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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The size of the Fantasy World Academy was huge, but there weren’t many people who could study here.

At the very least, in a place like Huanshi City, the Huanshi Academy was the sect with the highest status.

As for why the academy was called, the truth was simple and straightforward … .It was because the mayor, Mu Changyan, felt that she was a scholar, so this place had to be called the academy.

Zhong Jiuge stayed on New China Street to buy a shop to do business. He was not far from the Academy, so of course, it was only a foothold.

With Aunty Ye’s help, An Zeng and Skinny Du succeeded in Purification. They led Xiao Qidao and the other two all the way to the entrance of the Fantasy World Academy.

Normally speaking, sects had strict rules for recruiting disciples, and they would hold it at fixed times every year.

Parents who were looking forward to their children being born would send their children to various sects for selections at a fixed time. The lucky ones would stay, and the majority of them would be eliminated.

The sixteen kingdoms of Youlan could be considered to be in the Savage Land compared to the Da Xi. Many people had died every year in the Land of Han-Yan.

Each sect had a close relationship with the imperial power of the country, so sometimes, becoming a sect disciple might not necessarily be a good thing.

And why were there still so many people remaining in the vast and desolate mountain range, and why were there even more people coming to settle here?

No matter how savage this place was, as long as they followed the rules here, they would at least be able to survive.

As for the war between the sixteen kingdoms of Serene Swallow, it was like a fire that never stopped burning, constantly devouring human life.

Actually, most of the people who died in the war were ordinary people.

Xiao Qitao was very strong. He did not let An Zaixin carry him, but walked all the way.

When An Zizheng asked him why, he said his mother said that a man must be strong. If he was tired of walking, how could he cultivate?

An Zhan smiled and scratched Xiao Qidao’s nose. “Cultivation is not as simple as you think. It’s not as simple as being strong.”

“But strength is the most important point, so you’ve already succeeded by more than half.”

Xiao Qidao was very happy. He felt that he was really great to be recognized by An Zai-gege.

When they reached the gate, they saw two familiar faces.

Nan Shan Street’s Madman Qu and his disciple Qu Liu’er.

As for the manager at the entrance of the academy, he was cursing with a ferocious expression.


The librarian pointed at Madman Qu’s nose and cursed, “Do you think the Institute is a shelter?”

“Anyone can come?”

Madman Qu had a humble expression on his face, “Grandpa, Grandpa, listen to me.”

Hadn’t the mayor issued a notice before? As long as he could pay the fee in full, he could send the child into the academy for tests.

After passing the exam, he would be able to stay in the academy to study.

“Look … Look, I’ve painstakingly saved up enough money, can you give us a chance?”

The manager spat, “Scram, I’ve seen too many poor people like you. Do you think you can change your child’s life just because you’ve saved enough money?”

This is not a place where you come from. Get out of here, or I’ll let the dogs bite you. ”

In his hand was a huge mastiff. It looked almost the same height as the steward, like an ox.

The mastiff looked at Qu Madman and Qu Liu`er with vicious eyes. It seemed to be able to devour them with a single mouth.

Qu Liu`er was so scared that she trembled slightly. She tugged on Madman Qu’s sleeve. “Master, let’s go.”

Madman Qu said angrily, “What are you going to do?!”

I have painstakingly and painstakingly saved up enough money for you to cultivate.

“Now that you’ve encountered such a small problem, you’re going to retreat. Who can you face?!”

Qu Liu`er’s face paled, but she didn’t dare to say another word.

The steward pursed his lips, “If I say you’re poor, will you leave?”

I don’t want to say it again. ”

Madman Qu suddenly kneeled down and kowtowed, “Grandpa, please do me a favor, please do me a favor.”

It’s not easy for us poor kids to save enough money. Can’t you just give the kids a chance and let them in? ”

He took out a piece of gold from his sleeve and stuffed it into the steward’s hand. “Grandpa, I beg of you, please do me a favor.”

The steward kicked Madman Qu to the ground, “What happened to the beggar you sent to beg for food?”

“A piece of lousy gold, I don’t even have enough meat to buy for the dogs, scram.”

Madman Qu got up and continued kowtowing, “Grandpa, I’m begging you, please wait for me to save some money and buy wine for your elders.”

“I’m short of your fucking drink?”

The steward sent another kick at him, “Get lost or not?”

“If you don’t scram now, I’ll really let the dogs bite you.”

The mastiff suddenly pounced forward, causing Madman Qu to fall to the ground.

The dog lowered its head, and the liquid on its teeth dripped onto Crooked Madman’s face.

When Xiao Qidao saw this scene, he clenched his small fists tightly and said, “Big brother An Zeng, can you help them?”

Madman Qu struggled to stand up. The mastiff was obviously enraged, it lowered its head and bit towards Madman Qu’s neck.

An Zeng let go of the cat he was holding in his arms and leaped out. A white light flashed and landed in front of Madman Qu.

The mastiff was almost the height of a human. The cat was younger. Compared to the mastiff, it was like an infant who had just learned how to stand up to a ferocious man.

However, no one expected that the mastiff would retreat after a few shrieks, as if it had seen its natural nemesis, the moment it saw the cat. Even the steward was unable to hold it back.

The cat took one step after another, and the mastiff frantically retreated in fright. That steward couldn’t even stand up straight, and after that, the mastiff dragged the steward and ran into the academy. No matter how the steward yelled, it was useless.

A few other guards ran over and tried their best to stop the mastiff before saving the manager.

The supervisor’s face was covered in dust and he was so angry that his face was contorted.

