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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 88 Hard Work


-Stamina: 98

-Strength: 99

-Agility: 100

-Charm: 9.5

-EP: 12,457

—> Mana energy: [100,000/100,000]

—> Primal energy: [10,000/10,000]

'I thought EP would be different for each core,' Arkhen said in his mind. 'But this is good.'

[EP and energy capacity increase when refining core but that is the middle process. Once you gain energy power, it stays within your existence-bound with cores as the medium. So, if someone destroys all of your cores, you will have to start over but if even one core is intact, your EP stays the same]

'I see.'

"Alright, let's start the training of an All-knowing martial arts master, Arkhen," said Arkhen with a cheeky laugh.

After one and a half hours of intense training, Ruchina and Sierra both were on the floor with their chests heaving strongly and bodies full of sweat.

"You…why…haaah, why are you not tired?" Ruchina asked while catching her breath. She was speechless. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

Sierra also looked at Arkhen with strange and confused eyes. Arkhen was training with them but he was not tired at all.

"Hahaha! That's because I have unlimited stamina," Arkhen laughed as he sat between Ruchina and Sierra putting his hands below their backs before carrying both of them and entering inside the hut.

Both of them suppressed their groans of pain.

"G-Gently, please," Ruchina said before Arkhen put them on the floor.

'Velshi, get a bathtub in front of me filled with cold water.'

[1 reality point deducted]

A big bathtub appeared before Arkhen as he gently put both of them inside.

"I am removing clothes. After that, I'll start the massage."

Ruchina and Sierra didn't say anything and just nodded.

"Arkhen, your meat rod is free so why don't you use it on me while massaging?" Ruchina said as she tightened her legs. "As you can see, I am super aroused by your erotic massage."

Sierra looked at her aunt and wryly smiled.

"What? Girl, you will also crave it after tasting it once," Ruchina said as she snorted.

"Fine, I'll do it," Arkhan laughed as he removed his pants and put his dick inside her pussy as he started moving while massaging both.

His real hands massaged Ruchina while his two external hands that he produced using reality points massaged Sierra.

Sierra looked at her aunt's moving body back and forth while her breasts jiggled. "Your expression is so lewd. Does it really feel that go- Aaaahn…"

Arkhen suddenly started fingering Sierra, making her face red as she looked at Arkhen.

"How does this feel?" Arkhen asked with a grin while thrusting his dick inside Ruchina moderately, letting her savor every inch of it while he also felt the pleasure in her soft insides of pussy doing tight wrap massage of his cock.

"It…fe-feels good," Sierra said as she really felt good with Arkhen's finger entering her, causing her to experience such pleasure for the first time.

"Right? Haha, but what I am feeling is probably a thousand times better," Ruchina said with a grin. "Especially when it's times of the climax."

After the thirty-minute massage session, Arkhen started training again.

This went on until 12:30 noon, for a total of five hours. One hour and thirty-minute training and then thirty minutes of break for massage, so they could train again.

The girls also joined them in the training after lunch.

But they didn't stay for long. After one training and one massage session, Arkhen sent them to Queen's Crown.

"So you also have teleport power," Ruchina said as he lit up a smoke pipe while wearing nothing and rested her boobs on the table inside the hut.

Sierra was doing solo training outside as per Arkhen's instruction.

"Do you smoke?" Ruchina asked as she stretched the smoke pipe towards Arkhen.

"Nah, not interested in smoking when I have my women for pleasure, hahaha."

"Yeah, unlimited stamina," Ruchina wryly smiled while shaking her head. "I still can't believe it but you still haven't broken a single drop of sweat. Truly, that's cheating."

Arkhen shrugged and left the hurt while saying. "Spar with Sierra after I finish massaging her to optimum condition."

"Alright," Ruchina nodded as she wore her robe and came out while still smoking.

"Don't push yourself, come on. It's time for the massage," Arkhen said as he walked toward Sierra and the princess carried her before entering the hut again.

After removing her clothes, he started massaging her shoulders, chest, breasts, belly, arms, legs, back, and all her muscles.

20 minutes later, Sierra was ready again as she wore the clothes and looked at her aunt. "It's time for sparring."

"Let's see how much you've improved," Ruchina said with a smile.

The progress was Sierra was truly monstrous. She absorbed every single teaching of Arkhen and directly put it to practical use with the smooth flow in her combat.

Ruchina was speechless at the improvement of Sierra.

Although Ruchina won the spar in the end, it could also be said that she barely didn't lose.

After sparring with Ruchina, Sierra sparred with Arkhen.

He didn't hold back in the slightest and ruthlessly defeated her in various moves in each spar so that she could learn.

At 6 PM...

"Enough! We still have many days ahead. You don't need to work too hard in just one day," Arkhen said as he hugged Sierra. "Sleep."

Sierra's mind and body were exhausted like never before and with a little push from Arkhen, she literally lost her consciousness.

"I am taking her with me. She won't be disturbed there," Arkhen said as he looked at Ruchina.

"Alright, she will be alone in the clan anyway," Ruchina said before she nodded with wry smile. "I'll inform the clan lord she won't be coming today."

"Why alone?" Arkhen asked in surprise.

"I am her only relative," Ruchina said with a wry smile. "Her parents died when she was 10 years old. It was in a conflict between two clans regarding a treasure trove brought by a different dimension being."

Arkhen nodded before he looked at Sierra with a gentle smile. "She is mine now, therefore, she won't ever be alone."

After saying that, Arkhen teleported into his castle's 10th floor, his personal bedroom.

'Velshi, use some reality points to get her a good sleep.'

[Yes, my lord. Also, can I spend 47 reality points to create a healing aura cloud? She has exerted her strength too much today and if this rate continued daily, it will damage her body's foundation. Her mental strength will return to its peak with this healing aura cloud]

'Do it.'

After putting her on the bed with a dreamy light green cloud with light blue sparks enveloped around her, Arkhen sat beside her.

"It's time to enter the Undead Realm," Arkhen said as anticipating and excited gleam appeared in his eyes.

But before activating his superpower to enter the Undead Realm, Arkhen called the girls and told them that there won't be any fun today.

After that, he called Grace and Haruna he will come to pick them up at 12 Am.

Haruna—, "I will get some sleep beforehand, haha."

After arranging his milf night, Arkhen finally activated his superpower to enter the Undead realm.

A black aura of death enveloped Arkhen for a second before he disappeared from his castle and appeared inside a gloomy world filled with the aura of death.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 88 Hard Work