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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 86 Haruna: Lord Of Bitter Darkness

After standing in front of Makoto's room, Haruna used her superpower, Kumei Yami No Mikoto which translates to Lord of Bitter Darkness. She awakened this superpower right after leaving the clan with her daughter twenty years ago.

A black dark gray orb appeared with an eye on it and one of Haruna's eyes also became strange with a beautiful black flowery symbol on it.

The eye passed through the door easily, allowing her to watch what was happening inside.

"Ara maa~ T-This…" Haruna was startled and speechless.

As luck would have it, Arkhen was having sex with Makoto with him sleeping on top of her and sucking her boobs. Dionne and Ellie were also naked and sleeping on the bed. Arkhen's hands were roaming their breasts on both sides while his big meat rod was ramming inside Makoto's deepest part, causing her to let out intense euphoric moans.

[My lord. Someone is observing us. It is likely Haruna but I am not sure]

'Spend reality points and find out.'

[3 reality points deducted]

[It is indeed Haruna. I can't observe her superpower but there's some kind of power in this room that is allowing her to watch everything. Should I spend 7 points to detect that power so you can remove it?]

'No need. Let her observe. Can she hear too or only observe? Also, give me updates on her as well. What is she doing?'

[She became wet quickly after observing and now is returning to her room]

[She has started fingering herself]

Arkhen got up from Makoto's body and pressed her breasts hard and fondled them before grinning as he poured his entire load inside her after Makoto also climaxed.


Makoto's body twitched in pleasure as she moaned.

"Next round~" Ellie said with a soft giggle as she stood up and hugged Arkhen from behind.

"Enough on the bed, let's get wild," Arkhen laughed as he turned around and grabbed Ellie's waist before pulling her up and putting his divine cock straight inside her pussy, and hitting her deepest part, causing Ellie to moan loudly in pleasure.

After thirty minutes...

Haruna also squirted a second time while sleeping on the bed. "Sigh… Maybe, I should really find someone… No, no. I don't need it. Humph, I can control my urges."

Shaking her head, Haruna lowered the temperature of the room with the AC remote and cleaned herself in the bathroom before she returned to her bed. She deactivated the eye aspect of her superpower and didn't observe anymore as she closed her eyes to sleep.

Arkhen had sex with the girls for three more hours. He made them climax a lot and at least poured seven to eight loads inside each of them, filling them fully both mentally and physically multiple times with absolute euphoric pleasure.

The girls were sleeping after Arkhen cleaned them with reality points and then he also slept beside Makoto. After slightly biting her nipple, he said, "Makoto, your mother was watching us with her superpower."

Makoto's eyes became wide from her sleepy state. "Really?"

"Yep. I also saw what she was doing with my power, sigh," Arkhen sighed as he genuinely felt sad for her. "Your mother really sacrificed so much for you."

Makoto's eyes became teary as she nodded. "I know. I remember everything she did for me. Her entire life revolved around me."

"Silly, then don't you know she also deserves to be happy?" Arkhen said as he slapped her boob.

"She absolutely deserves happiness. More than me," Makoto nodded strongly.

"Then tell me. What should I do now?" Arkhen said with a smile. "It's simply impossible for her to feel more happiness than you because you are my woman. So tell me, should I continue sleeping here or visit Haruna's room?"

"Go," Makoto said with a happy grin. "Make my mother happy."

"Good girl," Arkhen patted Makoto's head. 'Velshi, teleport me beside Haruna. I will make her mine without using any real points.'

Arkhen disappeared from Makoto's bed and appeared right beside sleeping Haruna. In front of him were her milky twin peaks of F cups, soft but perfect shape and mass.

'Twenty years without it…Well, from now on, you will stay happier than ever,' Arkhen thought as he activated his Heavenly Massage Art and Touch of Ecstasy before massaging her shoulders.

Of course, he didn't forget to loosen her yukata so he could see her twin white peaks in the flesh. The cherries on her breasts were still erect.

Arkhen opened his mouth and without any hesitation, he started sucking her breasts while his hands massaged her shoulders. His divine cock was also raring to go, but he remained patient with that and let it rest on her wet crotch.

She was definitely having a lewd dream!

A minute later, Haruna's eyes trembled as she woke up but didn't open her eyes directly. She remained composed but the waves of comfort and pleasures entering her body were making her feel too good.

She felt the hard meat rod between her legs twitching at her pussy, making her realize the full picture as she opened her eyes and saw a head of black hair. Glancing slightly below, she saw Arkhen's mouth sucking her breasts and making her arouse and feel good along with the massage on her back and shoulders.

The tension built up over years by her own body was released smoothly by this massage, making her feel like she was in heaven. 𝙞𝘯𝘯𝙧𝒆𝘢𝐝. C𝑜m

Her eyes closed once again as she didn't want Arkhen to stop. 'What should I do? H-He is cheating. Wait-' Haruna remembered the threesome in her daughter's room and the cheating excuse went into smoke.

"It's fine. You deserve happiness for the sacrifice you have done for your daughter."

Haruna opened her eyes and saw Arkhen's face right in front of her, making her face turn fully red. "Arken…"

"Say no more," Arkhen grinned as he kissed her while using one of his hands to pull Haruna's leg up and entered his dick inside her juicy wet pussy.


Haruna tasted the ultimate pleasure as two tears left her eyes. But this was just the start.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 86 Haruna: Lord Of Bitter Darkness