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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 1634 - Go to hell!

Chapter 1634 – Go to hell!

“Give me your strength!”

Seeing that An Zheng was no longer able to continue battling after receiving such heavy injuries, the green dragon tore apart a battleship, and roared loudly. The first to react was the Vermillion Bird, she unhesitatingly released the Nanming Lihuo Pearl that he had just retrieved, then the White Tiger.

The green dragon quickly took the three pearls, and three surging waves of energy poured into the green dragon’s body.


A resonant dragon’s roar rang out.

The gigantic green dragon charged towards Feng Xiuyang, punching towards Feng Xiuyang’s chest. Feng Xiuyang let out a cold snort, and stretched out his left hand... With a “pa” sound, he clenched the green dragon’s fist. The green dragon’s face changed and it wanted to withdraw its fist, but it didn’t move at all three times in a row.


Feng Xiuyang twisted his left hand, and with a kacha sound, the Azure Dragon’s wrist immediately shattered, and then, his arm curled up like a fried dough twist. The Azure Dragon’s body involuntarily spun a few rounds around without stopping, and Feng Xiuyang’s right fist landed heavily on the Azure Dragon’s lower abdomen.

“Azure Dragon?” “It’s juseptile in my eyes!”

This punch directly sent the green dragon flying, and as its gigantic body fell backwards, it knocked the moon away. The human cultivators who were battling on the moon, the Alliance Army, and the Faceless Monster, all collapsed. The tremors caused the mountains on the moon to crumble almost at the same time.

Just as the Azure Dragon stood up once again, Feng Xiuyang came over and stomped on his lower abdomen, pressing him down once again.

The green dragon’s back smashed the moon towards An Zheng’s world below. Without a doubt, if this continued, the planet would be smashed into smithereens without any need for further attacks.

Because it was too huge, it seemed to fall very slowly. However, its speed was unbearably fast. After a long period of time, the green dragon would press the moon against the planet.


The Azure Dragon roared, “Protect my home!”

Then, his chest exploded. He released all of his power and turned the direction of his own explosion towards Feng Xiuyang’s direction … In the violent storm, Feng Xiuyang was forced to retreat far away. The power of the self-detonation swept a large portion of the strange battleships that were chasing after him, and at least a few hundred of them were directly shattered into fine powder.

The green dragon’s body suddenly shrunk, and a green pearl and the other three pearls flew out together.


Seeing this, Xue Kuang Zong Zong cursed, took a deep breath and rushed towards Feng Xiuyang: “Let’s fight!”


Feng Xiuyang grabbed Xue Kuang Zong Zong and he spat out a mouthful of blood. The gigantic Feng Xiuyang lowered his head and looked at the Xue Kuang Zong Zong whose face was already turning purple. It’s just a clown. Did anyone ever say you were short and ugly? ”

Xue Kuang Zong Zong spat out a mouthful of blood: “Great sir, always Xue Kuang Zong Zong!”


Feng Xiuyang used all his strength and directly crushed Xue Kuang Zong Zong to the point of exploding.

Feng Xiuyang casually flung his hands, his face had a look of disgust, as though he found it dirty.

“Let’s do it!”

Du Shoushou and the others all rushed forward.

“Xiao Liu’er! It’s all up to you! ”

The person in front flew towards Feng Xiuyang like a meteor. Qu Liuxi wiped away her tears and stood up, raising the magic staff in her hand … The Spirit Race fruit on their magical staffs lit up and an invisible line connected them. In that instant, a sonic boom exploded from their bodies!

Break through!

Almost everyone had broken through the ninth level of the Emperor Level, reaching the peak of the Emperor Level. They were jusair away from becoming Supreme Emperor Level powerhouses, this level of strength was simply too terrifying.

“It’s just what’s left of my game.”

However, Feng Xiuyang was not moved at all. He swept his left hand out, sending Du Shoushou and Chen Shaobai flying, and his right hand out, sending Monkey and Purple Ivy flying. Two beams of light shot out from his eyes, hitting Gu Qianye and Feng Shengxi down.

Not to mention fighting, they couldn’t even get close to him.

“The things that all of you think you can restrain me are things that I am tired of playing around with. I admire your courage, but I also look down on your foolishness …” And the Timeless Wheel? Isn’t your ultimate weapon the Timeless Wheel? ”

“I’m here.”

It was unknown when the Oldman Huo arrived, he was still a spirit body, but when he spoke, he instantly changed. His human form disappeared and was replaced by a gigantic golden disc, just like the orange colored time restriction array that sealed Feng Xiuyang’s body in the universe!


A furious rebuke rang out.

A gigantic orange colored disc once again pressed Feng Xiuyang inside. The disc quickly started to spin with dense amounts of runes flashing inside. Feng Xiuyang cried out in pain, then suddenly laughed loudly.

“Hahahahaha …” “How was my performance?”

Both of his hands split apart, and with a ‘kacha’ sound, he tore the orange disc apart. The Timeless Wheel in the distance also cracked open, losing all of its brilliance before falling down.

“Oldman Huo!”

The bloodied Du Shoushou pounced towards the Timeless Wheel and used it as support. The hole in the Timeless Wheel’s body was very large, if he used more strength, he might be able to shatter it.

“What other abilities do you have?”

