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Returning From The Magic World
Chapter 453 Result Of Dirty Money

Gabriel opened his mouth and couldn't say anything because he instantly felt a huge hammer being dropped on his head.

He was indeed the heir to a billion-dollar fortune, but if he was compared to someone who could make coffee that instantly became the most popular coffee in the world, then he would only be considered a lucky boy.

"Lady Amanda, is that right?" A middle-aged man who happened to be not far from them asked, looking like he had doubts.

Amanda looked at him and replied coldly, "do you think I would brag in front of so many people? Of course, it's true!"

Amanda's answer instantly made the middle-aged man become awkward, blaming himself for asking such nonsense.

Of course, at this moment, Gabriel couldn't say anything else.

At the same time, the auction seemed to be about to start, the organizer began to invite people to enter.

To avoid any awkwardness, Gabriel said, "Amanda, there's something I want to bid on, so I don't want to be left behind, I'll go in now!"

He tried to smile as best he could to make it seem as if nothing was wrong.

He didn't even wait for Amanda to answer before taking a step.

However, when he had only taken one step, Arthur's hand suddenly moved, grabbing the watch on his wrist.

With a single movement, Arthur managed to take the watch, surprising Gabriel.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Even if it was just an ordinary watch, he would have reacted, not to mention that it was no ordinary watch.

Without answering, Arthur threw the watch into the air and silently used his magic to blow it up.


When it exploded, green smoke came out of it, clearly visible despite the night.

"What is it?" People instantly became confused.

That the watch could explode was already strange. If it had burst into flames, people would have panicked, thinking that terrorists were attacking.

However, it exploded green smoke.

Luckily it was high in the air or everyone here would have died in a split second.

"Don't tell me that it's poison?"

Of course, over time there are still those who guess. After all, smoke with a green color is always synonymous with poison in movies, anime, or games.

Hearing that, people stared at Gabriel, as if asking him for an explanation.

If it really was poison, it seemed to be something that could be used to kill them all since the amount was so large.

"Gabriel, what are you carrying?" asked someone who was good friends with Gabriel.

"Look!" Suddenly someone shouted again.

That's because several birds that passed through the green smoke immediately fell down, dead as if their necks were broken.

"Oh my God, it's really poison!" The women began to scream at the sight.

The policemen who were there couldn't keep quiet anymore, they approached Gabriel.

"Wait, I can explain," he said hurriedly.

"You should explain at the police station," a policeman replied.

Even if Gabriel was the son of a big conglomerate, he wouldn't be able to get away easily as his actions were considered to be targeting big people as well.



At the same time, Oliver dropped his telescope, turning pale with anger.

"Honey, calm down," Lisa said even though she was also panicking.

None of them had expected Arthur to quickly pick up Gabriel's watch and throw it into the air. It just meant he knew better.

'Perhaps we are also known to him?' Lisa wondered.

Little did they know that Arthur had started moving towards them when they weren't watching him anymore.

He casually went to the corner of the alley and then flew into the air, heading towards the building where they were at high speed.

In fact, Arthur sometimes felt their gaze, so he knew their location without even being told by Isla.

With his speed, it didn't take long before he arrived.

Before they realized his arrival, he teleported to their room.

"Ahhhh..." Lisa was the first to see him, she almost jumped in surprise.

When Oliver came to, his mouth was open.

"Y-you know me?" he asked.

"Yes, I've known you since you decided to come to New York," Arthur replied, not bothering to tell him everything.

When she heard that, Lisa's eyes opened wide.

"You have a spy on our side?" She jumped to that conclusion because there was no way Arthur could have known since they decided to come to New York.

For Lisa this was too much because it was usually always their side that had spies on the enemy's side, never the other way around.

This time, the enemy had a spy on their side while they had no spy on the enemy's side.

"Fuck, do you think I'm afraid of you," Oliver said suddenly.

He lunged at Arthur while swinging his leg at him.

It was a very fast movement, beyond what a human could see, showing that he was an above average Evolver.

Unfortunately, when Arthur sent his fist to her face, her movement seemed to stop because it was too slow compared to the speed of Arthur's fist.


The fist slammed into his chest, causing him to vomit blood with his eyes going blank.

His body was thrown off and then slammed into the wall until it cracked. He immediately lay helpless, a sight that made Lisa swallow her saliva.

Oliver was one of the strongest in his family or even in all of America. Lisa even thought her life security was guaranteed throughout her relationship with him, which was why she enjoyed their engagement.

Today, she finally saw what him was to be helpless.

When Arthur turned his gaze towards her, she could not help but tremble. She then forced the sweetest smile she could make.

"Little brother, please calm down, I'm just a woman here who got involved because of fate," she said in a scared but friendly-sounding tone.

At this point, she could only rely on her identity as a woman, hoping that Arthur would be merciful to her.

She valued her life more than anything, so she would do anything for it.

"Can you help me kill him, I'm too lazy to do it?" Arthur replied in response.

She wanted to play around with him, he naturally retaliated in a way that got her into trouble.

Only, Arthur was immediately dumbfounded because the woman suddenly pulled out a gun which she pointed at Oliver.

"Sure, for you, little brother, I'll kill my own fiancé," she said.

"You?" Oliver, though helpless, was still able to open his mouth because he was too shocked.

"I'm sorry dear, but you have to sacrifice for me," Lisa replied.


She pulled the trigger of her gun. A bullet whizzed by, piercing Oliver's forehead and leaving a hole in his head.

Even if Oliver was a powerful Evolver, it was still impossible to survive the bullet when it hit his body.

Plus, it was indeed a gun with a very high level of sophistication so the power of the bullet was also terrifying.

"How is it, little brother? Did I do well?" asked Lisa, acting more casual as if she was just cutting fruit, not killing her fiancé.

She was undoubtedly a very poisonous woman.

"What's your name?" asked Arthur.

"Lisa Montague!" Lisa said her name so Arthur finally knew who she was.

"Every inch of you must have been created from dirty money," Arthur said, sarcastically, making her smile wryly.

"Probably, because the majority of my family's businesses started by grabbing other people's land," she replied, choosing to be honest.

She actually wasn't sure what Arthur thought of her.

Was he just playing around before killing her?

It was something she couldn't control so she finally decided to be honest in a gentle way in the hope that Arthur would find her attractive.

After that, she even approached Arthur with a faint smile on her face.

If she must die today, then so be it, she thought.

However, she would try her best not to die.

When she arrived in front of Arthur, she was bolder, putting each hand on his shoulder.

"Brother, as long as you let me live, I belong to you, you can do anything to me. If you want me to be a spy for my family, I will do it, even if I have to destroy them. Yeah, and if you want to have fun, I'm happy to accompany you," she said, not forgetting to offer herself.

After all, she was very beautiful, no less than Amanda, and grew up in a very wealthy family.

From any angle, she looked dazzling.

With all that, she hoped Arthur would tolerate her.

She didn't mind even if Arthur thought of her only as a collectible.

Arthur's eyes scanned her beautiful face and sexy body.

If she became a model, she could easily become a top model.

"Would you not mind if all I asked was to kill your own biological parents or siblings?" asked Arthur in response, wanting to know more about her thoughts.

"Yeah, no problem at all as long as you don't ask me to die," she replied, completely without hesitation.

"Sure, I'm pretty bad, but please don't look at me from a moral standpoint. Maybe you can think of me as a failed work of art. Even though it's worthless, it's still fun to collect," she added.

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Returning From The Magic World Chapter 453 Result Of Dirty Money