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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 85 Don’t Tell Me....

All of them quickly wore their clothes while cursing Arkhen with both fear and anger in them.

"I will kill you! You, you, and every single one who watched us!" the man shouted with red eyes.

The staff members who knew their background trembled in fear.

Arkhen turned to the staff member and sighed. "Look, he wants to kill you. I doubt you will be able to escape from him, right?"

The staff members quickly nodded in fear and told Arkhen to help them.

"Relax," Arkhen said as he turned to those people, who suddenly backed up a few steps after Arkhen looked at them.

"I am helpless. Since you threatened to kill them, then I'll have to kill you," Arkhen said with a sad expression as she shook his head.

He told Isabella and others to leave first and told them that he will teleport inside the limo later.

"Alright," Isabella nodded as she left after coldly glancing at those people. She knew none of them were innocents.

After they left, Arkhen took out his spear and stabbed all of them to death.


"Let us go! Please!"

After killing them Arkhen disappeared and went to kill Senator Peter, who also had a red dot over his head as expected.

In the next ten minutes, Arkhen killed many big shots and government officials with red dots on their heads by teleporting and left his AX metal symbols there.

The entire country was once again in uproar. In the past few days, AX was killing around the world but now he started targeting internal evils.

But this was good news for those honest government officials and families who truly wished for good.

The death of those seven people was drowned in the deaths of the big shots. Their big backers were gone to hell along with them, so nobody even paid any attention to them.

After ten minutes of cleaning 39 big shots and killing a total of 98 red dots, Arkhen teleported back into the limo.

"It's already on the news, you really killed those pests fast," Isabella said with a wry smile. 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

"Now all people will have to fear and not just those external criminals," Makoto said.

"Yep. These big shots of big companies and in government are true parasites and evil," Evelyn said with a grimace.

"If Mark decided to rise high without caring for other lives, our family would also have been among the top, but his concision wouldn't allow it and I am glad of that," Isabella said with a smile. But a wave of brief anger also flashed past his eyes.

Grace internally sighed after hearing Isabella. She knew that the relationship between Mark and Isabella was only good on the outside ever since that incident with Mark years ago when he was caught having affair. They maintained their facade of being good parents in front of their daughters but internally, they didn't talk much. That's why they would just go separate ways every morning for work after breakfast.

Just like how Grace was living before meeting Arkhen. Ignoring the wrong of her husband and focusing on work. Isabella was also doing the same.

After a while, everyone arrived back at the company. But stayed in the parking lot after telling the driver to leave.

"Let me drop five of you at home first," Arkhen said as he looked at Grace, Isabella, Zoe, Evelyn, and Luna. "After that, I'll drop Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne at their home. Oh, and I won't be coming home tonight as I have some important work to do."

Zoe and Evelyn mischievously smiled as they knew what was going to happen tonight.

After Arkhen dropped them at home, he returned back to Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne before grabbing their hands. "Let's go. The night is going to be long for us today," Arkhen said with a laugh as he disappeared from the private parking lot.

12:48 AM

"Sorry, dear. I was a bit late today," Haruna arrived home and said in a high voice. "I assume you have already eaten the dinner."


Makoto opened the door upstairs and shouted. "Yes, mom! I already had dinner."

"Aahhn-…you, wa-"


"Hmm? Is there anyone else with you?"

"Haha, it's just me and Dionne, auntie," Ellie said after opening the door and closing it again.

Haruna shook her head while smiling and went upstairs to her room. After removing her dress, she went to take a shower.

After showering and leisurely bathing for 45 minutes in the cold bathtub while relaxing and watching tv inside the bathroom, Haruna came out and wore her yukata nightdress that showed her sexy cleavage and big boobs. The yukata only reached her mid-thighs, and it was very loose for comfort.

"Lucy, can you bring a glass of hot milk?" Haruna sat on the sofa chair as she called the only maid of her house and told her to bring a glass of hot milk.

After five minutes, there was a knock so Haruna went to open the door and let Lucy inside, who was 55 years old maid.

"Did you eat?" Haruna asked as she took the glass and sat back on the sofa. "Sit," she beckoned Lucy to sit on the chair.

"Yes, I've already eaten," Lucy said with a smile. "How was your day today?"

"Work is smooth," Haruna said with a smile as she took a sip of the drink.

"Haruna, you are still young, you should find a husband," Lucy said with a wry smile.

"Oh no. Not that topic again," Haruna rolled her eyes. "We are supposed to be talking about your family. How is everyone doing?"

"Very good, thanks to you," Lucy said with a grateful smile. "Both my sons are working hard after you provided them the job and my only granddaughter is also boarding a safe school."

"Good. If you have any problem, then don't hesitate to tell me. You've been with me for more than 10 years now," Haruna said with a gentle smile.

"Oh, and those girls are really getting naughty, hahaha. I wonder if they have a boyfriend?" Lucy said as she chuckled ruefully.

"Hmm, Makoto got a boyfriend now. I have seen him once," Haruna said with a smile as she remembered Arkhen. "A very bold guy."

"Oh? He must be exceptional if you approved of him," Lucy said with a smile before she wryly smiled. "But he should satisfy Makoto so she doesn't do that with those girls. I heard some moans of those girls in the room."

Haruna was surprised and stood up as she turned her face to Makoto's wall. Her ears twitched slightly, and she soon started hearing the moans.

After all, Haruna was an apex human with 100 physical body stats and was a peak superhuman.

Shortly, her eyes slightly flared as if she noticed something, and sat back on the sofa chair.

"Haruna, it's late now. So I'll leave," Lucy said as she stood up.

"Alright, good night," Haruna nodded with a smile as she stood up and followed Lucy out of the door.

After watching Lucy leave the house, Haruna's eyes slightly twitched as she walked toward her daughter's room. 'Don't tell me...'

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 85 Don’t Tell Me....