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Repugnant Gateway
Chapter 11

Chapter 11

These three youth dressed in black brocade clothes clearly came from an extraordinary background. Their clothes were cut and fitted perfectly. Moreover, their workmanship was fine, and their materials were also very good.

However, the three of them were dressed the same, so they were naturally not noble young masters of any family.

They came in and looked around, then their eyes fell on Anjou.

“You are the one fighting?”

The man standing at the front raised his finger and pointed at An Zeng, the tip of his finger pointing towards An Zeng’s nose.

“I’m from the Chen House, my name is Chen Qi. Come with me to the Chen House.”

“Immediately, immediately.”

After saying that, he turned around and left. After taking two steps, he realized that An Zhe didn’t move at all.

He abruptly turned around and discovered that An Zhe was still comfortably sitting on a chair, hugging a snow-white cat. He looked quite comfortable.

“I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”

He asked in a cold voice.

An Zeng narrowed his eyes and looked at him. “Master An.”

Chen Qi’s face instantly became unsightly. He was the Chen family’s Young Master’s follower, so he could do whatever he wanted in the mansion. In Nanshan Street, anyone who saw him would be obedient to him.

At this moment, a poor brat was acting so arrogantly in front of him, yet he was still speaking rudely. His anger instantly boiled up.

“Do you still think you’ll be alive if the young master doesn’t want to see you?”

An Zhan spoke blandly, “His name is Master An.”

Chen Qi took a step forward. “I’ll give you another chance. Now get up and follow me, I’ll spare your life.”

An Zhan sighed, “He’s a disobedient person. I’ve given you two chances.”

At the beginning, Chen Qi did not understand the intention to fight for peace, but after she understood the situation, she became furious.

He pointed with his finger and said, “Let’s fight till we’re half dead before we drag ourselves away to meet young master.”

The two black-clothed youths behind him immediately rushed over. Their footsteps were steady and steady. Moreover, the two of them were moving forward one after the other and their positions were maintained very well. It was obvious that they had undergone rigorous training.

The two teenagers rushed over. One of them kicked An Zeng’s neck, while the other squatted down and swept across the chair An Zeng sat on.

The two of them kicked at the same time. Their speed was extremely fast and the wind in their legs was fierce.

An Zhan kicked the ground with his foot, causing the chair to squeak and slide backwards, easily dodging the two youths’ attacks.

“How dare you hit my friend!”

He punched towards one of the youth’s nose. His speed was decent, but there was no pattern to his actions. He was fighting recklessly.

However, he had been fighting every day in the school on Nanshan Street, so Lu Ziye was very effective.

If an ordinary person were to be punched in the nose, they would probably have to kneel down for a while before they could take action.

A youth in black sidestepped Du’s thin fist and then grabbed his thin wrist and swung it to the side.

Du’s thin body lost its balance and fell forward, but before he could fall down, another youth in black reached down and grabbed his ankle.

One grabbed Du’s thin wrist, the other grabbed his skinny ankle and jumped back at the same time.

Perhaps after a moment, the two of them would be able to tear Dean’s thin limbs apart.


One of the young men in black got a blow on the back of his neck, and he didn’t notice when An Zuoshi got up from his chair.

The immense pain made him lose his strength in an instant, and he couldn’t help but loosen his hands.

The youth in black who was sitting opposite to him didn’t have time to react. He grabbed his skinny body and fell down.

An Zhan’s palm landed on the back of the youth’s neck. Then, he grabbed the youth’s hair and retreated backward. The youth cried out in pain as his body fell flat on the ground.

An Zhan raised his foot and stomped on the youth’s throat. With a kacha sound, the bones in his neck shattered.

Blood dripped out of the youth’s mouth. He had been trampled to death by An Zhe.

Previously, when An Zeng fought with those local thugs, he didn’t kill a single person.

But this time, he didn’t show any mercy.

“His heart is too ruthless, he killed people the moment he made a move.”

An Zhan placed the kitten into his clothes and stretched. “Originally, I was too injured to continue attacking, but you guys successfully aroused my killing intent.”

He kicked away the corpse of the youth in black robes and then walked towards Chen Qi. “Did your Chen Mansion’s young master teach you all these methods to kill people?”

Chen Qi’s face was a bit pale. He didn’t think that An Zhe would attack so quickly and so heavily.

Previously, he did not follow the Chen House’s young master to fight for the safety of his family, so he did not see An Zaiyue bring down dozens of people with a machete.

If he saw it, he wouldn’t be so domineering.

He was just subconsciously a bit jealous, jealous of why the Chen family’s young master valued this impoverished youth called An Zhe so highly.

He only wanted to teach An Xin a lesson. As for that fatty, it was fine if he just killed him.

“Arguably … you should know that you are going against the Chen Mansion.”

Still striding toward him, he ignored him.

At this moment, when Chen Qi saw An Zeng walking towards him, he was in a daze. It was as if he saw the image of a peerless vicious beast appearing behind An Zeng.

This vicious beast gave him an incomparable pressure. At this moment, he felt as if his heart was about to shatter.

“Keep people like you alive. In the future, you will all be a disaster.”

When An Zeng was halfway there, he kicked away the youth in black clothes that was pressing down on Du.

The boy’s body flew out in a straight line and knocked over a table, which fell to the ground.

Skinny Du got up and rushed over. He sat down on the body of the black-clothed youth and smashed down one by one: “Lord Fatty will teach you how to be a person!”

“Arguably … don’t think that just because Young Master wants to see you, I don’t dare to kill you.”

