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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign
Chapter 244 Upheaval

'I'll get myself a good catch today' thought Theodore as he skimped over leaves and branches, approaching the inner part of the Revir Beast Region.

He was garbed in blue armour with a long sword strapped to his thighs.

As a Black Jaws member, the pressure to advance was amounting with every passing day.

Thankfully, with the guilds loan system, he got himself the best equipment for those in his rank, and now, he was headed to kill the C rank beast, plant viper.

He could barely suppress his excitement, visioning himself posing beside the beast's corpse after a lengthy battle.

And because he'd done his homework on the beast, it didn't seem at all insurmountable.

But all that came to stop the moment he spotted moving figures; their bodies obscured by black cloaks.

Theodore squatted immediately, making sure to keep his movements to a minimum.

In beast regions, carelessness was all it took to send people to their graves, so every living thing was regarded as hostile as first contact.

That said, he didn't know who these people were, nor could he discern their ranks, and mostly, he was curious about what it was they were trying to do.

The two figures whispered words Theodore could not discern, except that they were discussing something.

Then, a beast, a tempest wolf to be exact, appeared in front of the duo.

Without a word, the leopard had a dagger in its side, Theodore hadn't seen them throw it.

For one, he confirmed that they were indeed stronger than him.

Then, he looked at the beast.

Clearly angry, the wolf growled, preparing an attack when suddenly, it fell to the floor like a drunk man.

'Huh?' Theodore blinked. 'What happened?'

As a low rank shifter, Theodore couldn't morph, but he had some abilities, one was the eye of a hawk.

His vision zoomed in, examining the beast and then the dagger, well, its hilt since the blade was stuck in the beast.

Nothing seemed unusual about the beast, the dagger though had its hilt depicting a snake's head, and it was dark crimson.

The duo walked past the beast, one petting its head while removing the dagger and spoke in a loud tone. "Should I kill him?"

Theodore's back went cold.

"Leave him, we don't hide anyways. Let him muster whatever futile resistance he can, the result will be but the same"

The duo walked away.

Theodore had frozen in fright, barely gaining cognitive senses minutes later.

He fell on his butt and panted heavily. One thought on his mind. 'I have to get out of here!'

He stands and turns, only to pause at the sound of bone's snapping.

Slowly, he squatted, peering through the leaves to see the tempest wolf stand.

As it did, its green striped white skin developed crimson hues all over.

Then, its paws grew larger as did its body, its jaw grew disproportionate and then its eyes became red.

Like a beast, it growled. But this time, louder than before and more savage as saliva dripped down its mouth.

It locked eyes with Theodore, and instantly, Theodore realized there was no escape.

Rather let it corner him, Theodore stepped out, stance first as he held his sword with shaking hands.

It was either kill or be killed.

And Theodore was damn sure he wasn't going to die today.



Man, and Beast went at it.


Meanwhile, Gaga and his son Gillard adorned their war armour.

"I still cannot understand" Gillard suddenly said.


"Why you would make a deal with those people"

Gaga sighed. "It was to save the kingdom"

Gillard gave a slow nod. "Then let us hope it was worth it"

Stepping outside, an army of a hundred thousand strong stood in front of the castle.

They'd been breeding this army even before the end of the last war could be estimated, it was preparation for the war soon to come.

"We greet his highness!" One shouted.

All soldiers went down a knee simultaneously.

"WE GREET HIS HIGHNESS!" they chanted, before going back to their standing positions.

Father and son looked over the group of men.

"Are they referring to you or me?" Gillard asked.

"I have no idea" Gaga replied. "Would you like to do the honours?"

"Surely" Gillard answered. Raising his hand, the soldiers quiet down.

"You have been gathered here for only a briefing" he started. "We believe another war is underway, as such, all soldiers must be ready for deployment at all times. Dismissed"

The commander took charge right after, directing the soldiers as they marched away.

Gillard spoke. "Has there been any news?"

"One" said Gaga. "We head to Itrevezar"

"Any plans?"

"Just to get there and be ready when the signal pulls through"

Gillard held his chin, "Any talk of reinforcements?"

"It was briefly mentioned, but I doubt"

"Hah, why am I not surprised?" Gillard smiled dejectedly. "When do we leave?"

"Right now"

With that, Gaga took off, shooting flames from his feet as he did with Gillard following behind him.


In Solace.

Two men draped in green and white robes walked to the front of a palace built in square shape and painted white.

The guards pulled the spears to block their way. "State your business" they asked.

"I've come to see Oakbear, your king"

"How dare you-

A voice echoed. "Let them pass"

It was the voice of their King.