He got up and looked over, and found that the thing that frightened the mastiff was only a kitten that hadn’t grown up yet.

An Zeng walked over to the cat and picked it up, then he pulled Lunatic Qu with one hand and stood up.

When Madman Qu saw that it was An Zeng who was stunned for a moment, he then said a word of thanks. His expression was very dejected and sorrowful.

“Thank you for saving me, but if I let him bite me with his dog, he might be softhearted and let Lil ‘Li enter the academy to participate in the exam.”

An Zhan raised his hand and slapped Madman Qu’s face. “I saved you because I was willing and didn’t need you to thank me.”

If you tell him to let the dog bite you, he’ll soften his heart and let Qu’Er in to test you … This is the reason why I hit you.

Part of the reason for this bastard’s arrogance is because of what you’ve been used to.

Even if the mastiff bites you to death, do you think he will let you in? ”

An Zhan sneered, “Madman Qu, you make me look down on you.”

Madman Qu roared, “What do you know!?”

“Will it be easy for me to let her in!”

An Zhan shook his head. “There’s something wrong with your mind. I can save your life, but I can’t save your brain.”

Madman Qu moved forward to attack, but Qu Liu`er grabbed his sleeve and cried out, begging him.

At this time, the steward strode over with a few guards, pointing at An Zaihai and cursing, “Where did this little brat come from? How dare he cause trouble in front of the academy!”

Andersen looked up at the steward and walked back.

The steward thought that An Zaiyue was going to run, so he led his men and rushed forward.

An Zhan pulled Qu’Er up and wiped away the tears on her face. “You were protected too well by Madman Qu, so you have yet to come into contact with the evilness of this world.”

Do you know why that steward won’t let you in?

Because you don’t have the money to honor him.

Madman Qu has worked hard to save you enough money for the test, but this kind of person needs more money than the test. ”

He took out a low-grade spirit stone and handed it to Qu Liu`er, “Take it.”

Qu Liu`er held it timidly, unsure of what to do.

An Xuan pulled Qu’Er’s hand and turned around. Then, he pointed at the manager and said, “Look at his face, take out the spirit stone in your hand and throw it over.”

Qu Liu`er shook her head in fear, not daring to make a move.

Skinny Du angrily ran over from the side and grabbed the spirit stone before throwing it towards the manager’s face.

The thin Du was already washed in marrow and his strength was much stronger than an ordinary big man.

The spirit stone transformed into a ray of light and smashed into the manager’s nose with a “pa” sound. It immediately smashed into ten thousand peach blossoms.

A low rank spirit stone was worth tens of thousands of silver taels. After that steward saw what had smashed him, he immediately climbed down to pick it up.

An Zhe pulled Qu’Er’s hand to the steward and stepped on the spirit stone.

He lowered his head to look at the disheveled steward and asked, “You look down on a piece of gold, but a piece of spirit stone can turn you into a servant … Do you want it?”

The manager wiped the blood off his nose and nodded repeatedly: “Yes.”

An Zhan shook his head. “But I don’t want to give it to you.”

He bent down to pick up the spirit stones and put them back in his pocket. “Why would someone like you be the guard at the academy? I’m very disappointed in the academy.”

The steward was teased and his expression was extremely ugly to behold.

However, he didn’t have the time to act because it was rare for a child to casually take out a spirit stone to beat someone up.

Thus, he felt more and more fear towards this matter.

“So this place is my home, so the mayor asked me to be a steward in the academy.”

The manager explained and then carefully asked, “Who are you?”

An Zaiyue turned his head to look at Xiao Qi. “I suddenly regret not wanting to enter this school. What should we do now?”

Xiao Qidao raised his chin and said seriously, “Brother An Xuan is in charge. You can go wherever you want. If you don’t want to go, then don’t go anywhere. All seven of you listen to Brother An Zhan.”

“What kind of chicken – ba is this place? It’s disgusting,” said Du.

“Even if it’s the best place in the city where I can cultivate, I don’t want to enter.”

In truth, the only reason why An Zaiyue wanted to enter the Academy was to find a way to conceal himself.

He had enough cultivation techniques and experience in his head.

Compared to the other academies, they were much stronger.

He just didn’t want others to know his secret, so he decided to find a academy to study. This way, when he became stronger, no one would suspect him anymore.

But now, a steward of the Illusory Realm Academy was this shameless. He really didn’t want to stay here.

He looked around and saw several rows of tall buildings opposite the College, but they seemed to be in ruins. The doors were closed, and even the gatekeepers were covered with weeds.

A sign hung above the door with four barely legible words on it: Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy.

It was said that many years ago, this academy could also be considered a very famous school within the Illusory Realm. The former Principal was the previous City Lord of the Illusory Realm, but ever since Mu Changyan killed him, the opening was also ruined.

Mu Changyan intentionally built the Fantasy World Academy across from the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy. The more prosperous the academy was, the more miserable it seemed to be compared to the grandeur of the academy.

“Let’s go there.”

An Zaidao pulled on Little Seven and Qu’Er. “It’s just cultivation, nothing more.”

The steward who was being teased was stunned. Then, he cursed in a low voice, ‘Stupid bitch’.

However, he didn’t dare to curse out loud, because he didn’t know the origin of this conflict.

At this moment, the cloth-clothed scholar, Mu Changyan, strode out of the academy. After glancing at them, she said, “Come in.”

An Xuan turned around and asked Xiao Qi, “Are you going or not?”

Xiao Qidao shook his head. “I’m not going. I’ll follow brother An Zai-ge!”

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 25