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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 78 Prank, Grace’s Thoughts

In the private room on the top floor, Arkhen lay on the bed while Grace was wildly riding his divine cock with a satisfied expression and swooning moans leaving her mouth.

Arkhen's hands were not free but fondling Grace's plump breasts and pinching her nipples. "Take it," Arkhen said as he tightened his hips and moved them upwards, pouring his entire load inside her.

Grace nearly fainted in pleasure and fell on Arkhen's chest as Arkhen's dick twitched inside her, filling her to the brim, both with his hot white semen and pleasure.


Arkhen saw a message from Ellie on the mobile phone and grinned. 'Velshi, unlock the door.'

[It's not locked in the first place. You two directly started after teleporting here]

'Oh, hahaha. Then, fine.'

Arkhen kept his dick in Grace and squeezed her body towards him before rolling and switching their positions. Now, Grace was at the bottom and Arkhen on top of her. "Come on, we still have five minutes."

"Y-Yes…" Grace said with intense lust and anticipation for another round and load of Arkhen. "Fuck me in doggy style with your full might."

"Haha, sure. I also have a surprise for you but don't panic," Arkhen said as he turned over Grace and grabbed her butt cheeks before he started moving his hips, his divine cock hitting her deepest part as Grace started feeling another round of intense jolting pleasure and euphoria in waves.

Arkhen sat on his knees while moving his hips and laid on her back as he started fondling her boobs with his head resting on her back.

'Velshi, make an illusion such that Daniel doesn't see or hear anything of this room.'

[37 reality points deducted]

Grace was moaning loudly without the care of the world, drowned in the love of this sex with Arkhen.


However, the sound of the door clicking open snapped her out of her reverie in pleasure as she turned her head towards her door. "Arkh-"

Her voice was cut short as she saw Daniel entering. Her heartbeat increased wildly and her pussy tightened like never before, causing Arkhen to release a moan in pleasure while he was moving his hips. "Haha, that's what I wanted!"

Arkhen slapped Grace's butt cheeks and started moving his hips even faster.

"Y-You, Da-Dan...Daniel i-is here, wait-" Grace noticed that Daniel was looking around as if he couldn't see them.

"It's fine, he can't see us," Arkhen said with a grin as he pulled her by grabbing her boobs and turning her towards Daniel's direction before continuing thrusting his divine cock inside her as Grace moaned in absolute pleasure.

"You-you ar-are s-so…naughty, Aaahnnhh~" Grace couldn't form words completely as Arkhen was thrusting her strong and fast, sending waves of pleasure into her as she climaxed.

Feeling her climax, Arkhen also poured his load inside her before putting her on the bed with his dick still inside her. He also rested on her with her plump breasts inside his mouth as he started sucking them.

"Mom? Arkhen?" Daniel uttered as he was suddenly able to see everything.

Daniel and Arkhen were both shocked.

"Y-You, you, wh-what…"


Ellie hit Daniel in the neck and knocked him out before she looked at Grace with a grin. "You can continue."

"But he saw me…" Grace muttered in a daze.

"It's fine, aunt Grace. Brother will wipe his memory of that," Zoe said with a mischievous smile as she and Evelyn also appeared.

"You two!" Grace exclaimed as she quickly tried to squirm to the side while Arkhen was still sucking her boobs. "T-This is not what you think…I"

Arkhen felt Grace's pussy tightening again and started thrusting his divine cock in her again. "Chill, Grace. They all knew about this for some time already. Also, I am not Mark Walton's real son. Just enjoy being with me and forget everything. You are all going to share the same bedroom soon."

Grace looked at the girls, causing her face to turn red. Her twin peaks jiggle constantly with her body moving as Arkhen kept thrusting inside her.

"Hehe, we are leaving. Enjoy," Zoe said with a chuckle as she and the others left.

"We are leaving this dunce here, brother," Evelyn said as she pulled Daniel out and closed the door to the private room before leaving with the others.

Grace focused on the important thing as she savored the pleasure and Arkhen's divine cock in her. Soon, both of them climaxed again and rested on the bed.

"So you are not Mark's son… But blood reports?" Grace asked as she caressed Arkhen's hair while he sucked on her breasts with his dick still inside her.

"I manipulated them. Very easy to do, haha," Arkhen said with a grin before he continued sucking. His hands were not free as they massaged Grace's body with Heavenly Massage Art.

After a minute, Arkhen pulled out his meat rod and got up. "Alright, it's time to go. Clean yourself and go to the office. Daniel will be fine. He won't know a thing."

'Velshi, wipe his memory of what he saw.'

Grace smiled and stood up as she kissed Arkhen before getting off the bed. "Thanks, Arkhen. I don't really care if Daniel and John find out. I know John fucked other women and Daniel knows that his father has done that."


"Yep. I found out that John had sex with younger women a lot of times, but I ignored it and continued living. If I can do that, he must also do that despite knowing what I am doing." 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

"Haha, well then. They will know, but not now," Arkhen said with a faint smile. "When I reveal to everyone that I am not really the blood of Walton, you won't need to hide anything and can sleep with me openly."

"I will eagerly wait for that moment," Grace said before entering the bathroom.

Arkhen cleaned himself and wore new clothes by spending 2 reality points and left the private room. He looked at Daniel fainted on the floor and grabbed his neck like he was grabbing a chicken and teleported into the main office where the girls were talking to each other.

After putting Daniel on the sofa, he turned to the girls. "Alright, I'll be back in four hours. Kiss y'all later."

'Velshi, activate the doom key.'

[Key activated. Transporting initiated…]

[Entering the Doom Dungeon: Wrath of Undead in three seconds]


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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 78 Prank, Grace’s Thoughts