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Rise Of Evil Sword God
Chapter 21 - Going To The Mountains

Chapter 21 - Going To The Mountains

"Flying Cloud Step": Spirit Rank lower-class martial skill, light as a feather, flying like a cloud, flying like a fairy, good at borrowing many times in a complex environment.

Practice to small accomplishment realm, which can make martial artists as light as feathers, speed and dexterity greatly increased, and reduce physical exertion during the long journey.

Great accomplishment realm, as fast as a rush, with a powerful leap ability, can take a step in the void.

Perfection Boundary can take three consecutive steps in the sky. In a windy environment, landing from a 100-meter cliff can be without harm; in an ideal environment, it can maintain a short flying sky effect.

"Spirit Rank lower class? Flying power?"

Feng Yun suddenly widened his eyes and took a breath.

Unexpectedly, this martial skill is maybe more powerful than the spirit rank middle grade.

Especially, Perfection Boundary, it is terrifying. In a windy environment, you jump from a hundred-meter cliff?

Even in the ideal environment, it can maintain a short flying effect.

Feng Yun was overwhelmed by surprise.

A moment later.

Feng Yun calmed down and contemplatively said: "The training difficulty of the Spirit Rank martial skill is already very difficult, not to mention the Spirit Rank middle class."


Spirit Rank martial skill corresponds to the Spirit Gathering Realm. This level of the martial artist can be a spirit-ranking martial skill practiced smoothly.

The ordinary Body-refining realm cultivator wants to cultivate Spirit Rank martial skill to a certain level, maybe it will take a lifetime of energy.

It is for this reason that the old man in the white robe feels that Feng Yun is so arrogant.

In a short time, Feng Yun tries to practice.

Rubbing! Whizzing!

According to the description of "Flying Cloud Step", he displayed footwork and luck skills and walked quickly on the floor and wall of the room.

At first, Feng Yun felt very difficult and a bit uncomfortable.

After an hour, his speed increased, and his figure gradually became lighter and smoother.

"Not as difficult as expected!"

Feng Yun could not help but rejoice.

He soon realized that he practiced Nine Heaven Sword Art, which greatly improved Martial Path’s talent and perception.

Based on this point, he can practice the Flying Cloud Step so smoothly.

Otherwise, even if you want to practice the Flying Cloud Step, it is very difficult.


Feng Yun jumped up and stepped on a tree trunk. His body jumped quickly, and he shuttled nearly ten meters in an instant.

Flying Cloud Step has a strong ability to leap lightly and is good at gathering force on feet.

Feng Yun relaxes his body and his body turns into a light and elegant flying feather, flying back and forth in the woods.

One day later.

Feng Yun’s Flying Cloud Step successful practice to the beginning stage.

At this moment, the effect of this movement technique is that his speed is vaguely more than double from the past.

After the Flying Cloud Step was stepped into the entry-level, the difficulty increased significantly, but there was still room for improvement.

Five days passed.

Feng Yun’s Flying Cloud Step is more satisfactory, close to the small accomplishment realm, the power has far exceeded the original from before, and the consumption of Spirit Qi is also reduced.

This day. Feng Yun is, as usual, after finishing the movement technique, returned to the outer Sect Courtyard.

Today, Outer Sect disciple is going to The Soaring Heaven Mountain to hunt the Monster Beasts.

There are three purposes for this hunting monster beast, first to train the outer disciple, the second reason to find monster beast meat, and the last reason to eliminate hidden danger for small towns.

The hunting squad will be led by an inner disciple, the other people will be the outer disciples.

Early in the morning, Feng Yun comes to the foot of the mountain to gather with others.

Feng Yun put in a team of five people, including him, all of them men. Although he did not know others, they surely knew Feng Yun. Feng Yun is famous in the outer sect for getting the first place in the sect examination.

After a while, he saw a silhouette coming in front of his team. It was a charming and gorgeous woman with a hot body, a full chest, and a vibrating one, and the water snake-like waist was twisted.

"My name is Yan Zilan." A very plump beauty appeared and stood in front of them as she introduced herself. Her age should be around twenty to twenty-five years old is full of mature charm, and those who are the first awakening of love couldn’t help but sweep their eyes through her huge chest and rounded buttocks.

She had short black hair falling on her shoulder, her skin was smooth as silk and white as jade. She had black eyes and an oval shape face. She was wearing tight-fitting red clothes, and a sword was hanging on her waist.

"I am your Captain of the hunting Team, I will lead your team into the mountains but do not take part in hunting!" Yan Zilan said. "Now follow me!"

Yan Zilan was the first to go, Feng Yun and the other four people followed closely behind.

Seven Sword Sect was originally located at the foot of the Soaring Heaven Mountain, so they have always been in the mountains, but to hunt for the monster beast, it is natural to go deep into the mountains. The outside mountain area is the only forest without monster beasts.

Four days later, they came deep into the mountain. This is far beyond the depth that Feng Yun had entered before. The mountains were steeper and steeper, and the horrible beast whistling from time to time shook the hearts.

"From here on, Monster Beast is rampant. Everyone notices that you can’t exceed the limit of thirty miles. After that, there will be a Monster Beast of the Spirit Gathering Realm!" Yan Zilan said cautiously.

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Rise Of Evil Sword God Chapter 21 - Going To The Mountains