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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 1629 - Power Storing

Chapter 1629 – Power Storing

“Who are you?!”

The green dragon stood up and looked at Purple Ivy. Purple Ivy wanted to explain who he was, but he couldn’t.

“Come out first.”

“I can’t get out.”

“Why are you so stubborn? We’ll talk about it when we get out.”

“I can’t get out.”

Purple Ivy was convinced, according to the legends, the green dragon waroud and aloof person, now that he had met his, he truly lived up to his name … Purple Ivy squatted down with a sincere face: “Look at me, you know that I’m not a bad person. I’ve gone through so much trouble to find you, and it’s not for my own sake.

The green dragon looked at Purple Ivy as if he were a fool. “I already said, I can’t go out.”

Purple Ivy suddenly stood up: “If you don’t want to come out, then I’ll think of a way to open this barrier.”

Then, his two hands fiercely grabbed at the barrier. The Azure Dragon sat down and watched him coldly, but at the moment Purple Ivy’s hands touched the barrier, a ball of bloody light exploded out, and the blood and flesh on his two hands were almost instantly minced. After Purple Ivy screamed in pain, when he pulled his hands back, there were basically no good places left.

Purple Ivy grimaced in pain, yet he still maintained such a big heart, “Could it be because I’ve used my right hand more than usual?”

Since he couldn’t use his hands, he lowered his shoulders and rammed into the barrier.

“You will die.”

The green lotus was still cold and indifferent.

The barrier was too strong, it was far beyond the limit of Purple Ivy’s current cultivation. If the Cultivation Power were to work, of course, Purple Ivy would not be so foolish to use his flesh to block it, he had already tried to do so before, but after the Cultivation Power entered the barrier, it was likock that had sunk into the ocean, it was completely useless.

Purple Ivy grinned, his mouth full of blood from the shockwave.

“I have to finish what I have to do before I die.”

His king took a few steps back, then increased his speed and used his other shoulder to ruthlessly smash into the barrier. Another huge explosion rang out, and almost half of Purple Ivy’s body exploded apart as he was sent flying for at leasundred meters before crashing onto the ground.


The Azure Dragon’s expression changed. He didn’t think that this person would be so persistent.

“If the Vermilion Bird doesn’t come, no one can open this barrier, and neither can I.”

The Azure Dragon waved its hand. “Leave. If you find the Vermillion Bird, you might have a chance.”


Purple Ivy struggled to stand up, “Then I’ll go find the Vermillion Bird.”

“You don’t need to find him.”

The Vermilion Bird and the Xue Kuang Zong Zong floated down from Purple Ivy’s back. Seeing the bloody Purple Ivy, the Xue Kuang Zong Zong was shocked, “I’ll go, I’ll pay with my life.”

Purple Ivy turned around and glanced at him: “Who are you, you ate sh * t for lunch?”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong glared at Purple Ivy: If it wasn’t for your current state, I would fight you.

Purple Ivy: “Even if I cripple my own arms and legs, I can still squash you to death with my butt.”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: “I’ll go... Come come come, let’s fight. ”

Purple Ivy: “Stupid …”

The Vermillion Bird glanced at Purple Ivy. “Who are you?”

Purple Ivy shook his hair, he always maintained his poise in front of girls, although he looked to be in a very sorry state, his clothes were tattered, his body was bloody and his face was swollen, the force he used to shake his hair out was even a little too much, almost throwing himself out.

“The most handsome Immortal Emperor Purple Ivy is me.”


The Vermillion Bird didn’t even spare him a glance as it replied, “Why did you release him?”

Purple Ivy: “If I told you that Qing Qi wanted to take him in as a little brother, would you believe me?”

Did the Vermillion Bird Heart say that this fellow was an idiot?

When the Blue Lotus saw the Vermillion Bird appear, its expression immediately changed. It stood up and quickly walked to the edge of the boundary. Only she had a look in her eyes. “You’re back.”

The Vermillion Bird’s face reddened, “You’re back. Wait a moment, I’ll release you. However, my cultivation has dropped far too much. I’m afraid that my strength alone won’t be enough.”

Purple Ivy: “Do you need help? “In terms of hourly accounting.”

Vermillion Bird: “...”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong looked at Purple Ivy and laughed: “Just look at you still wanting to help even after seeing your current appearance. Your heart is really f * cking big …”

Purple Ivy: “Do you believe that I can let you havaste of the power of the Immortal Emperor?”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong said: “Come if you have the ability.”

Vermillion Bird: “Enough!”

She walked up to the Spirit Formation and touched it, then a ripple came out. This Spirit Formation was personally laid by her when she was very strong, so naturally, it would not devour her. However, it was impossible for her to completely remove the Spirit Formation with her current strength.

“Both of you, give me your powers.”

The Vermillion Bird ordered without a doubt.

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: “Why should I?”

Purple Ivy replied, “Sure.”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong looked at Purple Ivy, thinking that this guy must have been stupid.

The Vermillion Bird replied, “This is my cave. Xue Kuang Zong Zong, if you don’t agree, I will kill you sooner.”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: I don’t like being threatened by others. It’s fine if you talk sense to me, but I won’t agree if you threaten me like this. You might as well kill me and see if this idiot can open the barrier for you.

