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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 71 Intense Battle

The fight has been going on for ten minutes now and the Dome of Blackfrost had also been broken from inside.

So after 34 people who were at peak strength came up to fight him, Arkhen created the Dome of the Blackfrost in the sky and trapped those 34 people and Jonas with him inside the dome, and started the Blackfrost blizzard.

After ten minutes, 29 people were dead. All of them managed to defend against the Blackfrost blizzard for a certain time before succumbing to it and dying as they ran out of energy to block and couldn't handle the intensity of the Blackfrost blizzard.

Alas, the remaining five people were giving headaches to Arkhen. They had also broken the dome and Arkhen didn't want to create another dome soon. Not before he killed at least two of them.

The main headache was Jonas. That old man was simply too tough. The Blackfrost blizzard, wind fury orbs, and lightning tendrils had no effect on him. There was another who had defensive powers and could create defenses.

'Damn. I can block his attacks with my layers of force-field, but I can't injure him and even hit him sometimes due to his fast flying speed. How do I kill him?' Arkhen was getting frustrated.

He saw Jonas releasing three more sword slashes in quick succession, forcing him to dodge two but had to block one with his layers of force-field. The other four people also released their attacks, but their attacks were not as fast, so Arkhen dodged most of them and blocked one.

[Hmmm… This is indeed unfavorable. Your <Lightning Tendrils> could hit him but they have no effect on his emerald crystallized body]

Arkhen waved his hand and released <Lightning Tendrils> towards the other four people. But Jonas created a shield in front of two people that easily absorbed lightning tendrils and diffused it while the last remaining man covered himself and another in a dark brown barrier and successfully defended.

'I'll kill the rest first. Velshi, I have an idea. Can you teleport my force-field?'

'Damnit! How much energy does that bastard possess?' Jonas cursed as he released one more slash. He was already downed by 200k of his metaphysical energy in the last ten minutes of the fight. Now he was only left with approx 150k metaphysical energy.

"Leader, we are almost out of energy to fight him, but he isn't showing any sign of exhaustion. If we roughly speculate, he should have already spent more than 500k uni energy by conjuring that many force-fields and releasing those lightning tendrils," a middle-aged woman in the group said.

'He can't fly with wings, but he is flying by standing on that force-field. If I go to attack him with a close range, he will just create several layers of force-field around him and fall back. Damn, that superpower is annoying,' Jonas frowned intensely as he didn't know how to end this fight except for energy exhaustion, which he was not seeing.

"Leader, how come that wooden wall suddenly appeared in front of him?"

Everyone suddenly noticed that a wooden wall appeared in front of Arkhen, blocking their view of him.

"Since he is taking a break, then let's also quickly recover our energy," the middle-aged woman in the group said as she took a deep breath and roused her core to recover the energy from the atmosphere.

But after ten seconds, they saw the wall disappearing and saw Arkhen again.

"Continue attacks! It's not like he possesses unlimited energy. He will run out of energy before us for sure," Jonas said but suddenly, he noticed a box of force-field 500 meters above them and there were five watermelon-sized fire bombs made of pure fire inside.

Everyone followed Jonas' gaze and noticed it as well.

"What is that?" a man with long light brown hair asked confusedly as he looked at the force-field box up in the sky. But the next second, he saw it disappearing and suddenly felt intense heat.

That force-field box with five <Fire Explosive> inside it disappeared from its position and actually appeared around the man with light brown hair and trapped him!

"Hahaha, it's a surprise," Arkhen said with a loud laugh. He blocked their view so he could plant five <Fire Explosive> inside a force-field box, with enough size to trap one person, and then teleported it above them before removing the wall.

"Nooo!" the man panicked as he swung his sword towards the force-field to break it, but it was too late.

"Ten," Arkhen muttered before…


The man's body was blasted into pieces along with the force-field.

[2 reality points gained]

[Side quest completed: Apex Mortal completed] 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

[Congratulations. You have gained one entry into a random Doom Dungeon]

"Attack!" Jonas shouted as he dashed towards Arkhen to close the gap before releasing his signature most powerful attacks. The emerald sword slashes. He must not give time to Arkhen anymore and create such explosive force-fields.

"Old man, you forgot one more," Arkhen said as he snapped his finger and created the Dome of the Blackfrost and trapped the remaining three people who were left behind after Jonas dashed towards Arkhen.

"You! What grievance do you have with us?" Jonas fumed as he dashed backward, but a force-field suddenly blocked him. Before Jonas could break that force-field, several more appeared around him. In the end, Arkhen created thirty layers of force-fields around Jonas before he stopped.

"Bastard!" Jonas shouted with red eyes but his voice couldn't go out of the force-field. He started attacking to break the force-field but saw Arkhen disappearing.

Arkhen teleported inside the Dome of the Blackfrost and attacked the remaining three people without holding back.

He rained down <Lightning Tendrils> and <Wind Fury Orbs> on them for one minute and killed them. The one aside from Jonas with powerful defensive power was that man with light brown hair, but Arkhen killed him first with that force-field + <Fire Explosive> skill combination. So the remaining three soon died, unable to handle the intensity of Arkhen's attacks.

After killing them, Arkhen dispersed the <Dome of the Blackfrost> and saw Jonas rushing towards him with an angry expression. "After killing you, I'll find your closed ones and kill everyone!"

"Unfortunately, you won't get that chance," Arkhen said with a grin as he covered himself in ten layers of force-field while flying back.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 71 Intense Battle