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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant
Chapter 8 - 1.5 - The True Hero (part 2)

As we were passing through more and more alleys where the air was filled with the smell of rotting garbage, I started to regret my decision.

Logically speaking, the bandits who came up with a plan of kidnapping the little lady Espine could surely think out a plan to get a deal with her escorts!

Who knows if at this exact moment all my colleagues were led to some shady places by children just as pitiful as this one?

Dreading such things I almost walked into the boy who suddenly stopped and pointed towards a ruined house and declared that this was the place.

|Even a shabby place like that could hold up five bandits all with their daggers ready to find gaps in my armor and kill me before I'll be able to retaliate...!.|

I thought and I felt cold sweat emerging on my neck.

The boy wanted to get my attention but I just couldn't move.

Seeing my miserable state that boy made a determined expression and run into the house.

|But, isn't this just a trap?|

The bandits were clever after all...

I could hear the sounds of a struggle inside but I haven't moved.

|It could be just an act...|

I could hear the voice of the boy calling out to the girl to run faster.

|It could still be a trap, I can't hear the voice of the little lady, it could all be just an act...|

I chanted to myself like some coward...!

And then to the accompaniment of shouts of the boy urging someone to leave I saw... I... I saw...!

"Little lady!"

I shouted shocked to the core I rushed towards her and grabbed her. And then...


The boy shouted, something tumbled on the wooden floor and a man fell out through the door.

|Th-that boy is ensuring little lady's escape...?|

There were more shouts from the inside but it was only one male voice.

"Mizoe! You must help him!"

The little lady started crying and drumming her tiny hands against my armor in despair.

I made sure she is safely behind my back and I rushed at the man on the ground.

I punched him in the face with my armor-clad fist and I used a third of my magical power to freeze his joints ensuring he won't escape even if he regains his consciousness.

Funnily enough, even though ice is much harder to control than water, ice spells always came to me a bit easier than to an average water magician...

After securing the bandit, I turned towards the ruined house.

|Now this child will surely call for help right? He could be so brave because he knew there is someone who will help him!|

But the call for help didn't come.

I entered the house as soon as I could and I froze for a moment.

A fat browned haired man was mercilessly punching the black-haired boy.

But even so, there was no anguish on that child's face.

The boy didn't cry nor beg for help or forgiveness.

He had a smile of a man who accomplished all his goals perfectly and wasn't afraid to face the repercussions.

But after one more hit, he suddenly started vomiting and the mass that was exiting his mouth was mixed with blood, and then the boy's eyes closed and his head fell limply onto the floor...



I don't even know when, but my magic power gathered in my hand empowering it several times beyond the normal human capabilities and I swung at the repugnant man who was smiling with satisfaction over the unmoving body of a tiny child.

He was smiling only until my empowered fist did cleanly scooping his head off of his shoulders busting it into an explosion of skin, blood, bones, and gray matter.

"...please, please...!"

I kneeled by the boy and with shaking hands, I checked if he still breathes.

|Oh god...! Oh god...! Thank you...! He's still alive!|

I couldn't muster any strength as my magic reserves were completely empty after the attack that honestly speaking I shouldn't have been able to pull off, and the effects of mana depletion were already kicking in... good thing that my symptoms make me more capable of a person...

"Little lady..."

I took off my pendant, a simple-looking white crystal on the leather string, and gave it to the little lady Espine.

"Little lady, do not go outside, just get to the window and aim the crystal at the sky and pour your mana into it as if you were trying to use a spell without releasing it. The crystal will create a signal that will get every knight in the vicinity to come for us."


The little lady nodded and did exactly as I instructed her.

She was such a prodigy, being able to use magic at such a young age...

And the pendant itself wasn't ordinary. It was a magical artifact created by the royal magician, once the mana was poured into it would always shoot out an orb which size and color would depend on how strong and of what attribute mana got poured into it.

Before the other knights and I split up we decided on a signal, usually shooting out an orb with our distinct color and size would mean a call for help but if by any chance one of us would find the little lady we would give her the crystal and since none of us or even all of us put together could even compare to the amount of the magic power that little lady possesses, it would be a clear indicator.

And that clearly wasn't a wrong choice...

When the little lady returned and sat timidly by my side, the outside was dyed in an intense green light of the magic ob that could easily be mistaken for a green sun that was about to destroy the slums.


Feeling extremely exhausted I pulled the unconscious boy and placed him against my breastplate. The wooden floor was probably more comfortable than my metal armor but I just couldn't let him lie on the floor like some broken toy.


I was leaning against the wall and weakly patting the child's head.


Little lady Espine was sitting next to me and silently observing the boy in my arms.

Only a few minutes after the first knight arrived.

"Mizoe, please tell me it's you who found our little lady, and this is not some elaborate trick!"

I've heard the voice of my junior which whom I parted not too long ago.

"Yeah, it's me! I'm in the shack with an unconscious baldy in front of it. The little lady is safe and sound but I used up all my magic so I could use some help!"

"Little lady"

Helke walked in and the first thing he did was to greet the little lady Espine. Then he looked at the dead fatty and a mess that I made with him.

"Uwaa... You went at him with everything you got, didn't you?"

He chuckled and finally turned to me and glanced at the child in my arms.

"So that means that this kid was telling the truth?"

I didn't like the tone he was speaking in.


I said in a threatening tone.

"This child is not some random kid. He is a god damn hero!"

I scoffed, glaring at my comrade.

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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant Chapter 8 - 1.5 - The True Hero (part 2)