Purple Ivy: “A mouth that talks about virtue.”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: “Sorry, I came out just like that.”

Purple Ivy said: “Look at her, he is just a weak girl, begging for your help with such sincerity, as a man, shouldn’t you help the weak girl? Although it was just a small effort, it is also a manifestation of your high moral character. ”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: “You’re right, I agree.”

Vermillion Bird: “...”

At the same time, in the Yancheng, An Zheng and the others had already returned to the Heavenly Awakening Sect.

An Zheng handed the Spirit Race Fruit to Qu Liuxi, to let her see if she could crack it. This Spirit Race Fruit iype of bloodline power, the purest power of the Spirit Race, Qu Liuxi accepted it and looked at it carefully: “It’s a bloodline power plus a very complicated formation, it’s not impossible to break it, but it takes me a while to remove the unique attributes of the bloodline power from it, then I can think of a way.”

An Zheng took out the candy like things again. “Don’t be in sucurry to go, let’s see what this is about.”

After Qu Liuxi received the thing, her expression changed. “Whaure energy … The power within did not have the unique aura of the Spirit Race, but was of a human cultivator. Using a very sophisticated method to refine a pill … I am unable to do this kind of refining technique, and it is possible that no human cultivator of the Dao of Medicine would be able to do it, which is unimaginable. ”

“The power of a cultivator?” Is it refined? ”

An Zheng suddenly thought of the Ancient Battlefield that the Spirit Race had occupied. Too many powerful ancient cultivators had fallen, and those ancient cultivators’ corpses were also eaten by the Spirit Race’s children. Could these refined energies have been extracted from the corpses of the ancient cultivators using some special method?

“All elemental attributes have been removed. It is the simplest type of energy that can be directly consumed.”

Qu Liuxi said: “This should be something the Spirit Race extracted to raise their own strength, but why are they not using it?”

“No one will be able to succeed him.”

An Zheng thought about how the Spirit Race had fallen, “There are very few Spirit Race warriors, I saw them using ancient cultivation bones to feed their children, they probably want to nurture a new kind of Spirit Race descendant. Even if it was the purest human cultivator’s power, I reckon it would be hard for them to directly absorb it, so I picked out a group of children who had been eating ancient cultivation bones since young to change their physiques, and only ate these things when they have reached a certain level of growth.”

“One pill for each person and there will still be money left over.”

Qu Liuxi divided the pills in her hand to everyone: “The energy contained within is extremely huge, after eating it, you will need to immediately go into seclusion, if not it would cause your meridians to become disordered.”

Everyone nodded their heads. This item was indeed too valuable, and they managed to get it at the right time.

An Zheng held ontill and did not eat it immediately: All of you go into closed doors cultivation first, I will guard Yancheng and only consume it after you all come out from closed doors.

Du Shoushou and the others knew that they had to have people guarding the place, so they couldn’t argue with An Zheng, so they decided to go into closed door cultivation as soon as possible and come out to guard An Zheng as soon as possible.

The crowd dispersed, and Qu Liuxi did not eat the pill, but placed the Spirit Race fruit into the Phoenix Cooking Pill Furnace s.

“There’s no need to rush, you should go into closed door cultivation first.”

An Zheng tugged her.

Qu Liuxi laughed, “No, I’ll go with you.”

An Zheng also laughed, “Alright.”

Qu Liuxi placed the Spirit Race Fruit into the Phoenix Cooking Pill Furnace, and in her palm, a ball of purple flame appeared, and a purple mist rose from the Phoenix Cooking Pill Furnace. The Spirit Race Fruit released a series of shrill sounds, as if it wanted to rush out.

In just a moment, Qu Liuxi’s forehead was covered with a dense layer of sweat. She clenched her teeth and persevered, the Spirit Race Fruit was now rampaging through the Phoenix Cooking Pill Furnace s, the jingling sounds were so loud that it caused people’s ears to go numb.

An Zheng walked over and placed his hand on Qu Liuxi’s back. A wave of gentle Cultivation Power entered Qu Liuxi’s body, and the purple flame in her palm became even more stable, with the Phoenix Cooking Pill Furnace no longer shaking.

South China Sea.

Purple Ivy sat on the ground, looking even more miserable than before. At this moment, his Cultivation Power was almost completely empty, and it would be hard to recover in ten days, hence the injuries on his body were even more painful.

Xue Kuang Zong Zong sat next to Purple Ivy, extended his hand, and lightly nodded at Purple Ivy’s wounds: “Is your mouth still as hard as normal?”

Purple Ivy: “Do you believe that you’ll be struck by lightning in the future?”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong snorted: “I can still move but you can’t anymore. If you continue to be so stubborn, will you be able to resist?”

Purple Ivy: “You’re not that kind of Xue Kuang Zong Zong!”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong was actually overjoyed. “At least you understand me!”

Purple Ivy thought that this was really dangerous …

At this moment, the Vermillion Bird had already opened its barrier and rushed in to tightly hug the green dragon. The two of them didn’t separate for a long time.

Xue Kuang Zong Zong: “We spent so much effort just to see this?”

Purple Ivy: “Yes …”

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 1629 - Power Storing