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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 31

Chapter 31

An Zaiyue’s first reaction was bad, there was actually a small Unicorn Winged Eagle inside.

However, he soon realized that he must have seen wrongly.

If it was a living thing, he wouldn’t feel anything when he came up.

Sometimes, even he found it strange that he was so weak right now, but because he was strong before he was severely injured, he acted very straightforwardly. This was why he didn’t think too much about things now.

In other words, he had a big heart.

People say that a master is bold, but a master is bold enough at the moment.

Under the moonlight, An Zaiyue took a closer look and discovered that it was not a living creature, but a corpse.

To be exact, it was an incomplete corpse.

The bones of the corpse had a jade-like luster. An Zhe knew that only a person with a high cultivation level would have this sort of change.

The skull was intact and the upper half was there, but there was no leg bone.

The two lumps of green light came from his eye sockets.

“A Lesser Heaven stage expert?”

An Zeng was slightly surprised for a moment. He really didn’t understand how a small Heavenly Realm cultivator’s corpse could be found in the nest of a Unicorn Winged Eagle.

Upon reaching the Lesser Heaven stage, one would be able to rule the world unhindered.

The Unicorn Winged Hawk was only a mid-tier magical beast. Even a small Heaven stage expert could turn the Unicorn Winged Hawk into ashes with a blink of an eye.

Therefore, this person was definitely not killed by the Unicorn Eagles. Most of the Unicorn Eagles saw the corpse of this expert, so they brought it back and began to gnaw on it bit by bit.

To magical beasts, eating the corpses of human cultivators could also increase their own strength.

To the Unicorn Wing Hawks, the bones of a Lesser Heaven expert like this were the same as a human cultivator consuming a violet rank medicinal pill.

However, the Unicorn Winged Eagle was not powerful enough. It could chew flesh and blood, but it could not eat bones.

The bones of a lesser Heaven stage expert had already become jade-like. Even a high level magical beast would not be able to easily digest it, much less a Unicorn.

An Zaixin thought that it was no wonder the aura of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle was so strange. It was because it had absorbed the flesh power of a Lesser Heaven expert.

He planned to take this man’s bones with him before he left tomorrow and find a place to bury him.

After all, he was once a cultivator who could command the winds and clouds. His fate was truly pitiful.

An Zeng sat down to rest, and suddenly discovered that there was a weak glow coming from underneath the bones.

At first, he thought it was the light from the bone jade on the corpse, but upon closer inspection, he felt that it was different from the light from the bone jade.

Andersen crawled over, turned the body over, and found something in the pile of wood beneath.

An Zhe’s expression immediately changed when he saw this item.

That was … the Red Luan hairpin!

No one was more familiar with this item than An Zeng, so the flames of anger for An Zeng instantly welled up from the bottom of his heart.

The Red Luan hairpin was an object of contention. It was a token of love given to him by the Palace Master of the Heavenly Hao Palace of Cloud Mist Mountain.

The Red Luan hairpin was the personal treasure of Xu Meidao. In fact, it was her hairpin.

Her talent was astonishing. Ever since she was young, this hairpin had never separated from her. Sensing her cultivation level, it eventually evolved into a treasure.

Later on, Xu Mei-Dai used her own cultivation base to nurture this Red Luan Spike, raising it from a mortal to a purple rank treasure.

Essentially, the most important thing about the hairpin was not its power, but rather its significance.

Everyone knew that there was a close connection between Skyfire Palace and the Bright Law Palace. As long as there was anything that happened to the Bright Law Palace, they would do their utmost to help.

No matter who it was, as long as she took this hairpin to meet Xu Mei-die, she would definitely believe that this person was a friend of An Zhe …

A chill ran down An Zaihai’s spine. The group of people who were scheming against him wanted to kill them all.

He must have taken the Red Luan hairpin to meet up with Xu Meidu, and then he would have the chance to kill her.

So this dead man was one of the men who had ambushed the Andes.

An Zeng gripped the Red Luan hairpin, his heart unable to calm down for a long time.