Feng Xiuyang’s figure quickly shrank and landed on the ground. He looked around: “You guys have obstructed me once before on this kind of star, but did not stop me. If I’m still not able to stop you, people will never give up so easily …”

His hand pressed down, and one warship after another began to fall, intermixed with the wails of humans.

That was the power of a Divine level expert.

The dying Vermillion Bird held onto the green dragon’s pearl with a deathly pale face. It looked up at the falling battleships and muttered to itself, “He is only a SemiGod, just a SemiGod …” God, why did you leave? ”

A half-god level Feng Xiuyang, however, could easily destroy a star.

“Your gods have forsaken you.”

Feng Xiuyang laughed with pride: “From today onwards, I am the only god in the universe, if I suppress it with my hand, your so-called home will be completely destroyed. I know that you made some space to protect those ants, but why didn’t I destroy it? Because to me, those spaces are not even worth mentioning, so there’s no need for you to do anything unnecessary. ”

His hand rose, ready to press down.

Right at this moment, a very very small thing appeared beside the unconscious An Zheng. It looked like an ordinary clod, but it was definitely not an ordinary object … That was the Swelling Earth.

The Swelling Earth circled around An Zheng once, then quickly entered An Zheng’s Blood Pearl Bracelet space.

An Zheng had already fallen into a severe coma. He felt himself floating in a gray sky, without clouds, without wind, without sun and moon, there was nothing at all. He had nowhere to borrow energy from, so he could only drift further and further away.

He knew there was nothing he could do, and he did his best.

Can I sleep now?

An Zheng asked himself.

At that moment, a voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“The Supreme Emperor level energy is channeling and repairing Master’s body. The power is too great, Master can break through at any time.”

The voice of Heaven’s Eye!


An Zheng’s body floated in the starry sky, as boundless green streams of air gathered over from all directions. Not only the vitality existing in the universe, even the stars had green streams of air surging over and An Zheng’s body was being repaired at an extremely fast speed.

“Little fellow, I saw you last time, so I was able to find you. Last time, we failed to protect our home and instead became accomplices. This time, it won’t happen …” As a senior, when you first meet with your juniors, you should always give me some gifts. Help me bring back the Swelling Earth, right?

This was Emperor Yu’s voice!

“Little guy, I’m counting on you in the future.”

It was the voice of the Emperor!

“We made our own choice, and the reason why we were able to make such a choice is because you are still persisting … Humans are generation after generation, but they will definitely not be separated from their generation. We will be following you, and there will still be others who will work hard to protect this family. We will give you everything that we can, thank you. ”

This was Emperor Shun’s voice.

“I, I gift it to you!”

A short five words, this was the voice of the Pre-Qin Emperor!

An Zheng suddenly opened his eyes, and the feeling lit up.

The surging energy in his body caused him to explode once again. A mighty divine might swept out and swept away the face of the army in front of him! That was just an explosion of air, not a full powered blow from An Zheng.

Feng Xiuyang’s pupils suddenly contracted. He turned around and glanced at his gigantic Seven Leaves of Tathagata, and then recovered from his shock, “I had thought that I had finally used up all of their strength, and it turns out that it was for you.”

Before he finished speaking, An Zheng had already rushed over. To him, An Zheng had nothing to say.


The two of them held their hands together, causing a large half of the moon to fly out towards the side. If it wasn’t for An Zheng protecting them with his back to the moon, it would have been sufficient enough to shatter the moon.

“You can make me marry you? It’s just that my strength is about the same as mine. ”

Feng Xiuyang snorted: “Even though this has exceeded my expectations, it’s only because you can’t kill me, and I can’t kill you either. At most, I’ll play with you for a while longer, but you’re so strong, your friend, how can the person you want to protect be this strong? I will kill them one by one when you can’t protect them, but I am different, I don’t care about anyone. ”

An Zheng looked at Feng Xiuyang’s delicate and pretty face that was filled with disgust, and said word by word. “You are right, my strength is about the same as yours, I can’t do anything to you, but I have many people.”

Feng Xiuyang’s expression suddenly changed. He wanted to react when he felt the danger, but it was too late as both of An Zheng’s hands tightly held onto his hand. He was simply unable to pull it out, nor was he able to escape.

With a bang, An Zheng’s figure descended from the skies behind him. Both of his legs squatted on Feng Xiuyang’s shoulders as he twisted and turned Feng Xiuyang’s head a few times using both of his hands, and then fiercely pulled it out. “Go and die!”

The head was pulled out and blood gushed out like a fountain.

An Zheng released one of his hands and grabbed onto Feng Xiuyang’s chest witu sound.

He looked at his own appearance. “Why did you say ‘go to hell’? No matter how I hear it, it’s not domineering enough.”

“If it were you, what would you say?”

An Zheng also pondered for a while, after which he exhaled, and kicked Feng Xiuyang’s body away: “Go to hell!”


His flesh was directly blown to smithereens.

Just a SemiGod.

An Zheng looked at the place that exploded, then raised his hand and looked, “This power, seems a little abnormal.”

Crouching on Feng Xiuyang’s shoulder, he pulled his hands out and pulled his head off, causing blood to spurt out …

This scene continued for at least dozens of times. To Feng Xiuyang, it was more than torture.

An Zheng released his hand, and the scene disappeared.


He laughed and looked back at his friends in the half-moon.

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 1634 - Go to hell!