Chen Qi retreated three steps before realizing that he couldn’t lose in terms of imposing manner. He forced himself to stop, then with a flip of his wrist, he grabbed a dagger from his sleeve and pointed at An Zeng from a distance. “I’ll say it one last time. If you dare to move forward again, I’ll cripple you.”

An Zeng’s body rushed forward and instantly arrived in front of Chen Qi. Chen Qi’s dagger pierced towards An Zeng’s chest with a vicious hand.

An Zeng gripped the dagger between two fingers and twisted it. With a kacha sound, Chen Qi’s arm bones were broken by the twisted force.

An Zeng held the dagger in his hand, spun it around in a beautiful circle, and then nimbly walked forward, cutting a cut on Chen Qi’s arm.

With a flick of the tip of the blade, a bracelet was pulled out. Miraculously, the tendon was not cut, but torn out of the flesh.

This method simply caused one’s heart to feel numb.

“Did you just say you were going to cripple me?” he asked.

“Then do you know what will happen to you if you turn the dagger now?”

“Master … Master An.”

Chen Qi’s face was as white as paper, while beads of sweat instantly appeared on his forehead.

He knew he was wrong this time, wrong in provoking someone he shouldn’t have, wrong in fooling around.

How could a person that the Young Master values be incompetent?

He had been blinded by the desire for lard, which was why he was so jealous that he wanted to take action to suppress the conflict.

Right now, one of his arms was hanging from the tip of his saber. With just a turn of the dagger, he could cripple his arm.

“It’s too late. I gave you two chances.”

As soon as An Zaiyue finished speaking, someone strode in from outside, “Master An, have mercy.” 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

Chen Pu, who was dressed in black, stepped in with his usual kind smile on his face.

Chen Pu was the Chen family’s third uncle according to seniority, but his status was far inferior because he was not the eldest son.

But thanks to his hard work and his ruthlessness, he had a place in the Chen House.

He cupped his fist and said, “Master An, why do you have to fight with these small characters?”

“These people don’t understand the rules and make me angry, so I apologize to you on their behalf on behalf of the Chen Mansion.”

He took a step forward and stood between the two of them.

As long as he moved again, he would be able to easily grab onto thin Du.

An Zhan pursed his lips and snapped Chen Qi’s hand after a light pop. “I like dou qi, because most people can’t beat me.”

Chen Qi retreated while howling in pain, stumbling as he knocked over several chairs.

In the back room, Qu’Er wanted to stop them, but she was stopped by Madman Qu, “Don’t go out … Li’Er, remember that person called Chen Pu, he is your enemy.”

If you can cultivate one day, don’t forget to tear this person into a thousand pieces.

Before your father died, he told me not to tell you these things, but I felt that regardless of whether you were a girl or a boy, you had to avenge your father.

Qu’Er nodded with all her might as tears silently flowed down her cheeks.

Chen Pu didn’t seem to care that An Zaiyue broke Chen Qi’s tendons and politely said, “Many thanks to Master An for teaching these people a lesson for not knowing the rules. If Master An is free, then go to the Chen Mansion. I really want to see you right away.”

An Xin nodded, “I’ll go after some medicine.”

Chen Pu cupped his fist and said, “Then I’ll go back and wait for Master An.”

He turned around and lifted Chen Qi up. “Trash!”

Chen Qi: “Father …”

Chen P: “Shut up!”

Then, he carried Chen Qi and left with large strides.

An Zeng’s eyes flashed with a cold look … Chen Pu was a person who was too shrewd.

A person who could endure so much, once he exploded in the future, would most likely be akin to a tsunami.

This kind of person was definitely not weak, but patiently waiting.

He knew his own identity and position. Even if it was because of an outsider like An Zhe, he wouldn’t rashly provoke the Chen Clan’s young master.

However, a father who watched his son get his arm crippled but didn’t do anything made An Zhe look down on him from the bottom of his heart.

When An Zeng turned around, Du’s skinny figure had already beaten the youth in black until he was limp.

An Zou went over to pull Du’s skinny body: “Stop fighting, if you can stop killing people, then don’t kill people.”

“Once you’ve activated this killing ring, you’ll often have nightmares in the future.”

“What about you?”

“Aren’t you afraid of having nightmares?”

An Zhan smiled. “Me?”

I’m a nightmare for many, but I don’t have nightmares. ”

Madman Qu walked out from the back room, “Hurry up and take the medicine and leave, I won’t be able to keep you here.”

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

An Zaiyue knew that Madman Qu didn’t dare to offend the Chen Clan, so he took the medicine and didn’t stay to take a bath.

He thanked her, then found a pen and paper and wrote a few recipes before handing it to Madman Qu. “I understand, you are very useful.”

Even Madman Qu did not know where this young man got the money to be arrogant. He glared at An Xuan and grabbed Gu Fang before pushing Du to walk away.

An Zeng and Du Leisurely left the infirmary. Du Leisurely asked while walking: “You can still fight. Then why do you want me to carry you on my back?”

An Zou: “Just carry it on your back. What’s so strange about it?”

Skinny Dean grunted. “But I feel like something’s not right …”

“It’ll be fine if you get used to it in the future.”

Skinny Dean: “...”

At this time, there weren’t many people on the streets. At night, the evils of the Illusory Realm’s living in the city would become even more rampant, so no ordinary people would want to walk the streets at night and close their doors early to sleep.

However, it was at this moment that a palanquin appeared in front of them.

Four servants dressed in green robes carried the palanquin over. As they walked past An Zeng and Skinny Du, the person in the palanquin drew the curtain aside and glanced at An Zeng, “Oh, what a beautiful cat.”

He pointed at the cat. “Give it to me or I’ll kill you.”

An Zhan smiled, “Are you filial before you ask for the inheritance?”

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Repugnant Gateway Chapter 11