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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant
Chapter 10 - 2 - A Name And A Beginning

The nameless black-haired boy woke up in a room he did not fell asleep in – not only that - he was sure that he has never seen it ever before - with all the high-class furniture and the sheer size of the bed he was laying on and so on...

Someone has washed him and changed his rags into actual clothes too...!

Was... was that another amazing dream like the one about a different world...?!


The confused boy was slowly looking around and he finally noticed a pale-blue-haired knight sitting next to his bed, dozing off on the chair.

The knight didn't have the armor and instead was wearing simple white pants and a blue tunic, but he didn't part with the sword. Now that the boy had time to look at him, that knight's hair was in a very pretty light shade of blue.


The black-haired boy thought that it may be rude to wake up resting knight but he had a very important question to ask him.

"Sir Mizoe...! Sir Mizoe...!"

He whispered and grabbed the fabric of the knight's pants near his knee and started tugging on it.

"Sir Mizoe, I have a question...!"

"...nnn...? H-huh...?!"

The knight's eyelids trembled slightly and he opened his eyes.

With a surprised face, he looked at his knee and then at the boy who was trying to get his attention. Suddenly he shouted and startled the boy.

"You're awake!"

Mizoe kneeled by the boy's bed and smiled.

"Sir Mizoe, what about the girl. Did you save her?"

The nameless boy didn't know what to do so he just asked the question.


Hearing him Mizoe body shook heavily and he shook his head – seeing such a reaction made the black-haired boy feel as if Edung punched him in the stomach one more time.

"Something happened to her!?"

The poor boy was terrified.

|I should have done more!|

He thought to himself feeling tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.

If even the knight looks so down, that means that.. he failed...

"No! No! That's not what I meant!"

Seeing the boy's misery Mizoe realized that his action had caused a misunderstanding, so he hurriedly corrected it.

"I didn't save her, you did. The little lady Espine is safe and sound, all thanks to you."


The black-haired boy froze and stared at the knight, his jaw dropped.

"Did... sir, did you just say, little lady Espine...?"

He repeated after Mizoe in a doubtful voice.

"Ah, right, of course, you wouldn't know..."

Mizoe smiled warmly and gently grabbed the boy's hands.

"Young man, a few days ago you saved Miriette Lisea Espine, a daughter of the great duke Espine. A very, very important person in the kingdom. And that little lady is also the fiancé of the first prince of our kingdom, Horeo Marets Bellcephora. Ah! Prince is a..."

As Mizoe kept on explaining to him various things that a child brought up in the slums wouldn't know the black-haired boy felt an indescribable feeling gathering inside himself.

|That... that wasn't a dream,...! After all, this really is the world of Kampf um die Liebe! And...! And..! I-I just helped to save Miriette...!|

The presence didn't lie to him after all!

The nameless boy suddenly felt immensely grateful that he didn't forget any of the dreams of another world he had – as they turned out to not be mere dreams, but rather memories!


Then, as if something clicked inside the child's head, his brain got filled with all the nitty-gritty info that Kuro Aku learned about the game.

And thanks to the nameless boy using that knowledge, he realized the giant hurdle he might never be able to surpass...

The world of Kampf um die Liebe was a hierarchical society.

Even if he helped the nobility, the black-haired boy was just a nameless commoner in that world. He would just be given some compensation and chased away from the castle back onto the streets. He even met the one girl he wanted to make happy at all cost, he was so close, but so far!

The scrawny boy didn't know what he should do, but he felt that he can't just leave things like that and give up!

"Are you feeling unwell?"

The black-haired boy was awakened from his deep thoughts by the worried voice of Mizoe.

The pale-blue-haired knight became restless thinking that the child in front of him felt worse, but the nameless boy just shook his head and Mizoe breath out a sigh of relief.

Then his face became serious and he looked into the child's jet-black eyes.

"Young man, I am Mizoe Auequas, and I am a knight serving the house of Espine. Will you allow me to become your father?"

|W-what is he saying...!?|

"My position is not very high but I have a steady income and I will make sure that you will never go hungry and, and I can provide you with education and, and also..."

Mizoe became restless and began using a tone of voice that was more fit to be used while proposing to a girl and not offering an adoption, but the knight just wanted the boy to accept him as his father no matter what.

|I... I can have a family?|

"Th-there's also the surname, if you become my son you'll be an official noble of the kingdom, though my house is not grand and they might not accept that, no, that does not matter, the most important thing is..."

Mizoe was starting to mumble under his nose so the black-haired boy interrupted him by throwing himself at his neck and hugging him.

Well, more like he coiled his stick-like arms around Mizoe's neck.

"Sir... you're not lying, are you...?"

Mizoe heard the shaky and hoarse voice below his ear and he gently patted the child's head.

"I swear on my honor."

The scrawny boy's body shook from the uncontrollable sobbing.

"Fa... ther...?"

He stuttered when saying the new word.

According to his dreams, he had parents in his previous life but in this world, he only ever had a mother and only for an extremely short time, so the word 'father' sounded alien in his mouth.

"Yes, son?"

The black-haired boy clung closer to the Mizoe's torso. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶


"I'm here, son."


"I'm here, my son."


Waves of happiness so great that it was hard to put into words crashed against the nameless boy's heart and he hugged his new father with all his might, tears of joy were streaming down the child's face... and the knight wasn't different.

"As a first gift, I want to give you a name. I hope you'll like it, the little lady helped me come up with it."

"A name...? "

The nameless boy raised his head and looked at his new father.

|A name, not only a family but even a name...!|

How is such happiness even possible?

Seeing his new son's tear-stained face made Mizoe's fatherly instincts awaken.

"From today onwards you are my son and a member of the Auequas family. You are Zoemi Auequas."

Mizoe was hesitant at first with this name, after all, it's just a change of the order of syllables of his own name, but little lady Espine was adamant about it and the knight just had to give in.

Now he was a bit worried about the boy's reaction.

|My name... Zoemi...?|

Until now nameless boy felt a certain emotion building up in his heart.

"I have a similar name to father!"

He shouted with elation and once more clung to his new father - he looked a bit like a koala bear now.

Mizoe could feel that his new son is overjoyed but the exact reason eluded him.

He just thought that the boy was happy because he got a name, but there was more to it.

It wasn't just a name, it was derived from his father's name and for the nameless boy, it meant true acceptance, something way more important than a surname that came attached with the title of the nobility.

The child's happiness was pure and honest.

But could the same be said about the intentions of presence, watching over her toy?

For presence, that day marked the moment when its toy stopped being a nameless background character and could start to interact with the story directly – after all, his father even serves the Espine family!

Just as it was supposed to be...

Just as it had to be...

This was bound to work out according to the plan conceived by the mysterious being watching over the world...

Still, when it come to little Zoemi, as soon as he calmed down and had a chance to think things through, he flinched and clenched his hands from excitement.

The pieces of the puzzle finally started creating a picture.

Since his dream wasn't a dream – his mission was clear!

|I will ensure that Miriette will have a happy ending!|

Zoemi thought making a determined expression and nodding to himself while Mizoe went out of the room in order to bring the boy something to eat.

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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant Chapter 10 - 2 - A Name And A Beginning