This person had died in the depths of the Azure Barbarian Mountain, presumably because of the internal strife.

An Zaiyue carried a lot of treasures with him, and even for a Lesser Heaven stage expert, these treasures were enough to tempt their hearts.

He remembered that there were more than ten experts of the Great Perfection Stage and three experts of the Lesser Heaven stage. This person should be one of them.

An Zhan flipped through the nest of the Unicorn Winged Hawks, but he found nothing else besides the Red Luan hairpin.

“Take you back.”

An Zhan coldly said to himself, “I think you guys are here to fight over my things, so you decided to fight for it.”

“Although my physical body was destroyed, I still injured most of you. You should be the one who was cut in the back by me. However, an expert like you, I don’t even know your identity.”

An Zeng flipped through the bones and found that this person’s skull was different from an ordinary person’s.

There was a crack in the man’s frontal bone, but it was not the result of injury, it was natural.

In other words, there were three eyes in this life.

“So they are from the Yang family.”

An Zhe finally solved a mystery in his heart. The people who had surrounded and attacked him before had all covered their faces.

This person did not dare to reveal his face, because the Yang family’s Three Eyes were too obvious.

An He twisted the Red Luan’s hairpin, and a small mechanism opened up on the Red Luan’s hairpin. Immediately, a space appeared on its body.

He put the skeleton inside and said to himself, “Du’s physique is too weak. Even if he cultivated hard, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens if he wanted to defeat Zhou Mushan half a year later.”

Once the bones of this Lesser Heaven stage expert were refined into a medicinal pill, they would be able to change Du’s skinny physique.

However, without a pill furnace that can refine bone jade, it would be rather troublesome. ”

This was the result of an accident. After An Zaiyue’s anger dissipated a little, he felt a little lucky.

If the person holding the Red Luan hairpin hadn’t died, then perhaps something had happened to Xu Mei-die as well.

After resting for a while, An Zaixin took out the cloth bag he had brought with him and placed some things in the nest of the Unicorn’s wings. Then, he placed the cloth bag into the space of the Red Luan hairpin.

That night, he did not even dare to sleep. As soon as the sky started to brighten, he climbed down from the huge cave and walked down along the stone wall.

However, halfway up, An Zhe suddenly realized how stupid he could be.

If a magical beast chose a nest, they would definitely choose a treasure.

The higher the level of a magical beast, the more likely it would be to live in a place where there were treasures of genius level.

This Unicorn Winged Eagle was the overlord of a circumference of a thousand miles. It obviously couldn’t live on this cliff without a reason.

An Zaiyue speculated that within a one hundred meter radius of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle’s lair, there would definitely be a supreme treasure.

Just as he was about to take the cat out of his arms for it to see, he saw a black shadow flying towards him from a distance away.


An Zhe cried out in his heart. He didn’t expect the Unicorn Winged Hawk to return so quickly.

With their current level of cultivation, even a thousand of them wouldn’t be a match for the Unicorn Eagles.

Don’t say a thousand, not even ten thousand.

In desperation, An Zhe had no choice but to open the Red Luan hairpin’s space. Afterwards, he took out some of the items from the cloth bag and smeared them on his body as soon as possible … That was the feces of the Unicorn Winged Eagle.

Anjou had brought it with him in order to protect himself in the night.

Within this forest, the Unicorn Winged Hawk was the overlord, and the other beasts did not dare to approach.

Therefore, An Zhe intended to bring some of the feces of the Unicorn Winged Hawks and spread it around while they rested, so the magical beasts and beasts would avoid them.

Who would have thought that the Unicorn’s Wing would return so quickly? An Zhan had no choice but to feel wronged and wronged by himself.

He smeared it on his body and then on the cat.

There was a crack on the wall that could only accommodate one child. Even a sixteen, seventeen year old youth wouldn’t be able to enter.

Fortunately, Anjou was thin, so he scraped his way through the cracks in the cliff wall.

He had only gone in for a short while when the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle returned with a huge gust of wind.

Unsurprisingly, after the Unicorn returned to its nest, it began to go mad.

