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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 77 Sierra Van Laos!

"Sierra, become mine, and I will let you see the new horizons and unknown peaks with me. You will stay above everyone else with me because that is my desire. I want to stand above everyone else in existence and reach the highest of the skies and realms!" Arkhen said with fires of resolve and domination burning in his eyes. A wild grin etched on his face, filled with arrogance and stubbornness.

Sierra's heart was beating wildly as Arkhen's words rang inside her. An unknown feeling started welling up inside her.

"I have already thought of you as mine and I also belong to you now, but I won't force you," Arkhen closed in on her face a bit more, with a grin on his face. "But I want you to become mine with your own will. I promise to let you experience my love and lust to the fullest."

Arkhen started roaming his hands over her butt cheeks and started massaging them while her plump and soft breasts pressed against his chest.

"You will experience things and watch horizons of worlds that none of the men from this world can let you see. If I stand at the peak, you will stand beside me as my woman."

Sierra was mesmerized by Arkhen's words and his eyes that told her that what he said was true. The conviction, the arrogance, and the resolve in his eyes were true.

More than anything, Sierra was instantly attracted by those traits of Arkhen. She was prideful and arrogant but didn't look down on others because it was always about herself. She always focused on herself because she believed in her potential and strength. This was the same with Arkhen and he had already proved to her that he was better than her.

He was better than her. This was an indisputable fact. Those words spoken by Arkhen were not empty because Sierra felt a resonance with him. She knew that Arkhen also believed in his potential and strength, so whatever he said to her, he would do his best to achieve it.

'I want to see... I want to see and stand beside him...'

She could feel something in her heart as she looked into Arkhen's eyes and the domineering smile on his face. Her heartbeat increased widely and her face turned red. She forgot all the pleasure and satisfaction of massage, but something else replaced that, something greater.

[This is perfect, my lord. Although you can make any woman your sex tool with 100 reality points, but the route you have chosen from the start is correct as it makes them more affectionate towards you with genuine feelings. These girls will kill for you and die for you]

'Well, I didn't like the idea of instantly making them mine with points and that's why I used that method. Humph, I have power, ambition, and enough charm. Even though I influenced them with reality points to shorten the process, they, in the end, came to me because of my actions.

'What I feel about them is genuine and I love them all! Now that they are mine, they must live like queens and remain above everyone else with me.'

Seeing Sierra's lost-in-love expression, Arkhen blinked his eyes and changed his face into a faint smile before kissing her.

An electric feeling enveloped Sierra's being the moment her lips touched Arkhen's lips. While kissing, Arkhen was still massaging her back properly to remove her pain and discomfort from the training.

After a minute, Sierra got up but remained seated on Arkhen's belly. Her face was fully red, but she was quick. The hint of pride returned to her eyes and a faint smile appeared on her face. She had come to terms that she had fallen for Arkhen.

Sierra's hand touched Arkhen's face as she smiled. Her eyes displayed was love but in the extreme form.

"Arkhen, I have fallen for you. But I still want strict training and will beat that Zhin Huang myself. If I lost to him still…" Sierra paused at that as she stood up and grabbed her hair before cutting them. From her long white hair, they became short, just reaching her neck.

Arkhen raised his eyebrows at her action. "What are you doing?"

"If I lost to that Zhin Huang, I won't marry him because I love you. However, I can't go back on the challenge," Sierra said with resolve burning in her eyes as she threw away the hair she cut. "So, I will kill myself if I lost to him."

"If you want to stand above everyone else and want me to stand beside you, then I must stand above everyone else aside from you."

After saying that, Sierra turned around and started leaving. "Call me when to train tomorrow. If you can allow, I will stay with you for longer training," she said without turning back.

However, as she reached the exit door, she paused and turned to Arkhen. "If you kill Zhin Huang before my battle with him, I will still kill myself."

After saying that, she left.

Arkhen was dumbfounded. 'What the heck? She seems serious.'

[She is indeed serious]

'It looks like if I interfere, she will really kill herself,' Arkhen thought as a sigh left his mouth. 'What to do?'

[My lord. You must respect her decision. Any form of interference with her duel will result in her killing herself. This is set in stone in her heart. This is her extreme form of love for you that you have also promised to give her.]

'But I can change her mind with reality points, right?' Arkhen said with a bad taste in his mouth. 'But I...I really don't want to do that.'

[If you do that, she will not remain herself and lose her personality]

Arkhen shook his head and sighed. 'I will not interfere in her duel. I will respect her decision. But I guess I will have to train her hard and power up her if possible.'

Soon, the girls came out of the bathroom.

"Where is Sierra?"

"She's done with her training for now," Arkhen said with a wry smile and shook his head. "Anyway, let me drop you at Queen's Crown so you can give Luna some company. I will be away for a maximum of four hours after that. So… I will come to the company at seven in the evening," Arkhen said as he stood up.

After spending 5 points to give new clothes to the girls, he teleported them to the Queen's Crown.

In the main office, there was only Grace.

"Where Luna and Mom?" Arkhen asked.

"They went out for a meeting with our partners," Grace said as she looked at the girls and greeted them with a nod as she stood up and walked towards Arkhen.

"Can you come upstairs? I need some suggestions," Grace said.

Ellie, Zoe, and the other girls looked at each other but acted ignorantly, even though they already knew about Grace. However, Grace didn't know that others knew about her having sex with Arkhen.

"Ten minutes," Arkhen said as he grabbed Grace's hands and disappeared.

Five minutes later, Daniel entered the main office and saw Zoe and the other girls there, making him surprised. "Where's mom?"

"What do you want?"

"I need to ask for some money. I can't connect to dad's phone," Daniel said.

"Wait outside. She will come soon," Zoe said.

"She will come soon and come here," Evelyn snickered.

"What?" Daniel was confused. "Where is she? I'll go there."

"Just wai-" Zoe said, but she was interrupted by Evelyn before she could finish.

"One floor above. In the private room. Go," Evelyn said.

Daniel nodded and left while Zoe and the other girls looked speechlessly at Evelyn.

"What did you do? What if she sees what aunt Grace is doing?" Zoe asked.

"Hehe, that's what I want him to see," Evelyn sneered. "Daniel is disgusting. You don't know that. I saw him jerking off to my panties and my photo a few years ago. You know my nature. I was going to surprise him with a horror box, so I went to his room and peeked inside to see what he was doing and then scare him. But what I saw shocked me. He always looked at me with bad eyes while Nolan did the same with you."

"Pigs," Zoe said with a snort.

"But what if the door is locked?" Makoto asked.

"Hehe, let's send the message to Arkhen and tell him that Daniel is coming there. If Arkhen wants Daniel to see the scene, he will unlock the door. If not, then he will lock the door," Dionne said. "The truth will eventually come out, but it's up to Grace and Arkhen when they want to let it out."

"That's good. Let's leave this decision to them," Ellie said with a smile. "I'll send him the message."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 77 Sierra Van Laos!