at high speeds.


The lightning made him acutely aware of his internals.


Just like with the A-rank ape, Ezra spun like a top with swords in both hands.


Ziltris let a smirk slip onto his face as he put his hand into the path of the spinning swords to put an end to the futility.



…his palm was cleanly sliced through.


It was inconceivable for Ziltris.

That second of confusion had Ezra stick a sword into the ground and fling himself backwards of which he gained his footing back.

Cranking out black lightning currents, Ezra stared at Ziltris who kept staring at his hand-which had already healed.

Now, with an optimal assessment of his opponent, Ezra pounced into action without a word.

Seven years was enough to come with an arsenal of skills and techniques.

The lightning arcs coming off his body expanded, darkness slipped onto his skin, covering his presence even more while also being a layer of protection.

'Alright, I broke his defences…let's do it again'

Taking a deep breath, Ezra ate up distance in strides, unleashing the beast within, the look in eyes changed.

'This…' Ziltris complacency had dissolved, realizing his opponent could do more than just leave needle scratches.

Kang! Kang!Kring!Kang!Bam!Krin

Ziltris reacted to each strike with face unmoving, staring at Ezra.

After a barrage of attacks, Ezra took a large step in retreat, creating distance.

The surroundings took the major brunt of their battle, both soil and trees had been obliterated.

Ezra calmly assessed the situation.

'Everyone of my attacks work, but it's not enough!' Ezra was frustrated. 'I can't get through that insane healing speed'

Ziltris healed almost as fast as he was injured.

'How do I…' his mind stopped. 'Maybe???!'

An idea came up.

'Right, right, I must not confine myself. I have more options than before!'

Just then…"Are you sure you're not joining us?"

Ziltris spoke, his tone having grown in eeriness as he cracked his knuckles.

"So strong, yet with so much potential-you aren't rethinking that decision? What could you possibly want from humans that you reject us?"

Ezra stared him down. "I hate humans"


"They're disgusting things, more fickle than a speck a dust and most can't stay true to themselves-it's ultimately repulsive"

"Hah?" the thin smile stretched. Ziltris stared for a time and then…"Hahahahaha"

He burst out, laughing incredulously.

"To think we'd be so alike" said Ziltris. "Humans are vermin to be terminated. Demons are the true beings, demonization is the part to true liberty!" he paused, his smile dissolving leaving behind a dark state. "Why then do you reject me?"

Ezra didn't even flinch. "I acknowledge demons, yes, but I will never accept them. Humans are creatures of complex standards, to compare that to the simplicity and beastial trait of demons-tell me, which is more important between the sun and the soil?" he locked eyes with Ziltris. "And one more thing. There is no liberty with demons-do not delude yourself"

Ziltris huffed. "Talking is useless". His red aura spiked in intensity. "You have chosen death…? So be it"


Releasing a sonic boom, Ziltris accelerated explosively!


Reaching Ezra, he threw a punch.

Ezra's brain froze…and then jumped into overdrive!

'I didn't run because I knew the grandmaster would catch up. So, the plan was to stall till reinforcements arrive'

But… 'Is that even possible?'

The overwhelming presence seemed to deny it.

Ezra was confident in being able to hold his own against a grandmaster.

'Was I wrong? Am I still weak?'

Right then… "No!"

A loud shout pushed back negative thoughts-Ezra came alive!

'I'm not weak anymore! This power coursing through my veins is mine!

His eyes lit up. 'Then I just need to make this work!'

Ezra dropped his head sharply, avoiding the punch entirely, the black streaks linking towards his eyes showed dead on focus. 

He brought up the sword directly below Ziltris' arm…


He overlapped the elements coating the sword-with fire!

And then…


An arm spun in the air, leaving a trail of blood.

Right after.


A punch to his side had Ezra flying backwards.

Gaining his footing, "Kuhk!" Ezra spat out blood.

'He used the opening created by my attack and counter-attacked. Tch'

Ezra touched his ribs.

Although trembling heavily, it hadn't fractured.

"Whew" he breathed in relief. While his internals shook, his bones were still steady.

'My physique has grown to this point'

He clenched his fists. 'Definitely. The training was definitely worth it'

Ziltris snatched his falling arm and attached it back to his shoulder.


Ezra found Ziltris in front of him.

'He's even faster now?!'

Still shaking from the recoil of the last attack, he placed the swords against one another in 'x' form.

Right after a leg smashed into him. Ziltris' kick sent him flying into the air.

Ezra spurted blood bearing the kick.

Before he could react, a presence appeared above him.


A kick landed on his back, sending him into the ground.


The ground caved in.

Ezra felt his bones reaching its limits moreover he felt Ziltris approaching.

'Move, Dammit!'

Like a flickering image, Ziltris appeared before Ezra with his leg raised.

As he let it fall…


A ball of fire smashed into Ziltris, knocking him back a step.

'Who?' he wondered. Looking to see the attacker-Theron.

Right after, Ziltris sped in his direction.

Alarmed, Theron shouted. "Ezra! Get up!"

"Kuh!" He stepped out of the soil. "I didn't need you to tell me that"

Ziltris arrived in front of Theron.

"Distractions aren't needed"


Black lightning lit up the surroundings.

"Where are you looking?"

A sense of danger had Ziltris step back.

Right after, a stroke of Black lightning passed through, avoiding his face with centimetres to spare.

Theron used that opportunity to create distance.

Ziltris looked at Ezra, veins popping all over as his body reddened. "You're only assuring yourself a faster death"

"Shut up" Ezra steadied himself. spitting out blood and nodding to Theron with his dust filled face.

Ziltris sped off once more, appearing  in front of Ezra with a punch. "You don't learn"

"Actually" Ezra dodged. His sword exploded with fire. "I do"

Ziltris stepped back.

On cue, Ezra's sword fell, his eyes shone.

"Not happening"

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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign Chapter 265 Against A Grandmaster