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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 87 Passionate Battles

From 4 to 6:30 AM, Haruna and Arkhen had the wildest sex of their lives.

"I've told Lucy to not come in the morning. I'll make breakfast," Haruna said after getting up from the bed. "Can't sleep anymore, anyway."

As she got up, the thick, hot liquid of Arkhen dripped from her pussy.

"Should I wake up the girls?" Arkhen said before he spent 1 reality point to clean Haruna fully.

"Ara~ hahaha. Let them sleep more. I'm sure they are exhausted from your rigorous battle last night," Haruna said with a smile as she left the room without wearing anything. "Come after ten minutes, breakfast will be ready."

Arkhen stretched his arms and legs as he stood up and left the room after cleaning everything with another reality point.

He also didn't wear anything since no one was in the house and went downstairs.

However, when he entered the kitchen, he saw Haruna in a naked apron, causing his little brother to rise again. Moving behind her, grabbed her plump breasts before putting his dick inside her pussy from behind.

"Aahhn~" Haruna lightly moaned before she wryly smiled. "Just how much energy do you have?"

Arkhen started thrusting strongly as his dick was enjoying the soft and tight insides of Haruna. "I have unlimited energy, haha," he said while pressing her breasts and pinching her nipples gently while his special skills were activated.


Harun moaned as another round of battle started. Arkhen turned her around before entering inside her juicy wet pussy again while both of them started kissing passionately. Arkhen's hands were massaging and pinching her boobs to make her feel even more pleasure while his divine cock pounded her from the front.

"Curses...Aaaannhh~ I won't be able to leave without this now," Haruna said with longing in her eyes as her breasts jiggled up and down with Arkhen constantly thrusting her.

"Haha, who said this was the only time you will feel me? You are now my woman," Arkhen said with a dominating grin on his face. "Get ready."

Arkhen grabbed her ass and started thrusting strongly as Haruna wrapped her arms around Arkhen. Her eyes rolled back as a mind-broken expression relaced her face.

After a loud moan, she climaxed and Arkhen also poured his hot white load inside her, filling her up to the fullest again.

Haruna's trembled in intense rapture as she tightly held Arkhen while his meat rod was still inside her, twitching constantly at its hardest form to make her feel like she was in a ninth heaven of pleasure.


After twenty minutes, Arkhen went upstairs to wake up the girls.

They don't need to bathe since he had already cleaned them after their passionate battle.

"Hey, wake up," Arkhen said while pressing Ellie's boobs and shaking them. He then moved to Makoto and Dionne as well, waking them up.

"Good morning…"

The girls opened their eyes groggily. Arkhen quickly used 3 reality points to make them clothed. "Come downstairs. Breakfast is ready."

Soon, four of them went downstairs and saw Haruna in a naked apron.

"Mom," Makoto dashed towards Haruna and hugged her. "Are you happy?"

Haruna gently smiled and kissed Makoto's forehead. "I am happy, dear."

"Then I am also happy," Makoto said with a bright smile before a cheeky grin appeared on her face and she asked, "how was the night?"

"Ara~ As if you don't know how was it," Haruna said with a chuckle.

Ellie and Dionne didn't know at first but they knew after seeing Makoto's mother in a naked apron. But they were glad and happy for Haruna because they knew that she deserved this happiness.

After everyone had breakfast, Arkhen teleported back to his house while Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne went to the academy on the private flying bus.

Arkhen didn't attend the class with others but was at the periphery forest on the Devon island where Ruchina was living.

"How about we have some fun while Sierra arrives here?" Ruchina said with a charming smile as she loosened her black robe, revealing her left plump breast with an erect nipple.

"Ahem, I am already here," Sierra arrived at the hut's door and rolled her eyes at her aunt.

"I'll come tonight with someone and then we'll enjoy," Arkhen said with a grin before he turned to Sierra. "Babe, did you miss me?"

Arkhen walked toward Sierra and stopped just a bit from her.

"I did miss you. The whole night, only you were in my mind," Sierra said with a faint smile as she wrapped her arms around Arkhen's neck before closing her face towards Arkhen. "I guess that's what being in love is called," she said as she kissed Arkhen.

After a short kiss, Sierra separated and adopted a serious expression. "Don't hold back in the training for the sake of my love for you."

Arkhen turned somber as he nodded. "Alright."

"I will also join," Ruchina said as she came out of the hut. "After all, I am also weaker than Arkhen. And Sierra, you are a talented and faster learner. We will see that in this training as despite we both practicing under Arkhen, we will have a spar later to see your improvement. After all, you haven't won against me in the martial arts spar."

"Perfect," Sierra said with fires of resolve burning in her eyes.

Seeing that, Ruchina smiled as she wanted that effect. Sierra was under a lot of pressure and she was sure that it would make her learn extremely fast.

"Do you know about her decision?" Arkhen asked as he turned his head towards Ruchina.

"Yes. She told me," Ruchina said with a sigh. "There's no changing his girl's mind. You are set in her heart and so is her vow. These things are eternal now."

"Let's not waste more time. Arkhen, please start," Sierra said with a firm expression.

"Before we start, will you accept something from me?" Arkhen said as he grabbed Sierra's both hands.

"What?" Sierra asked in surprise.

"A gift. From me to you, my first gift," Arkhen said with a grin as he took out a crystal.

"It's your first gift, I will surely accept," Sierra said with a smile.

The crystal was icy-colored with dark purple patterns and was oozing out coldness.

"What is that?" Ruchina was startled. She had never seen a crystal like that.

"This is a superpower awakening crystal," Arkhen said as he put the crystal on Sierra's forehead. "With this, you will awaken a new superpower based on uni energy."

"Oh? It seems to be ice-related," Sierra said and in the next second, the crystal disappeared into her forehead.

Sierra had to close her eyes as she sat down cross-legged in meditation.

"It was safe, right?" Ruchina asked with slight worry.

"Don't worry. It's safe," Arkhen said with a nod as he looked at Sierra.

After five minutes, Sierra opened her eyes and took a deep breath exhaling. "I already created the core of primal energy."

"But it will take time for the capacity of my uni core to reach the same as my mana core," Sierra said as she stood up.

"That's still good," Ruchina said with a smile. "Your power level is existence-bound. Even if you can only use your 2nd superpower for a bit due to low energy, its power will still be high."

'Oh? So that's how it works?' Arkhen wondered as he checked Sierra's status.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 87 Passionate Battles