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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 27

Chapter 27

An Zeng stood at the entrance of the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy with Xiao Qitao in his arms, watching as Tie Liuhuo surrounded the Academy so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

An Zaiyue did not know what story existed between Aunty Ye and Mu Changyan, but the moment Aunty Ye shoved Xiao Qitao into her arms and rushed out, he knew that this story should be the most moving in the world.

However, what happened next surprised An Zhe.

Mu Changyan walked out of the School of Illusions with a calm expression while Aunty Ye followed by her side.

Tie Liuyan jumped down from his horse and walked in front of Mu Changyan. He smiled and said, “I thought you were going to hide. I have searched the entire You Yan Country, but who would have thought that you would be hiding in such a place.”

Mu Changyan said, “Since I left Great Yan, I’ve had nothing to do with her anymore. Why are you looking for me?”

The general said, “In the end, your surname is Mu. After all, you are the imperial clan of the Great Yan. Great Yan needs you to go back now.”

Mu Changyan pointed at the academy and said, “I belong here.”

The general said, “Compared to Great Yan, what does this place count as?”

If you want to open a school, you can do it in the Great Yan City.

Before I came, Her Majesty said, you will not go back unless you do.

She said, Let all your reluctance be gone, and you’ll be back.

As you know, Her Majesty has always done things decisively. ”

Mu Changyan thought for a moment, then asked, “What if I don’t leave?”

The general replied, “Here, not a single blade of grass grows.”

Mu Changyan continued, “I’ve never been on good terms with the empress dowager, and not from her. Why are you looking for me?”

The general replied, “Because you are the only suitable person at the moment.”

Mu Changyan thought for a moment before replying, “Alright, I can go back.”

“However, I have a condition. All of the students in this academy must have the qualifications to participate in the Great Yan’s Ascension Ceremony four years later.”

The general said, “If you go back, isn’t that a matter for you?”

Mu Changyan replied, “Alright, I’ll go back then. Right …”

Mu Changyan pointed at the Martial Arts Academy and said, “There are a few children there who have a bet with our academy.”

Every half a year, they would choose the most outstanding disciples of both sides to compete. The victor would be the primary, while the loser would be the slave.

After I leave, this academy cannot fall.

A man must have good faith. Since he had made such a bet, he couldn’t be a cripple.

“No matter who it is in the future, as the Principal of this academy, you must abide by your promise.”

The general said, “My vice general, Qiu Changchen, stay behind and become the principal of the Illusory Realm Academy. Is that alright?”

Mu Changyan nodded. “Qiu Changchen is a calm person, you can stay.”

“Then let’s go.”

The general pointed to a chariot belonging to the Iron Flow Association. “My lord, please return to your country.”

Mu Changyan pulled Aunty Ye along and they got on the chariot together.

In the martial field, Xiao Qiandao asked with reddened eyes, “Big Brother An Zou, does mother not want me anymore?”

An Zhan shook his head, “Seventh Way, you have to believe in one thing, you must never suspect … … Your mother loves you. Her current choice seems very cruel to you, but there must be some unspeakable difficulties.”

If she doesn’t take you with her, there must be a reason why she doesn’t take you with her.

“And you heard it as well. After four years, as long as we win against the academy’s disciples, we can go to Great Yan City and meet your mother then.”

Xiao Qidao nodded vigorously, “I will definitely do it!”

Iron Flaming Fire protected the chariot and left. An armored deputy general and thirty Flowing Fire Cavalry soldiers stayed behind.

The deputy general named Qiu Changchen first carefully sized up the Fantasy World Academy before turning around to look at the academy’s side.

When they saw the ruins of the Martial Arts Academy and the lonely children who had fought for it, they could not help but smile.

Then, he muttered to himself, “Mu Changyan, who is known as the Great Swallow Madman, actually got angry with a few children... Interesting.”

Amongst the advancing troops, within the chariot.

Mu Changyan held onto Aunty Ye’s hand tightly before sending a voice transmission, “I know you’re upset, but your choice was correct.”

