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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 84 A Very Obedient Bunch

Everyone arrived at the destination and got out of the limo before looking at the beautiful lake lit up by fancy chandeliers and other types of lanterns.

The people here were all rich-looking since this place was very expensive.

"Let's go, that's the main bridge into the lake."

Everyone walked into the main bridge before a beautiful staff girl approached them when they arrived at the open floor near the central pavilion kitchen.

"Are more people coming?" the staff girl asked politely.

"Nope, we are the only ones who will be eating," Arkhen replied with a smile.

"Then please follow me," the staff girl said with a polite smile and started walking towards 3rd bridge to the left of the central pavilion.

After they passed the 3rd bridge, they arrived at the dining pavilion. There were already wooden walls covering half of the pavilion so people were eating behind it.

But there were still enough seats for Arkhen and others to seat.

Some staff members arrived and properly set up the sofa seats, dining table, and wooden walls before leaving through a wooden door attached to the wooden walls.

After everyone sat down, they ordered food and waited. The open pavilion was round and the dining tables were at the boundaries. So left side of where Arkhen and others were sitting had fences with open window panels. They could see the faintly lightened-up lake with underwater lights and colorful fishes of all types happily swimming inside.

"This is indeed peaceful," Arkhen said with a nod as a smile appeared on his face.

Alas, but violence would always find its way in one way or another.

A middle-aged man staff member opened the wooden door and entered inside with a sweat beads on his face and a nervous expression.

"I am very sorry dear customers. It's with utmost shame I have to tell you this but would you please empty these seats and wait for some time? We will arrange another pavilion for you soon."

"Why?" Zoe said with a frown.

"We are not getting up, humph," Evelyn snorted. "Whoever it is waiting outside, tell them to wait instead. We came here first."

Isabella narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything. If some people wanted to get them up, then she also had enough influence to change their decision.

"Please try to understand. The people outside are quite dangero-"

"Hahaha, you are taking too long, old man."

Suddenly, a man in his late twenties entered inside their section but his eyes turned wide, and he whistled. "Wow, it's a gathering of beauties here, hahaha."

"Get out if you don't want to get thrown out," Isabella said coldly.

"Who is going to throw me? You? Come on, I can't wait for that," the man grinned as he licked his lips while checking out Isabella's body.

'Tsk, since I only killed local known red and yellow, these influential businesses and families think they are safe,' Arkhen thought as he stood up with a cold glint passing through his eyes.

He walked towards the man and stood in front of him.

"Big boy, your height may be big, but your balls are not, hahaha. Get out before you get hurt," the man said as he looked up at Arkhen's face while moving his coat slightly to show a gun.

Arkhen walked forward and pushed him out of their section as he saw four men and three women in the pavilion outside of their section.

"Stop pushing, or I'll shoot your ass."

"Just get your people out and don't escalate things. We are quite hungry and our moods are not very pleasant right now," a built-body man with a short ponytail and beard said to Arkhen. He was the only one sitting on a chair.

"Kneel," Arkhen uttered with indifference as he activated his Gaze of Conquerer. "Kneel and lick the floor."

'All men red, while those women are also yellow. Heh,' Arkhen scoffed internally as he pressurized them more after they turned silent and felt pressure but still didn't kneel.

"I said, Kneel!"


Everyone suddenly kneeled, and they started sweating.

"What the fuck?" the man with the ponytail also knelt, but he snapped and got angry as he stood up. His will was tougher than others.

He took out his gun and pointed it at Arkhen.

"You know, that's not a toy for threatening," Arkhen said as a ferocious smile appeared on his face. "You point that gun at me, which means that you also put your life on the life."

'Velshi, let out my killing intent and direct it towards him.'

The blond man suddenly trembled as he felt a sea of blood coming his way from Arkhen and dropped his guns in terror. "Y-You…you…"

'That's enough.'


"Now kneel with your friends," Arkhen said and the man quickly knelt with his head touching the ground.

The middle-aged man staff member was shocked to the core. He couldn't comprehend how they were scared of this young man just with his words.

"S-Sir, they are influential people with a big background. That man's father is a big influential man and is a brother of senator peter."

Arkhen let out a light laugh and shook his head. "Don't worry, uncle. They can't even touch my hair."

After saying that, Arkhen turned to those people kneeling and licking the floor and grinned. "Remove your clothes and then lick the floor."

Those four men and three women removed their clothes quickly and got fully naked before they started licking the floor again.

"Good," Arkhen said with a satisfied nod before he went back into the dining table section and closed the door.

"Why were they naked?" Isabella asked as a dumbfounded expression appeared on her face.

"Hahaha, I commanded them to lick the floor after getting naked and they obeyed. A very obedient bunch."

Soon the food plates arrived with the staff members, who were shocked as they saw the scene of seven naked people licking the floors.

After Arkhen and others finished eating, they moved away from the wooden walls. Arkhen also removed his will influence from them, which caused them to get shocked in a bad they.in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 84 A Very Obedient Bunch