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Rise Of Evil Sword God
Chapter 17 - Start Of The Sects Examination

Chapter 17 - Start Of The Sect"s Examination

On this day. Under the leadership of a middle-aged man, the young men and women left the inn and came to the city gate. "My name is Luo Qingshuang. I’m your first examiner. Now, let’s start the first assessment!"

"You all have to follow me until you arrive at the Seven Sword Sect! Those who will arrive five minutes later me at the sect gate, they will fail the examination."

"Start now!" Luo Qingshuang loudly said.

Luo Qingshuang turned around and rushed forward. It seemed that he was not in a hurry, but every step was a distance of ten meters, and 100 meters was covered in the blink of an eye.

The teenagers naturally didn’t dare to waste time. They followed Luo Qingshuang and ran up. More than a hundred people suddenly formed a long straight line.

Luo QingShuang speed was definitely only the Body Refining 7th Layer level, but it was just the peak of the Body Refining 7th Layer.

Body Refining 7th Layer is a qualitative leap. The Cultivators’ endurance to achieve this realm will be greatly improved and if you run fully, you can maintain your pace up to half an hour, but White Stone City is a hundred miles from the headquarters of Nine Spirits Sect. So you must run for at least two hours!

This is definitely a double test of endurance and will!

In order to save power, no one talks along the way. Everyone is trying to make the best use of Spirit Qi in the body and never dare to waste it. Of course, with the exception of the Body Refining 9th Layer, their Spirit Qi is far from the 7th layer, and they don’t have to worry about it.

Feng Yun did not say a word, and also continued to run along with Luo Qingshuang.

Time is running fast, and an hour later, the cruel test begins!

Gradually, some people can’t keep up with the team. But the speed of Luo Qingshuang did not slow down. It has been in the initial state, leading the team forward, and soon the people who are left behind will disappear without a trace.

Ten... fifteen... twenty!

There are more, and more people left behind, and the rest are not too good. Everyone is gasping and sweat is rolling down on their foreheads.

Feng Yun also took long breaths, and he has a 1 Layer sweat on his forehead. The reason why he is slightly tired is entirely due to physical exertion. It is like a Cultivator who does not sleep for three days and three nights. Spirit Qi is more abundant, but the body cannot afford it!

A few minutes later, there was a mountain in front of them. The top of the mountain was faintly visible, with several banners. The words Seven Sword on the banner fluttered in the wind.

’We’re coming soon!’ Everyone thought at the same time when they saw the banners.

The teenagers who had reached the limit long ago seemed to have eaten a chicken. They suddenly felt great, and only several people struggled to run, The mountain seemed to be not far away. In fact, there were more than 10 li’s journeys. Although the teenagers broke out, they still followed Luo Qingshuang.

By this time, more and more people have reached their limit, and they have fallen out of large units, but they are not without hope because after Luo Qingshuang stops, they will have to rest for five minutes.

Finally, Luo Qingshuang stopped at the foot of the mountain.

After one or two minutes, others started to arrive at the sect gate.

These people ran to the finish line and immediately fell to the ground, and they’re also some people that were very tired and exhausted, went straight to sleep. Some of them struggled to climb up and then sat down on their knees to cultivate to restore their Spirit Qi.

At the last moment, they have already consumed all of their Spirit Qi, and they are running with the power of their body and they almost become desperate.

Five minutes passed quickly and Luo Qingshuang said without the slightest hesitation: "Go now!"

He turned and faced the huge mountain gate. After respectfully bowing to the sect, he took the teenagers to the mountain, and the teenager who came after him was blocked by an invisible force.

His body fluttered. He soon came to the middle of the mountain and took everyone into a very grand lobby.

"Old Luo, these are the people who pass the assessment?" Another middle-aged man came over. His body was slender, his face wore a sly smile, and he seemed to speak very well. "One, two, three, four, five, six... 67, hey, the newcomers are not as good as last year!"

Luo Qingshuang nodded, turned around, and said to the teenagers: "This is the examiner responsible for your second assessment, called Ye Xun. After passing the second assessment, you can follow Ye Xun if you fail. Just come outside and find me!"

After that, he strode forward and left the door.

"Well, come with me!" Ye Xun clapped his hands and led the crowd to the depths of the lobby. After passing through a training field, he came to a long corridor and stopped.

The corridor is very wide, about three meters in the horizontal direction, and the length is 100 meters up and down but is empty right now.

"This is your second assessment. It’s very simple really, If you can cross the distance of 50 meters in the hall, you will pass. If you can run ten meters ahead of 50, you will get an extra reward point. At last, the top three people will receive a certain reward." Ye Xun indifferently said.

"There are iron puppets to test your combat power. The deeper you go, the more powerful the puppets will become, and you do not have to defeat all of them, you can defend against them and go deeper." Ye Xun said loudly.

"You have a half-hour break now!" Ye Xun is quite human. He didn’t start the second assessment immediately but gave everyone the time to rest. "I will demonstrate the difficulty of this assessment so watch carefully!!"

Everyone just quickly sat down to restore some Spirit Qi power. While they are restoring their Qi’s, they all focus on Ye Xun.

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Rise Of Evil Sword God Chapter 17 - Start Of The Sects Examination