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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 89 Azriel Morningstar

After approx one hour since Arkhen entered the Undead Realm…

"This looks like a working world…" Arkhen muttered seeing a small castle past a big lake.


A skeleton knight with a long sword and a shield came out of the ground before attacking Arkhen.

[Skeleton Knight]

-HP: 5000/5000

-Active Skills: Whirl Stab, Martial Slash

-Passive skills: level 2 sword mastery


Arkhen released the <Lightning Tendrils> skill and easily destroyed the skeleton knight.

[Skeleton Knight +1]

"I guess a powerful undead being might be living in that castle," Arkhen said.

[Indeed. A tier-1 Skeleton king lives there, though you should be able to kill it easily with your current strength]

Arkhen nodded before he looked at this superpower status.

〖-?-Undead Realm-?-〗

-Level 1 superpower: (0/100,000 RP)

-Undead Army level 1: Limit (5436/10,000 units)

—> Skeleton Brutes, Skeleton Knights

"How do I level up Army level? Also, don't tell me that RP is reality points?"

[RP is indeed reality points. You need to spend 100,000 reality points to update this superpower to level 2]


[As for the Army level, you can increase it by using Undead Orbs. You gain these Undead Orbs from stronger undead beings. You need to absorb 100 Undead orbs to upgrade Army level to level 2]

"Alright, then let's go to that castle. I should get some Undead Orbs from that Tier-1 Skeleton king, right?" Arkhen said with a grin before he jumped off the cliff but quickly created a force-field below his feet as he flew towards the castle.

[Killing that Tier-1 Skeleton-king will grant you 1 to 2 Undead Orbs]


'Oh well. Grinding is eternal.'

Somewhere in the gravel layer of hell…

"My lord Azriel, why have you come to this hell?" the guard of hell, who looked like a goat-man with a giant ax double his size behind his back said as he looked at an incoming royal demon.

"Hahaha. I am here for entertainment. Don't disturb me."

Azriel had crimson blood-red eyes. Pale skin. Long hair black as night. Extremely handsome. Tall and lithe not too muscular but not thin either.

Soon, he arrived at the sea of suffering and started searching.

After thirty minutes, Azriel licked his lips and yanked two souls as they floated in front of him.

"Interesting… How come I can't see their memories regarding how they died? Two sexy women died unknowingly…" Azriel muttered as he let out a chuckle and waved his hand as blood strings appeared around those two souls along with some other kind of ethereal power.

Soon, those two souls gain a corporeal body, fully naked. They were none other than Rosa and Merina. Step sister and stepmother of Arkhen!

"W-Who are you?" Merina asked as she quickly hid her body but her plump breasts couldn't be fully hidden by her hands.

Rosa didn't even try to hide anything and was wondering why the heck they were floating. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

"I am Azriel. Son of Lucifer Morningstar and descendent of the Primordial Exotic Demon, Olethros," Azriel said with a wide grin. "And I am taking you both into my lesser harem," saying this, Azriel waved his hand as black and red threads enveloped Rosa and Merina before sexy demonic outfits covered their body.

The outfits only covered 30% of their chest, barely hiding their nipples while the robe below was one side slit demonic dress, showing their thighs and even their crotch which was covered by a solid panty with a lock symbol.

"Come on, let's visit the graven universe where you died. I am curious who killed you."

"Killed us? T-That…that was my stepson, Luke. That bastard," Merina said as she remembered her last moments before dying by burning to death.

"Are we in hell?" Rosa asked as she looked around.

"Yep. You are in hell. You were suffering hellish pain, a regular punishment. But you don't remember that pain since I've removed that," Azriel grinned as he flew between them and took both of them in his arm.

Azriel was 7 feet tall demon and was also broad. After taking both of them in his arms and putting his hands in their robes to savor their boobs, he disappeared with them.

The guard of hell muttered after watching Azriel leave and shook his head. "I wonder what happened that caused him to live such a debauchery life."

Five minutes later, the guards of hell were startled to find another higher demon entering this gravel hell.

"Lord Xalfer Infernox, what business do you have here?" the guard asked quickly. He knew about this demon because of the mayhem caused by him.

Xalfer was a demon born from primordial demonic fire and forged from countless battles against other demons in hell, since the last many years, he was adventuring outside of hell to fight against stronger opponents, his race was characterized by their powerful flames and draconic wings and scales that cover the entire body like armor with devilish crimson eyes and sharp teeth and claws creating a machine of war and conquest.

"Where is Azriel?" Xalfer asked with a fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

"Eh, he just left five minutes ago," the guard answered with a wry smile.

However, before the guard even finished speaking, Xalfer disappeared.

After three hours of grinding inside Undead Realm, Arkhen killed fourteen tier-1 Skeleton kings, just four of them were inside the first castle.

Each castle he encountered had multiple Skeleton kings and a lot of Skeleton Knights.

His undead army was long and full, but he wanted to kill Skeleton Kings to get undead orbs.

"This is enough for now," Arkhen said as he killed the last Skeleton King in the fourth castle he found.

[Skeleton King +1 (reserved) Either remove from the army or discard this Skeleton King]

Arkhen removed one Skeleton Brute from the army's list and added the Skeleton King.

Now he had 15 Skeleton Kings, 7390 Skeleton Knights, and 2,595 Skeleton Brutes in his army.

Arkhen left the Undead Realm with thought and appeared in his castle's 10th-floor bedroom.

Sierra was still sleeping soundly but there were no more of those tiny clouds around her.

'Is she completely healed?'

[Yes. She is completely healed]

However, outside of his castle, Azriel appeared with Rosa and Merina as they floated in the sky over Pentagon.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 89 Azriel Morningstar