Quickly, the hostility was withdrawn and the two mysterious figures walked in majestically to meet a man, with a large stomach and orange beard seated on a short but wide throne.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Oakbear inquired.

"Good to see you as well" he replied.

"Covaria's haughty king in the flesh, do your people know you're here?"

Covaria's king Hunun, replied with a serious expression. "A few of them, yes. Besides that, we've come as a matter of urgency"

"And expect me to help you?" Oakbear raised a brow.

"I expect you to help yourself. The approaching calamity is relegated to one kingdom"

"And what exactly would that be?" he spouted with eye mirroring disbelief.

"Demon worshippers" Hunun answered with a low tone.

Oakbear was silent for a few seconds. "So? We've taken them on before. We can do it again if need be"

"How conceited" spat the other. "Surely you realize that they are by no means fools"

"What does that mean?"

"It means they plan something far more sinister than all we've previously encountered"

Oakbear finally adopted a look of seriousness. "Hmm, how do you know all this?"

"We have our ways, and all we've discovered is that a tragedy is approaching, rather it might already be here"

"And you come to me for help?"

"Don't flatter yourself, we've came to request an alliance to be moved in advent of the coming calamity"

"Why should I believe you?"

"You shouldn't. But you'll have no one to blame when your kingdom is brought to its knees"

Oakbear's aura flared. "Is that a threat?!"

"A sufficient warning" Hunun replied without flinching. "We will discuss the terms of the alliance tomorrow. I suppose that you'll prepare sufficient reception at the very least?"

After a big huff, Oakbear requested the guards to escort them to their rooms and the maids to make sure their needs where met.

Out of sight, Oakbear thought of a lot of things.

He felt their presence far even before they reached the city, which was why he wasn't alarmed.

Hearing the words of Hunun, he couldn't explain it, but he had a bad feeling.

Thinking deeper, he realized that the warnings might hold true.

Little did he know, but tomorrow would spark a chain of massive changes in Lexon.


"Sir" said a demon emissary. "The puppets have moved into place, and the disease has been spread. Should we begin?"

The demon leader gazed afar, his eyes glinting from within his black mask, while tapping the arming of his skull throne. "Give it a day"

"But then-

"I await a message"

The emissary gulped nervously, bowed and walked away.

The leader sat in darkness and silence, with the sound of his tapping arming echoing.


In a world differing from Orion, the ground lay scorched with the winds in the air dark.

Along these cracks was a shining liquid moving in slow currents like any river. It was lava.

Far beyond those was a mountain, jagged it was, with a crust darker than black.

Carved into it was a stairway, leading to the residence of the Lord.

His eminence had lustrous crimson skin, three horns to signify his undeniable might, a long sharp tail with a star shaped end garbed in the best armours.

"KREKIS?" (Well?) he sought from the one kneeling before him, his voice being very deep. "Sutun ragum rezar?" (What did you see?)

Raising its head to reveal its one eye, red and large with two horns arching backwards and bowed again. "Depashy Mugum" (I have failed) she replied.

The Demon grit his teeth, the canines in full view, "SUTUN RAGUM REZAR?!" (WHAT DID YOU SEE?!)

The mountain shook and the demon retreated in haste, while not daring to raise her head. "Mimashi" (Destruction). "Mimashi Rektum Resash" (Destruction of all our plans)

The demon calmed. "Tesadagi sagam?" (Did you see the cause?)

She shook her head. "Masha Irsagi Iryam" (I did not see clearly). "Kashata Jisagi lullugum" (But I discerned it to be a young boy living in biggest place"

"Subutum mishkarin. Raka" (Useless clues. Come here)

She dragged her knee until she reached him and without warning, he placed his hand in her head. "Ifacivigim Derim nuyun" (I will channel my power into you) Rakin saddimm. (Find him)

The demon's palm lit up with a murky red light and the demon girl heaved, her eyes turned inside, replacing it with whiteness.

She began speaking. "Tefarin giamam" (My vision is blocked)

The demon "hmph"ed and pumped more power, the eye began bleeding.

"Urguwan Resanin litam" (Twelve cycles and black eyes"

She puked large amounts of blood.

"Zisanan!" (Continue!) but the demon lord was still going strong.

"Gasgitanin…redaminushin" (Silver hair…Royalty)


The moment she uttered the last word her eyes popped in all its glory and blood flowed down like a river.

She was dead.

"Isadun risin" (What a shame)

The demon lord flung her away. Gasping for air, surely, it had taken a toll on him as well, but the smile on his face was unmatched.

He knew what he had to do.

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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign Chapter 244 Upheaval