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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 75 Flabbergasted Sierra

'Can you tell me more about it?'

[I can't tell details because it's random. However, you will spend a maximum of 4 hours after entering a dungeon doom. Should I activate the dungeon key now?]

'Wait,' Arkhen said before he turned to the girls.

"Let's quickly finish today's training. After that, I will be away for four hours," Arkhen said to the girls who were talking to each other.


Suddenly, Arkhen's phone rang, and he saw that it was an unknown number.

Arkhen—, "Hello?"

Sierra—, "I am Sierra. I had a reason when I told you to spar with my aunt. I had decided that if you win, I will train under you because I need to beat a tough opponent soon."

Arkhen—, "Haha, then come to private training hall no. 13."

After saying that, Arkhen cut off the call and turned to the girls. "One more person will join us in today's training."

"Who?" Zoe asked curiously.

"Sierra," Arkhen said with a grin.

"I'll return then," Azela said with a smile as she looked at Arkhen. A slight blush appeared on her face before she slightly bowed. "Thank you again, Arkhen. The academy will know that the Eldian clan is no more. By the way, I want to invite you for a dinner. If that's fine with you."

"Of course, you can set the date and time," Arkhen said with a gentle smile as he approached Azela and gave her a hug. "See you later."

"Bye," Azela said with a quick nod after the hug and left.

After Azela left, Arkhen started training the girls and taught them martial arts.

Thirty minutes later, Arkhen got a call from Sierra to open the door of the private training hall. So, he went to open it.

As Sierra entered, she saw Zoe, Evelyn, Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne lined up full of sweat in their sports outfit and raised her eyebrows.

'Velshi, influence her.'


"Sierra, join them and started following. There are still thirty minutes before the daily routine of my martial arts move training is over," Arkhen said.

"What will be the fees? I can pay you for the training but I want top-notch training with full knowledge. You can say the price," Sierra said.

"Fees? Haha, forget about it. I don't really lack anything and if I lack something, I can take It," Arkhen said with a domineering grin. 'Just like I'll take you soon.'

Sierra was dazed briefly before she asked with doubt, "Are you sure? The knowledge of martial arts you have is exceptional. You will teach it away for free?"

"It's fine, it's fine. Come on," Arkhen said with a grin as he beckoned her with his hand. "Stand in the line and start."

After thirty minutes, all girls except for Sierra were on the floor, full of sweat and tired.

"T-This…That's really intense training," Sierra said as she took deep breaths and drank water.

"Brother, remove our clothes, please. I don't want to move," Evelyn said with an exhausted face.

"Yeah, please start a massage soon. Today you went a notch up in your training," Zoe said, steam coming out of her body.

"Quick, quick, remove clothes and pour cold water. I think I exerted too much today," Ellie said as a painful groan released from her mouth, and her body trembled. "It hurts." 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

'Velshi, remove their clothes.'

[To remove Sierra's clothes, you will need 10 points instead of 1 because she is not on your web yet and has resistance]

'Nah, don't remove her clothes.'

Sierra was confused. 'Is he going to strip them?'

However, the next second, her eyes opened wide as she saw all girls becoming fully naked magically as their clothes disappeared. But that was not all. She also saw a huge amount of water that appeared out of nowhere and poured on all of them, including her.

She indeed felt a bit comfortable with the cold water after intense training. But she was still shocked over the girls becoming naked and water appearing out of nowhere.

'Velshi, is it possible to use reality points and get additional arms temporarily? Long arms?'

[It is possible temporary but not permanently. 1 point for each additional arm. It will stay active for 30 minutes]

'That's great! Do it quickly. Give me eight more arms,' Arkhen said as he walked towards Ellie and started massaging her shoulders.

Suddenly, eight more arms appeared with blurry space on Arkhen's shoulders. They didn't look connected to his shoulders, but Arkhen could control them.

"Woah, brother! So now each of us gets two hands instead of one?" Zoe asked with twinkling eyes. She wasn't even surprised that Arkhen suddenly brought out multiple arms.

"Yep, hahaha!"

Sierra's brain had literally turned off after seeing so many magical things. She just watched with her mouth wide open, and her face flabbergasted.

'W-What is going on? How can he do such things? What kind of power does he have?'

"Sierra," Arkhen turned to Sierra while his hands massaged the girls. "This massage is a part of my training. Of course, you won't need to get naked and I won't massage these parts."

"Aaah~" Ellie moaned as Arkhen pressed her plump breasts and pinched her nipples.

Sierra's face turned red. She was speechless. "Y-You…they…how?"

"You can go take a shower. I'll massage you after I'm done with them," Arkhen said.

'Velshi, influence.'

Sierra quickly went into the bathroom and got naked as she started showering to cool her mind and process things that just happened.

So far, Arkhen saw that she was the only one with 9.5 in charm stat and it was justified.

Sierra had unusual white hair that just looked exquisite on her. She had smooth, white skin and ruby eyes. And a well-developed perfect body, as she was not too thin, but just perfect.

Her plump and soft breasts were D cup but arched from the bottom as if they supported themselves. The cold water showering also erected her pink nipples that just were like cherries on vanilla on her white boobs.

After showering for fifteen minutes, she cleaned herself and dried her wet clothes by using her uni energy to produce heat from using her fire-related superpower and wore her clothes.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 75 Flabbergasted Sierra