If the people of Great Yan knew that Xiao Qidao was his blood, then Xiao Qidao would be in danger.

Now you come back with me, and I’ll protect you, and they can’t hurt you.

As for them, they did not know about Little Seven’s existence, so he was the safest for him.

“Trust me, in four years, I will definitely think of a way to get Xiao Qitao to go to the capital.”

Aunty Ye also held Mu Changyan’s hand tightly. Her eyes were sad, “You and him will never be able to escape this fate after all.”

An Zhe took a deep breath before waving his hand. “First, clear out our courtyard. We only have half a year’s time before we compete with those people from the Academy who have been cultivating for a long time. Our time is limited.”

Anything can be lost, not disgraced.

“Not only must you win, you must always win.”


The few of them busied themselves with their work, and soon, they were in full swing.

After a while, Madman Qu arrived with a carriage, carrying all the properties of Nanshan Street Medical Hospital.

He purposely ignored Qu’Er with a cold face, but everyone knew that Madman Qu still couldn’t bear to part with him.

Although Qu Liu`er was shy, it was obvious that she was very happy.

She and Madman Qu shared life and death with each other, how could she not be happy when Madman Qu moved over?

When Old Huo came back, he also joined the ranks of the workers who had been hired to repair the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy.

Old Huo looked back at the children and the craftsmen. He could not help but wipe the corners of his eyes. “It’s been a long time. It’s never been so lively in the Martial Arts Academy.”

On the morning of the second day, An Zhe found some introductory cultivation methods for cultivation from the Martial Arts Academy. These things were not precious, so they could still be found in the Martial Arts Academy’s library.

Most of the books in the library had already been moved to the other side of the Fantasy World Academy. There were only four storeys wide, and not even a hundred books could be found.

However, for the people who had just started cultivating like Du Qingzhu, Seven Paths and Qu Liu`er, there was no need to use complicated books.

At the entrance of the library, An Zhe saw a pitch-black boulder that seemed like a huge inkstone.

The middle part is concave, like a small pool.

On one side of the depression was a circle about twenty centimeters in diameter, bright red in contrast to the black stone.

“To think that there would be a Nine Star Arena in this Martial Arts Academy.”

He muttered to himself and turned around only to find Old Huo standing there, hunched over as he looked at him.

“You actually recognize the Nine Star Arena.”

Old Huo was a little surprised. “The previous mayor was a martial artist, so he built a martial arts institute.”

The current mayor was a scholar, so he built a school across the street.

These exiled people all had the heart to be the headmaster.

Do you think you can satisfy your vanity by building a martial academy or a school and taking in a bunch of kids?

However, when the Nine Stars Arena was moved here, it was damaged. That wufu was very rough and did not know how to gently move it. He casually threw it into the yard and it cracked, making it unusable.

Afterwards, he snatched another one from who knows where and abandoned this one.

Therefore, after the opposite side of the academy was built, that good Nine Star Arena was moved away, and no one paid any attention to this. ”

An Zeng narrowed his eyes and looked at Old Huo. “Senior, I believe you are no ordinary person.”

Old Huo smiled. “Seems like you have good eyesight. You’ve really misjudged me … I am just an ordinary person. However, I have heard many things about you cultivators.”

Back then, I was the only one who drank the same amount of wine as Wu Fu. When he drank too much, he would always spout nonsense.

He says the most fair thing in the world is that people look the same.

If he didn’t act, no one would know who was better.

Hence, when the Martial Academies recruit disciples, they can only leave this Nine Star Arena. ”

Old Huo said, “Wu Fu said that this Nine Stars Arena can measure a person’s potential.

As long as he placed his hand on the red circle, those who could cultivate would light up the Six-Pointed Star.

The better your potential, the more stars you light up.

However, in this world, from nobody could light up a nine star to an eight star, one would be an unparalleled genius.

“In the ten years of the academy, the best disciple has lit up three stars.”

An Chao nodded. “That’s true. Very few people can light up the nine stars.”

