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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 82 Will-Singularity

"Phew… Finally on the 10th floor," Arkhen said as he came out of the portal and appeared on the 10th floor of the tower.

This time, he appeared on the clouds that were a bit fluffy but still solid enough to run and walk on it. They were not like the real clouds.

In front of him was a line of open gates that were going up with cloudy stairs.

[10th Floor: Cloud Peak]

—> Pass through at least 10 gates to pass the floor.


—> Pieces of Dragon stone x 5

—> After you pass the 11th gate, you will get draconic armor. This draconic armor's rank will start at A-rank but will upgrade each time you pass a gate.

"This is nice, hahaha. What is the highest rank of armor I can get?" Arkhen asked as he walked towards the first gate.

[EX-rank draconic armor. You need to pass the final gate, the 15th gate for that]

"Then I am going to do it," Arkhen said as he hammered this goal in his head with a determined glint passing through his eyes.

He passed through the first gate and saw the second gate 10 steps away. He continued walking and passed it as well.

The distance between the 2nd and 3rd gate was 20 steps of stairs. But Arkhen passed it easily as well and continued.

But after passing the 7th gate, he raised his eyebrows.

"I felt the atmosphere turning heavy but now it's evident after passing the 7th gate," Arkhen said but didn't stop his movement and continued walking.

[My lord. Passing the 15th gate will be even harder than the time you spent inside the essence pool until the end]

Arkhen's steps stopped involuntarily as he remembered the pain. However, his eyes turned cold the next second, and he slapped both of his cheeks with his hands. "Damn it! For a second, the unwillingness to experience that produced in me. But…"

Arkhen continued walking with a maddening gleam in his eyes. "If I want to be above everyone, then I want the best result possible. I will pass the 15th gate and that's decided!"

Alas, that was going to be truly hellish.


Arkhen was just 1 step away from passing the 10th gate and he did it in the next second. His body was full of sweat, but he was not that pressured.

"It's looking far…" Arkhen muttered as he looked at 110 steps towards the 11th floor and the pressure of the atmosphere was also very high. It was like he was walking with a few tons of weight tied to his legs and arms.

"Damn, I only have 23 minutes," Arkhen muttered as he looked at the countdown. Once 23 minutes pass, he will appear back in the office of Queen's Crown.

Arkhen roared as he started moving. One step a second, he started walking. But after fifty steps. His speed slowed down a bit.

Realizing that his speed slowed down a bit, Arkhen gritted his teeth and increased it again.

He had unlimited stamina, so he didn't need to worry about that, but the pressure of the atmosphere was weighing him down.

A minute later, Arkhen finally passed the 11th floor and a floating draconic armor appeared to his side. It had dark brown scales designed like those of dragons scales, curved designed shoulder plates, leather-like pants with a scaly design just like the upper armor, two superb draconic gauntlets with dragon claw-like hand part, and a draconic helmet with two dragon horns on top of it.

Last but not least, a draconic wing-like cloak was also attached to the back part of the armor, slightly behind the shoulder.

Arkhen continued moving without taking the slightest break. His eyes were moving madly as he continued walking despite the pressure.

After 12 minutes, he passed through the 14th gate, and the moment he passed it and stepped his feet stair step after the 14th floor, countless crackling sounds resounded as Arkhen fell to the ground.

His eyes were red, his saliva came out of his mouth and even his teeth were cracked due to gritting them too much.

[My lord, you can finish this floor if you utter give up. SSS-rank dragon armor is also good]

'Velshi! I will pass the 15th floor! Use reality points and heal my body!'

[B-But, it will crack again, inflicting more pain]

'Do it!'

Arkhen clenched his fist and slowly got up but suddenly, his elbow bone cracked and it came out of the back of his elbow before cracking in two.

"Arrrgh-…" Arkhen let out a short cry of pain before he shut his mouth. His eyes were completely red now as he uttered. "Heal!"

'Whenever my body breaks, heal me!'

[Yes, my lord!]

Arkhen dragged his body with his eyes only focused on the 15th gate. 'I want to pass that. I want the best possible result!'

In the next five minutes, Arkhen climbed 43 steps but there were still 107 steps left. The mystical pressure in the atmosphere was truly too terrifying as it inflicted him with so much pressure and pain.

But Arkhen was obsessed with his goal and his stubbornness to become the best and above everyone.

'MOVE!' Arkhen screamed internally with blood coming out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. But despite the pressure, he didn't stop even for a second. He was slow but never stopped.




After a minute, something strange happened.

[My lord?]

Arkhen's eyes had lost focus, but there was a fire of will still burning inside. His hands and feet were still dragging his body towards the gate. His entire body was still getting crushed by the pressure often and healed by the system. Despite the hell he was going through, his body continued moving.

At this moment, Arkhen had entered into a strange state without him realizing it.

[M-My lord…y-you are truly…]

Some faint white-blue sparks started coming out of Arkhen's body as he continued moving towards the 15th gate.

The state that Arkhen entered was called Will-Singularity State. To achieve this state was a feat impossible for 99.9% of people in the entire nine realms. Alas, this state was also not a thing that one could enter just because one wished it.

But it would truly be a sight to behold when Arkhen entered this Will-Singularity state again in the future as one could do things normally considered impossible when one entered this state.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 82 Will-Singularity