It flapped its huge wings and flew up again, letting out an anxious and furious bird cry in all directions.

The shout traveled far away and immediately caused a commotion in the forest.

The hegemon within a thousand kilometers went berserk. How could those weak magical beasts not be terrified?

Unable to find his own treasure, the Unicorn Eagle began to hover in the vicinity and bird cries could be heard incessantly.

Every time it flapped its 70-80 meter long wings, a hurricane would appear.

An Zaihai kept trying to burrow into the cracks in the rock, but as he got smaller and smaller, he could not burrow into it.

Through the cracks in the stone wall, one could see the huge body of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle flying about unceasingly.

Moments later, the Unicorn Behemoth flew off into the distance.

An Zaiyue heaved a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that it was fortunate that he had brought feces with him …

He squeezed himself between the rocks to rest, only to discover that after the Unicorn Winged Hawk flew above the forest, it stopped there. With a flap of its wings, the Diamond Feather shot out like a storm.

The forest had been planted, and it was unknown how many trees had been destroyed and how many wild beasts had been killed.

The Unicorn Eagle did not know who had stolen its treasure, so it began to search the forest for magical beasts to kill.

In just a few minutes, the entire forest was in a complete mess.

A mournful cry came from the other side. It was unknown what had been killed by the furious Winged Scaled Eagle. An Zaiyue said that he was sorry, but it was in vain.

After circling around for a while, the Unicorn Winged Eagle suddenly returned.

An Zeng, who was resting, suddenly felt a strong wind and a strong stench approach.

He looked out of the crack in the rock and saw a glaring eye of the Unicorn.

It was unknown how the Unicorn Eagle found out about this conflict, but when it saw the weak human, it immediately became furious.

It continued to peck at the stone walls with its mouth that was made of fine steel. Pieces of rock fell down one after another.

An Zaidao crawled more than ten meters into the crack between the rocks. It seemed that the walls were about to be torn open by the Unicorn’s Wing.

An Xuan took out the Red Luan hairpin and used it as a sharp blade to expand the crack on the rock.

The Red Luan hairpin was a purple-rank treasure. However, the power of An Zhe’s current cultivation was simply unable to control it.

He could only use the Red Luan as a shovel. Fortunately, the Red Luan hairpin was incomparably sharp. Although it was small, slicing a rock was as easy as slicing tofu.

An He continued digging deeper and deeper into the cave while the Unicorn Winged Hawk continued pounding on the stone walls. The entire mountain seemed to be shaking.

With the help of the Red Luan hairpin’s sharpness, An Xuan drilled another six or seven meters into the hairpin before suddenly dropping to the ground.

The space inside suddenly grew larger. From time to time, An Zhe would turn his head to look at the position of the Unicorn. He didn’t pay attention to his side, so he fell through the crack in the rock.

He inserted the Red Luan hairpin into the rock wall, slowing down the momentum of the battle to fall.

Then he put his feet on both sides of the cliff and stopped.

He discovered that the crack on the rock had become wider. It could allow a person to comfortably move forward, and it could be more than a meter wide.

Moreover, the two sides of the stone walls looked much smoother, as if they had been artificially sculpted.

The Qilin Wing Eagle outside was still in a frenzy. An Zhe didn’t dare to stay any longer, so he could only move forward with his arms and legs supporting him.

Dozens of meters ahead, An Zeng discovered that the side of the stone wall actually appeared a jetty.

The jetty had been damaged, and he didn’t know when it would be built. It looked at least a few hundred years old.

However, the walkway was made of carved stone instead of wood, so there was no need to worry about shattering it if he stepped on it.

However, a lot of the walkway had collapsed and was broken off.

There was no choice but to jump onto the path and walk along the stone wall.

Outside, the Unicorn Winged Eagle had already smashed a huge chunk of the mountain several tens of meters away. No one knew when it would overturn the mountain.

An Zeng carefully walked along the path on the stone wall. After walking for about two miles, his eyes suddenly widened.

On the stone wall, he saw the mottled murals.

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 31