He looked back and beckoned to Skinny Du and the others. “Come here and try.”

Skinny Du and the others listened to An Zaihai explain the Nine Stars Arena, then asked: “If it’s broken, how do you want to try it?”

An Xuan said, “How is it bad? The Nine Star Arena is made of meteoric iron. If it’s that easy to damage, it wouldn’t be expensive.”

Although the Nine Stars Arena was cracked, the Star Core was still there.

“Wu Fu only knows of the use of the Nine Star Arena, but he doesn’t know of its usage … Fatty, take a low grade spirit stone and place it in the crack.”

“En!” He took out a low rank spirit stone and placed it in the opening of the Nine Star Arena.

As he placed the low-grade spirit stone on the platform, a burst of black light shone out. In a moment, the spiritual energy in the low-grade spirit stone was completely sucked dry.

The fissures on the Nine Stars Arena slowly closed and vanished.

“Tens of thousands of silver taels, gone just like that.”

An Zeng laughed: “Stingy. I’ll just compensate you in the future.”

“Tens of thousands of silver taels have repaired your wounds. You can’t go back on your word, can you?”

“No, no, no. Silver is my loss. You have to get me a 9-star.”

Then he placed his palm on the red circle of the Nine Stars Arena. The moment he placed his palm there, a force was released from the Nine Stars Arena.

The dust on the Nine Stars Arena was instantly swept clean.

Nine six-pointed stars appeared on the Nine Stars Arena, arranged in a straight line.

Fatty placed his hand on the center of the circle, and then a red light began to move upwards. A moment later, a star lit up.

Then the red light paused for a moment, then continued upwards, lighting up the second star by half. It no longer had the power to go up.

“One and a half.”

“It seems that I am not suitable for cultivation. This should be the worst physique.”

Old Huo laughed at the side, “Not really, the worst of them is a Half-Star.”

“I’ll try.”

Qu’Er stepped forward. At this moment, she was still wearing the clothes of a boy, but it was already much more natural in front of An Zhe and the others.

Actually, even if a girl wanted to hide when she was over ten years old, she wouldn’t be able to.

Those rumors said that women dressed up as men and walked all over the land. Just think carefully about why they had succeeded.

There were only two kinds of answers to this question. How could a person’s chest be equal to the rest of the world?

One is that everyone else is pretending to be blind.

Qu Liu`er actually wasn’t her real name. She had the surname of Madman Qu, and Madman Qu said that her real name was Liuxi.

Qu Liu`er’s hands were beautiful, fair, slender, and slender.

She put her hand on the center of the circle. The red light was much stronger than Du’s skinny body.

A moment later, the red light broke through the three stars, and then the speed began to slow.

After slowly lighting up the fourth hexagram, he began to move up and down.

Qu Liu`er seemed to be very satisfied, her face blushing red.

After all, Old Huo had once said that the most outstanding disciples in the Martial Arts Academy were only three stars.

When it was Xiao Qidao’s turn, even An Zhe was a little nervous.

Xiao Qidao was very natural. He twisted his little butt and walked over, then opened his arms for Du to hug and place on the center of the circle.

Then, a burst of dazzling red light appeared, causing everyone present to involuntarily widen their eyes.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven …

“Truly a peerless genius.”

An Zaidao suddenly walked over and picked up Xiao Qidao up. “Seven stars, impressive.”

Because there were only two people who were fighting for it, the others didn’t see it. In fact, the red light hadn’t stopped yet.

Skinny Du was stunned for a moment. He didn’t know why An Zaiyue stopped Xiao Qidao, but he knew that An Zaidao must have done this, so he didn’t say anything.

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

Qu’Er looked at An Zaiyue with eyes filled with anticipation.


An Zhan smiled. “Forget about me. Of course I’m a genius, at least I’m not inferior to Xiao Qitao.”

With that, he carried Xiao Qi and walked away without turning his head.

That night, everyone slept. An Zaiyue came to the Nine Stars Arena alone, but in the end, he couldn’t help but try... half a star.

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 27