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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 70 Aerzax’s First Appearance, Arkhen Vs The Eldian

'Velshi, is the data of all currently developed weapons ready? How many points do I need to implement the outer perimeters of each floor with the designed weapon bases?'

[We will need 19560 reality points for that. The data is already collected with the previous 3059 points you spent. I can implement it anytime]

'Good. Do it,' Arkhen nodded as he saw that his reality points went below the 100k mark. In the past seven days, he was working very hard killing red dots all over the world such that he had gathered 132,980 reality points. But he already spent around forty thousand reality points today in this castle.

The castle trembled for a brief moment, but it was very faint.

"Well, the structures on each floor are at the center of this castle. The rest of the area is fully thickened with the toughest metal structures and weapon bases. In short, I can rain down mass destruction weapons from this castle in its assault mode," Arkhen said with a grin.

The girls were shocked to hear such a shocking thing.

"Even nuclear weapons?" Dionne asked.

"Yep," Arkhen nodded. Of course, he was not planning to launch them on people. But he needed that for his safety when this castle appears in the public. After all, if the world knew that he possessed nuclear weapons, the big countries wouldn't rain down attacks on his castle.

'Oh yeah, are big nukes stoppable? Like, is it possible to defend against them and contain them?'

[If you are at the center of a big nuke's blast, you need to exert 14,000 EP with your SSS-rank skill, Dome of the Blackfrost, to defend against the nuke's power. But your force-field superpower is more powerful. If you can make several layers of force-field, it can block a nuke's power with 10,000 EP.]

'I see.'

"Brother, what about the rest of the floors?" Evelyn asked curiously.

"The rest are empty. I haven't decided what to do with them yet. Lastly, the name of this castle is Aerzax!"

"Aerzax. I don't know what it means, but it's cool," Evelyn said.

"Yeah, Arkhen, do you know what it means?" Dionne asked curiously.

"Cough... I don't know. I just named it because it sounds cool, hahaha," Arkhen said with a laugh before he turned to Azela. "Well, now shall we make our appearance to the world and also a show of power?"

Azela knew that Arkhen was talking about the Eldian clan when he meant the show of power.

A second later, Arkhen took out the signature robe and mask of AX, making Azela startled again.

"You are AX!" Azela exclaimed.

"Yep," Arkhen grinned before he snapped his finger. 'Velshi, teleport the castle on top of the Eldian clan.'

A ripple of space covered the entire island before it disappeared and appeared above the Eldian clan that was located between a giant valley surrounded by mountains.

"Go to the Living floor and watch the show on that screen," Arkhen said with a grin behind his mask as he disappeared from the castle and appeared on top of the Eldian clan.

'Let's see how I fare against an ancient clan,' Arkhen thought as he saw that the big courtyard already had people gathered.

"Hmm, not all are red and yellow dots," Arkhen muttered as he looked at the people gathered below.

The clan head of the Eldian clan came out, an old man with white hair who looked very refined.

He looked at Arkhen with narrowed eyes and also flew up with a pair of emerald crystal wings appearing behind his back.

After stopping 20 meters away from Arkhen on the same level, he said, "AX. What business do you have here? And does that floating island belong to you?"

"I have business with your son, that fat idiot," Arkhen said as he pointed at the man in the courtyard. "And that, that…"

Arkhen pointed at all red dots, a total of 38 red dots of the clan, before looking at the clan head of the Eldian clan, "and you too."

Jonas, the clan head of the Eldian clan, felt killing intent from Arkhen as his pupil shrank. "Are you here to kill people of my clan?"

"That's correct," Arkhen said with a grin before he used the <Dome of the Blackfrost> and covered the whole courtyard below.


-Stamina: 100

-Strength: 100

-Agility: 100

-EP: 34,905

—> metaphysical energy: 350,000

Jonas's expression turned dark as he saw the courtyard below covered in an icy dome. He took out a sword and his entire body transformed into an emerald crystal body before he pointed his sword at Arkhen.

Arkhen saw his hands combining with his sword and covering it with emerald crystals, making him surprised.


A second later, Jonus waved his hand, releasing an emerald sword slash towards Arkhen.

Arkhen waved his hand and created ten blocks of force-field in front of him.

The powerful emerald slash touched the first force-field and easily broke it before continuing.


But after each time it destroyed a force-field block, it got reduced in size and power. In the end, it disappeared after breaking the 7th force-field block.

'Wow. He broke 7 of my force-field blocks that each had a power of 10,000 EP. Was he exerting more than 10,000 EP?' Arkhen asked before he saw that Jonas actually went down towards the dome to attack it.

[My lord. He didn't use EP above 10,000. His attack was powerful because it was an attack combined with three things. First, his superpower from blessing, that emerald crystallization. Second, his SS-rank sword, which was empowered by his superpower. Third, his S-rank skill, that slash-projectile, which was empowered by his sword, empowered by his superpower]

"Don't make that mistake, old man. I only need to think and a blackfrost blizzard will start inside that dome, killing everyone eventually," Arkhen said plainly. Of course, he wouldn't do that since there were white and yellow white people inside that dome.

Jonas stopped and turned back to Arkhen. His expression darkened as he said, "Don't make an irredeemable mistake, boy."

"Kill me and free them," Arkhen said with a smile as he beckoned Jonas with his right hand. "Come!"

"Heh, I was holding back since you had hostages in that courtyard. But if you want to die by fighting against me, I'll gladly do that," Jonas sneered as an intense killing intent oozed out of his eyes. 'Idiots, quickly destroy the dome from inside and come out.'


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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 70 Aerzax’s First Appearance, Arkhen Vs The Eldian