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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 83 Unexpected Roulette Spin Reward

Arkhen groggily opened his eyes and saw a familiar ceiling. He was inside the Queen's Crown company's top floor private room.

"Brother!" Zoe jumped on him and hugged him. Worry was evident in her voice and eyes.

The other girls also quickly surrounded Arkhen and started asking him questions about how was he, what happened…

All of them were super worried because of the initial state in which Arkhen appeared in the office.

'Velshi, what happened? Don't tell me I failed to pass the 15th gate. I think I faintly remember passing it.'

[Congratulations, my lord! You indeed passed the 15th gate in time. The complete dragon stone and EX-rank draconic armor are in the inventory]

'Haha, I knew it!' Arkhen laughed inwardly before he smiled at the girls and got up from the bed.

"I am fine," Arkhen said with a grin, showing his white teeth.

"What fine!" Evelyn said with a pout. "You were covered in blood, your entire body."

"Seriously, we were so scared and didn't even dare to touch you before Luna finished checking your condition and said that you were not injured," lamented Dionne with a worried expression.

"Yeah, we almost had a heart attack seeing your state," Makoto said with a sigh.

Ellie and Luna sadly smiled and nodded.

"Arkhen, I consider you my everything now. If you are going for any dangerous task, then take me with you," Luna said as she looked at Arkhen directly in his eyes.

"Yes, we will help you. Let us help you," Ellie said while nodding her head with a firm expression on her face.

The other girls also nodded with resolve in their eyes.

"Hahaha! That makes me happy but there are places where I can't take you," Arkhen said with a happy smile on his face as he looked at his girls. "Relax, I have become much more powerful now, hahaha. No one can stop me now."

"Luna, we will also take revenge tomorrow or the day after tomorrow," Arkhen said with a cold grin as he looked at Arkhen and nodded. "It's time they suffer a fate worse than death."

"S-So soon? Can we r-really do it?" Luna said as her body trembled and her eyes were filled up with hatred again.

"We can and will do it," Arkhen uttered confidently with a nod.

Since it was almost 9 PM because Arkhen slept for more than an hour, everyone decided to have dinner outside.

First, they went to the office and asked Grace and Isabella wanted to come with them.

"Mom, come on. It will be fun," Zoe said as she grabbed her Isabella's arms. "You can take a small break. Anyway, we have helped today, so you must have some time, right?"

"Isabella, we should go with the kids," Grace said with a smile. "Most of the things are set. We don't need to rush."

"Fine, we will come," Isabella said with a smile. "I'll call limo since we are many."

"Yey. Let's eat at the Aqua-Flame pavilion restaurant. That's the best restaurant and most peaceful," Evelyn said.

"Oh, that one. I haven't been there before but I saw its photos a lot. It's famous," Makoto said.

"What's special about it?" Arkhen asked curiously.

"Hehe, the whole restaurant is on the lake. The cooking is inside a big kitchen pavilion floating at the center of the lake, with 10 pavilions around it where people can eat. We can also make our private section inside a pavilion by moving wooden wall boards," Ellie said with a grin. "The food is also very tasty there."

"Sounds good, let's go there," Arkhen said with a smile.

After the limo arrived, everyone went down and entered as the driver moved towards the location.

Inside the limo, it was like a large space, and everyone sat on the long sofa seats with a small bar table in front of them filled with various drinks.

The girls asked Arkhen what happened that caused him to appear in the office full of blood. Isabella and Grace also wanted to know.

"I was in a challenge with myself. Haha, it's not like I went to fight some people. Don't worry," Arkhen said with a light laugh.

While everyone talked in the limo, Arkhen also checked his status after a long time.

[-Reality System-]

[System level: 1]

[Reality Points: 91,473]

[Skills: Lightning Tendrils, Condensing Impact, Wind Fury Orbs, Fire Explosives, Violent Grasp]

[Special Skills: Heavenly Massage Art, Touch of Ecstasy]

[Talent: Gaze of Conqueror]

[Bloodline: none]

[Super Powers: Perpetual Prime, Undead Realm]



|Shop|- opened

|Lucky Roulette|- 7 Spins.

|Doom Tower|- Closed (Needs a doom key to enter)





-Stamina: ∞

-Strength: 100

-Agility: 100

-Charm: 9

-Energy Power: 21586

—> Primal Energy: ∞



-Dragon-Tiger Jade Spear

-Memory Crystal Fishing rod

-Dragon Stone

-Deck of Mystic Cards

-Dragon-Tiger Jade spear

-Archion Draoconic Armor.

[My lord, I have moved Heavenly Massage Art and Touch of Ecstasy to special skills because they are no-rank skills]

'Good. That's better,' Arkhen responded in his mind. 'Also, it's been a while since I spun roulette. Spin it once.'

[Congratulation, you have gotten a superpower awakening crystal, Eternal Ice of Netherfrost]


Everyone in the limo was suddenly startled to see Arkhen exclaim in shock.

"What happened, brother?" Evelyn asked in confusion.

"Ah, haha. I just remembered something unexpected, causing me to get startled," Arkhen said as he released a hollow laugh with a wry expression.


'Superpower awakening crystal! Isn't that damn nice?'

[My lord. I don't suggest you use this crystal on you. It's of primal energy and you don't need it. More importantly, you can only have 3 superpowers, for now. So it's best that you get another, better superpower than this that awakens another energy type in you.]

'I see. That Undead Realm also turned out to be a Primal Energy-based superpower. Yep, I should have my 3rd superpower with another energy-based aside from Primal energy,' Arkhen agreed and nodded inwardly.


'Then whom do I give this superpower to?' Arkhen fell into deep thought. 'Will Sierra accept it?'

[Zoe, Evelyn, Ellie, Dionne, and Makoto have no superpowers, only skills. But Makoto, Dionne, and Ellie will awaken their first superpower from what I sensed. I think it will happen during training in several days]

[Zoe and Evelyn are sisters. It's best that whatever you want to give them, you give them together]

'Yeah,' Arkhen nodded inwardly. 'I think I should give this to Sierra by convincing her. She is also going to fight that Zhin something guy, so this superpower will be helpful to her.'

[That's true. She has a fire-related superpower and is a mana user. If you give her this superpower, she will awaken primal energy along with this Eternal Ice of Netherfrost]

'Well, I hope she accepts it and doesn't become stubborn.'

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 83 Unexpected Roulette Spin Reward