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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 76 Why Did You Stop?

Sierra came out of the bathroom and saw the girls moaning in pleasure as Arkhen's hands massaged their body parts.

'Does it really feel that good?' Sierra wondered seeing the satisfied expressions of the girls as they lay on their stomachs.

The girls' front was done. Now Arkhen was massaging their backs.

However, Sierra's eyes turned wide soon. After massaging their whole back, Arkhen started fingering them.

Sierra felt like saying something but closed her mouth as she saw the girls moaning in pleasure.

After five minutes, Sierra was suddenly startled as she saw liquid sprayed out from their pink caves.

"Alright, go take a shower while I massage Sierra."

"Roger! Hehe, enjoy sister Sierra," Zoe said with a mischievous grin towards Sierra.

"Come on, lie down on the floor," Arkhen said as he beckoned Sierra after the girls entered the bathrooms.

"Is this really the part of the training?" Sierra asked doubtfully.

"It is," Arkhen said with a calm smile and nodded. "Your body structure will reach the optimum state with this daily massage so that you can execute the martial moves I teach."

"Fine," Sierra nodded as she walked towards Arkhen, who was sitting on the floor, and laid down beside him.

Arkhen activated Heavenly Massage Art and Touch of Ecstasy as he started massaging her shoulders. In just a few seconds, Sierra was shocked at the amount of comfort she felt. The pain in her shoulder was disappearing quickly, replaced by pleasure.

"N-Not bad…" Sierra said with a tinge of red on her face, slightly stammering as she looked at the calm face of Arkhen since he was sitting behind her head and could see his face directly as he massaged her shoulders.

"I know, haha," Arkhen said with light and calm laugh.

After massaging her shoulders, his hands slowly moved towards her chest, but he didn't touch her breasts and instead, massaged around them. However, with how Arkhen was massaging her sides, it was making her boobs jiggle, making Sierra's face red as a tomato. Although she had worn a sports bra, it was still...

"Is that necessary?"

"Even massaging your chest is necessary, but I am not doing that since you wouldn't agree," Arkhen said nonchalantly while continuing with his massage. "You will feel pain there, but you can go to your aunt and have her massage your breasts to remove the pain."

Arkhen looked at her exquisite body and the cleavage of her white breasts as he massaged her, making her lovely boobs jiggle. 'Wait, I don't really need to be that patient with her, right? From her behavior, she never had a boyfriend or any romantic or sexual experience. Hmmm… I'll rope her in half today and then add her in harem tomorrow, what you say, Velshi?'

[Indeed. She is not hard to rope in. Her nature is prideful and you, being stronger than her can rein her. Internally, in her subconscious mean, if she falls in love with some guy, it will only be someone like you]

'Okay then, I got an idea,' Arkhen thought as finished massaging her sides of the chest and stood up before walking towards her legs.

"W-What are you doing?" Sierra exclaimed as she suddenly saw Arkhen widening her legs and sitting between her legs.

"Relax, I just sat here so I can massage your belly and thighs properly. I did the same with Ellie, remember?" Arkhen said with a calm smile as he closed in between her legs and started massaging her belly.

"Anyway, you don't have any boyfriend or fiancé, right?" Arkhen asked as he looked into her eyes with a grin on his face.

"No. But I am in a challenge right now. If I lose against that guy, I'll have to marry him. That's why I am taking training from you," Sierra said before she suddenly trembled and backed away a bit. "Y-You"

Arkhen's dick from his pants slightly touched her crotch.

'Velshi, influence her slightly.'


"Oh, sorry. That's just a natural reaction of men," Arkhen said as he pulled her waist to bring her back but didn't let his dick touch her again and continued massaging.

Sierra was feeling too good and comfortable with this massage. So she didn't resist, and she also knew that she needed this for training.

"Anyway, so you will marry him just because he beat you?" Arkhen asked with a frown. "Then how about I beat you, and you become mine? You can't really beat me, you know that."

"That… I-I," Sierra was slightly speechless.

"But you don't have to worry even if you lose against him," Arkhen said as he activated his Gaze of Conqueror before a wild grin appeared on his face. "If you lose against him, I'll kill him."

Sierra became dazed but snapped out of it as she felt more comfortable with the massage as Arkhen started pressing her thighs. They were in much pain due to the training, so the massage really brought her a heavenly feeling.

"Why are those girls letting you do those things?" Sierra asked with a blush on her face. "Even such ec-ecchi things."

"Because they are all my women," Arkhen said with a dominating grin. "They are my harem. Don't your ancient clans also have a system of main wives and concubines? It shouldn't surprise you much that I have multiple women."

,m "But you are not from an ancient clan," Sierra said before she involuntarily moaned a bit due to the intense satisfaction from the massage.

'Velshi, influence.'


"Haha, so what if I am not from an ancient clan? I am above them. I am above everything here," Arkhen said with a ferocious grin, he increases the intensity of his massage after he finished her legs and suddenly yanked her up and put her on his chest before he laid down on the floor and started massaging her back.

"S-Stop…N-No…," Sierra said, but she herself as tightly hugged Arkhen as his hands massaged her back. Her eyes closed in satisfaction.

Arkhen suddenly paused the massage, causing Sierra to open her eyes. Her ruby eyes reflected Arkhen's handsome face as she asked. "Why did you stop?"

"You told me to stop," Arkhen said with a grin, his face just inches away from hers. A second later, he arched his face before moving it forward and whispered in her ears. "Sierra, become mine and I'll make you stronger than anyone and let you feel a pleasure that no one can feel except for my women. Come with me and I'll show you the pinnacle of power and the pinnacle of pleasure both."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 76 Why Did You Stop?