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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 72 Cleaned

[My lord. Two satellites just discovered our floating castle.]

'How much energy is remaining in that old man now?' Arkhen asked.

[Not much. Just 59k. That's why he is desperate right now. He exerted 32,000 EP when destroying those 30 layers of force-field in one go to save his energy and then took a short rest since it hurt his core and body.]

'Oh? So he didn't break the dome to save his people just so that he could kill me? Hahaha,' Arkhen laughed inwardly after being surprised.

'Well, it's time to finish him. But I didn't like this fight. I need more offense. I want enough power to kill strong humans in one or two attacks.'

[This Jonas is tough because he has the blessing of some higher being that gave him that emerald superpower, which is very tough and powerful. Still, I think most of the peak humans would have the same power. But no worries, my lord. You have one of the strongest superpowers, Perpetual Prime. No blessing can beat it]

'Yeah. The first active power is already good. I can't wait to unlock other active powers of Perpetual Prime,' Arkhen nodded.

[Perpetual Prime]

-Passive Trait: Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Primal Energy.

-1st Active Power: Force-Field Creation.

-->You can create force-fields by consuming primal energy.

-2nd Active Power: locked.

-3rd Active Power: locked.


In the next minute, Jonas tried his best to kill Arkhen and was exerting 15,000 EP but he couldn't hit Arkhen even once. Naturally, his performance decreased because he was exerting more EP than the limit, which actually made it easier for Arkhen to dodge attacks and block.

Eventually, Jonas ran out of energy and fell down as his wings disappeared and his body returned to normal from emerald crystallization.

Arkhen waved his hand and created a force-field box around Jonas to stop his fall and manipulated the force-field to pull him up.

Jonas had lost consciousness already.

The big courtyard of the Eldian clan still had people. There were a few young ones in their mid-twenties and thirties, women, men, and kids.

Arkhen took Jonas and descended into the courtyard.

"Why? Why did you come here to kill us?" a middle-aged woman asked with a fearful and angry expression.

All of them were superhumans but not at the peak and were scared of Arkhen, so they didn't even want to attack him.

Arkhen looked at a fat man, and he was near the peak of power. 'This bastard didn't come up to fight.'

Arkhen narrowed his eyes at him and asked, "Why didn't you come up to fight?"

A woman in her late fifties stood in front of the man with red eyes. "If you want to touch him, then you will have to kill me first."

"Sure," Arkhen nodded with before he saved his hand and released a <Wind Fury Orb> towards her.


The woman was not expecting that but still managed to create a basic energy shield. However, she was not powerful.


[2 reality points gained]

The woman was shredded into pieces, painting the fatty behind her in red. "Arghhhhh!" the fatty screamed before he dashed towards Arkhen, his body turning into copper.

,m Arkhen smirked as he waved his hand and released the <Lightning Tendrils> towards him, shocking the fatty before releasing a <wind Fury Orb>, that cracked his body and destroyed him.

[2 reality points gained]

"P-Please, spare us. We won't think about revenge. Please, we have kids with us," a middle-aged man said pleadingly. He had a white-yellow aura, which meant that he would go to heaven if Arkhen killed him.

There were indeed small kids, and they were scared and crying. So, Arkhen told Velshi to wipe their memories of what they saw and caused them to sleep.

The people were startled to suddenly see the kids fainting and panicked, but Arkhen reassured them that they were just sleeping.

"Stand still, you all. There are still five among you I need to kill," Arkhen said with indifferently before he waved his hand and trapped four people with yellow and red dots inside the force-field.

All four of them were young men in their mid to late twenties and a girl who was in her late twenties. He guessed that these were probably the kids of the people he killed in the sky.

After trapping four of them inside the force-field, he brought them in front of them and dispersed the force-field. "You want to die fighting me or die without resistance?"

"Why? Why do you want to kill us?"

"Please, spare us. We didn't do anything to you."

Arkhen shook his head as he laughed. "Well, I killed tens of thousands, and none of them had anything to do with me. You know that, right? After all, you can see my work every day in the news."

"But why?"

"I am a hypocrite death reaper," Arkhen said with a grin. "I am just helping hell by sending you all with yellow and red dots there and gaining benefits in the middle."

Arkhen waved his hand and released <Lightning Tendrils> towards them as he said, "Early or late, you are destined to go to hell. So go early, suffer punishment, and enter the cycle of reincarnation before starting fresh somewhere with a clean soul. Who knows? You can become a bird or a fish and enjoy an exotic life, hahaha."


The four of them were charred black and died with the power of the <Lightning Tendrils> skill.

The rest of the twenty-some people just trembled and stayed silent.


Arkhen also killed the clan leader at the end and took that SS-rank sword before saying to others, "Alright, my work here is done. Now you all have two options. First, your clan leader is dead, so one of you can lead the clan and live however you want. Second, I can kill you all and send you to heaven."

Seeing their reaction, Arkhen raised his arms and shook his head. "I am not joking. If I kill you right now, you will really go to heaven and have a nice life for a while before you get into a good cycle of reincarnation. But of course, it's your choice. Personally, I want you to experience life since you have kids and enjoy it. It's best that you don't sin and live the way you were living until now."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 72 Cleaned