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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 81 Violent Grasp

Arkhen continued clearing the floors with their challenges and reached the 6th floor.

[6th floor: Descent of Warrior King]

—>Defeat the Warrior King


—>Shards of Demonic Scroll x 5

"Phew… Finally, the last floor to clear before I can synthesize those shards. It seems that I won't need to kill many enemies like on the 5th floor," Arkhen muttered as he looked at the objective of the 6th floor.

The 6th floor was the smallest floor so far. It was a Colosseum of 10,000 square meters big.

[This might be a bit tough. Good luck, my lord]

"We will do it, right Golly? " Arkhen grinned as he looked at the Earth Golem. Arkhen didn't let anyone destroy the golem on the past four floors. Since enemies on the floors would always target the Earth Golem, he made sure to defend it with his force-field while he killed the enemies.

"Grrrr…" the Earth Golem let out a thick and deep growl.

A minute soon passed and a giant warrior five meters tall wearing metal full body armor and a heavy broad sword appeared twenty meters away from Arkhen.

"Roarr!" the Warrior King roared as he dashed towards Arkhen with his giant sword.

"Wait! He is coming at me and not Golly!" Arkhen was startled as he quickly backed away and commanded Golly to use his skill on the Warrior King.

The Earth Golem clapped its hand, oozing out earth elemental energy as an Earth Prison appeared around the Warrior King, suddenly stopping his movement and trapping him.

Arkhen released <Lightning Tendrils> to attack the Warrior King.


The warrior king roared again after it was slightly damaged by the lightning tendrils hitting him. But he still swung his sword horizontally and destroyed the Earth Prison like a knife slicing through butter.

After that, he waved his sword again and released a sword slash projectile towards Arkhen.

Arkhen quickly created as many layers of force-field walls as he could in front of him before the sword slash hit the first force-field and destroyed it like a piece of paper.

Then it destroyed second, third, fourth… It destroyed all nine force-field layers in just two seconds but they also consumed the energy of the slash a lot before it hit Arkhen who was trying to get out of the range of this wide sword slash but failed.

In the end, he was hit by the sword slash but wasn't damaged much, just a swallow white mark. It didn't penetrate his skin after its power was consumed to destroy the force-field defenses.

The Earth Golem was using its skills to damage the Warrior King constantly, making it annoyed and Arkhen also drew another card.

[Lightning Spear]

-Conjures a spear in your hand after using the card with high penetration damage.

-Base power: same EP as yours.

-Trait: Highly penetrative and paralyze the target for 3 seconds.

Arkhen used the card right away as the Warrior King was annoyed by Earth Golem constantly shooting it with Mud Bullets and Geo Lances and decided to kill the golem first.

The Warrior king swung dashed towards the Earth Golem and swung his sword horizontally again but this time, the sword glowed dark golden and he was also at point blank range.

Arkhen quickly commanded the Golem to stop releasing skills and created a force-field shield in front of it before Arkhen threw the spear toward Warrior King while exerting his maximum physical strength.

The Warrior King's sword cut the force-field, along with the Earth Golem's body… But only until It reached half because the lightning spear reached him and penetrated the throat of the Warrior King as he was pushed up with the impact and got embedded on the wall of the Colosseum.

"Golem, shoot lances!" Arkhen commanded with a ferocious grin as he also started throwing <Lightning Tendrils> and <Wind Fury Orbs> skills.

The Warrior King was buried in attacks and Arkhen couldn't even see him anymore, but after three seconds, he saw a screen in front of him and heard the notification.

[Congratulations. You have cleared the 6th floor] i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

"Grrr…." The golem let out a crackling rocky sound before it turned to dust and disappeared since it ran out of energy.

On the previous floors, Arkhen didn't let it use the skills and just used it as a taunting dummy and protected it with force-fields while he killed the monsters. But after getting seriously damaged by Warrior King and expending much energy, it dispersed.

[My lord, should I synthesize the shards of demonic scrolls?]

"Do it," Arkhen said as he walked towards the portal but didn't enter since he still had a 1-minute countdown.

[Scroll shards synthesized. Congratulations, You have gotten the demonic scroll of Violent Grasp skill. It will take 1590 reality points to learn this skill]

"What?! What rank is that skill? SSS-rank?" Arkhen asked with surprise since the reality points to learning this skill were high.

[Yes. It is an SSS-rank demonic skill, Violent Grasp]

"Awesome. Let me learn, quick," Arkhen said.

The reality points were deducted and Arkhen learned how to use the skill and checked its info.

[Violent Grasp]

-Type: Demonic

-Rank: SSS

-Effect: Within a 1-kilometer radius, you can conjure a demonic hand of any size (more size, more consumption of primal energy).

-Traits: The people grasped by this demonic hand will have their stats and EP reduced by 10% as long as they are grasped.

"This is going to be very useful," Arkhen said as a grin appeared on his face.

He looked at another countdown beside the one-minute countdown.

"I still have one hour and two minutes. How many floors can I clear?"

[It will be hard to go past the 11th floor, so try your best to clear the 10th for another boost of power]

"Hard? heh, we'll see," Arkhen said as he entered the portal leading to the 7th floor and appeared in the sky and started falling.

Arkhen was startled and quickly created a force-field below his feet to stop his fall. "It's all water everywhere," he said after looking around and seeing nothing but water.

[7th Floor: Terror of Seas]

- >survive and kill ten monsters inside the water.


—>Pieces of Dragon Stone x 5

"What is this reward now?" Arkhen asked curiously.

[Gathering 20 pieces will complete a dragon stone. After breaking the complete stone, you will be able to get a random dragon-related unique weapon from the stone]

"Cool," Arkhen said before he looked below the sea and created a force-field around before diving.

He had to kill ten sea monsters underwater to pass this floor.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 81 Violent Grasp