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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 90 Pain, Xalfer Infernox

The media also noticed this strange being and two women who appeared in the sky and all cameras focused on them.

Ever since this castle had appeared over Pentagon, there were media camps and military stationed there. Well, Pentagon itself was a military-like place as it was a department of defense.

"Hmm, I won't be able to break through this castle with just physical power since I am suppressed here," Azriel said before a faint smile appeared on his face. "But I don't need to break in."

"Lord Azriel, would you really help us take revenge and kill that Luke later?"

"Yeah, I'll do that later. For now, let me see what is the deal with this castle."


[My lord, can I teleport the castle back to Antarctica? We have a rather unique guest outside and he might break into the castle anytime]

[Uhh, he appeared on the 1st floor]

Arkhen raised his eyebrows and quickly teleported into the 1st floor by activating his bangle and also told Velshi to teleport the island to Antarctica.

After arriving on the 1st floor, Arkhen saw that a part of his wall had a big black circle made of wispy darkness.

Right after that, his gaze went to the three people on the floor.



Merina and Rosa both shouted at the same time.

"Hmm, we are teleporting?" Azriel looked up as he felt space ripple before he turned to Arkhen. "So you are Luke."

'Velshi, how many points need to forcefully push them out of this castle? There's already that black hole at the whole, just produce enough force to instantly push them out of the hole and then erase that hole.'

[1884 reality points]

'Do it.'

Suddenly, Azriel's face changed before he, Merina, and Rosa were shot back into the hole and disappeared before the black hole also quickly vanished.

Afterward, Arkhen also appeared outside and faced them in the freezing cold environment of Antarctica.

"You don't come into my castle without my permission," Arkhen uttered coldly as he looked at them with narrowed eyes. His gaze was more focused on Rosa and Merina as it made him shocked but he didn't show it outside.

'Why are they alive? Velshi, give me details of that being.'

[10 reality points deducted]

[My lord, he is Azriel Morningstar. A royal demon. I will show you his details of power and other things in a panel]


Power(s): Complete control over blood and darkness. The most powerful charm there ever was. Great seduction and manipulation skills. Other basic powers associated with vampires such as turning others into vampires. Eternal youth and almost immortal (almost immortal since he can die if stabbed in the heart using a special blade designed to kill demons)


[He likely grabbed Merina's and Rosa's souls in hell before giving them corporeal bodies. But I don't think you have to worry about him. You can beat him since he is suppressed here]

"Lord Azriel, kill him, please! He is the one who killed us," Rosa said with a hateful expression. "Luke, you will pay for what you did to us."

"Shut up bitch," Arkhen snorted coldly. "And my name is Arkhen!"

"So Arkhen, let's have a small battle," Azriel said with a grin as he waved his hand and released a spear of blood with dark red patterns towards Arkhen.

Arkhen coldly and calmly waved his hands and created 20 layers of force-field to block but he didn't stop there. He was not interested in being defensive now.

One by one, at a super fast speed, force-fields started to appear around Azriel, Merina, and Rosa.

Merina and Rosa quickly hugged Azriel, their boobs pressing against his chest. Azriel just watched and didn't do anything as a total of 100 layers of force-fields appeared around them and the spear was also blocked.

"It seems that you won't be able to watch this person die," Azriel said as he looked at Merina and Rosa. He pressed their boobs tightly before both of them disappeared.

"To be honest, I am not interested in fighting at all. I just want to collect women, drink all kinds of booze, and have sex with all kinds of women. That's what I've been doing for the past five hundred years," Azriel said as a whirlpool of darkness surrounded him before it started expanding and destroying the force-field layers one by one.

Arkhen took out the Deck of Mystic Cards and changed the deck to [Status Effect Deck] before pulling out a card.

[Pain Magnify]

-Let the enemy feel 10x pain of the original pain for 1 minute.

-Radius: 1 kilometer

[My lord. Status effect cards lock on target cards. Just think of targeting Azriel and as long as he is in the range, it will take effect on him]

Arkhen's face cracked into a grin. He locked Azriel and targeted him as the card turned into motes.

After that, five Wind Fury Orbs floated around Arkhen as he activated the skill. 'Velshi, teleport these orbs to him for a sure-hit.'

[5 reality points deducted]

Azriel was watching Arkhen as well while destroying the force-fields and also saw those orbs but the next second, his eyes flared in panic.



A hellish scream left Azriel's mouth as those five orbs directly hit him, causing him pain like he never felt before.

"S-Stop! Stop! I'm just a lusty demon who wants to enjoy the debauchery life!" Azriel shouted while feeling immense pain as he quickly tried to heal himself. "FUCK, IT PAINS! It was that card, right? Right?!!!"

Arkhen was slightly speechless.

However, Arkhen soon sensed something and saw a flaming portal one kilometer to his left.

A tall demon burning in dark red flames with gray sparks appeared.

"Azriel! Fight me! You beat me previously, but I will win this time!"

'And who is this now?'

[10 reality points deducted]

[Xalfer Infernox. The Demon born from primordial demonic fire. He possess the superpower of Primordial Eroding Demonic Flame.]

"Come on! Not you again," Azriel said with a rueful smile.

Xalfer roared and conjured a giant fist of his eroding demon flame as It destroyed the remaining force-fields before hitting Azriel.

Azriel snorted as he didn't hold back anymore and waved his hand the black whirlpool around him turned vertically and shot towards the incoming fist.

Soon, both of them were wrapped up in some kind of armor before they started close-range fighting while also releasing skills after punching each other far away.

'Velshi, get me popcorn,' Arkhen said as he sat down on his force-field and started eating popcorn while watching these two demons fighting.

[My lord. You should be able to flip the 2nd page of the Book of Exotic now and get another superpower from the second Primordial Exotic Demon. Haha, I think it will give this Azriel a great surprise]

"Alright. But before that, let me wear my new armor," Arkhen said as he took out his recently acquired armor.

[My lord. This is symbiotic armor. Put a drop of your blood and bind it within your body. Whenever you wish to, it will appear over your body. Otherwise, it will stay within your body with its passive power always activated]

"Oh? That's great," Arkhen said as he put the popcorn aside and cut his finger as some blood drops fell on the armor before it disappeared.

A second later, Arkhen willed it and the armor appeared over his entire body, transforming him into a badass character fully covered with the draconic armor.

'Show me the armor's powers in a panel.'

[Archion Draconic Armor]

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 90 Pain, Xalfer Infernox