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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 69 Floating Castle: Aerzax (2/2)

The ground floor of the castle was a throne hall, with 20 meters high ceiling. The castle hall was mostly empty except for the exquisite decorations and a big red carpet leading to a magnificent throne. There were two tiny ponds on both sides of the red carpet and many other decorations like flower vases, beastly statues, and such.

All in all, the hall was eight thousand square meters big.

"How did this castle become so compact?" Azela asked, clearly confused. Outside, the castle base took at least 100,000 square meters area but the ground hall of this castle was 8000 square meters in size. π˜ͺ𝗻nπ‘Ÿeπ‘Žπ’…. π˜€π’ο½

"Also, where are stairs to the upper floors?" Evelyn asked in confusion.

"That's why I said that this castle is big from the outside but small from the inside," Arkhen grinned. 'Velshi, are the bracelets ready?'

[Yes my lord. I have already created fifty bracelets. They are in the inventory]

'Give them to the girls and register their names connecting to the main system of my bracelet,' Arkhen said before he clapped once.

Azela looked at the bracelet on her wrist and was surprised. "Me too?"

"Of course, you are a part of our family now. Don't ever say that you are an orphan. We are here for you," Arkhen said with a gentle smile before he told them the use of the bracelet. "This bracelet only works in this castle. First, infuse a bit of energy in it."

The girls infused energy into the bracelet, causing a hologram to produce from it.

The hologram was simple; it had twenty tiny boxes with 1 to 20 numbers on them and each box had some words written below the number.

"Click on the first number," Arkhen said as he also pressed the no.1 box of the bracelet.

The girls clicked on it and the box expanded with details but everyone also disappeared from the ground hall of the castle and appeared on the 1st floor.

1st floor: Cozy Living Hall.


Everyone was amazed at this floor. The atmosphere of the hall was super cozy. There was a big burning fireplace, fluffy couches, and sofa chairs arranged in a big formation. A big digital futuristic screen was also situated in front of the formation of the cozy couches and sofa chairs.

"Now let's go to the second floor," Arkhen said.

Everyone activated the bracelets again and pressed [2].

2nd floor: A kitchen and dining hall.

Then they went to the 3rd floor.

3rd floor: Training room. Moreover, this training room had a grassy floor and looked like a closed garden. There was also a small hill and a river flowing from the hill, chaotically circulating on this entire floor before climbing back onto the hill again from behind.

"How? Is there some flowing air mechanism that is pushing the river to just circulate itself?" Azela asked curiously. "How did you do it?"

"That's correct. I will change river water occasionally, but it will be mostly clean unless we make it dirty ourselves. There are also colorful fishes inside but we need fish food to maintain the life system of the fishes in this enclosed river," Arkhen said.

"We can bathe in the river after training," Zoe said with a chuckle.

"Nah. We have the fourth floor for that. Let's go," Arkhen said with a smile.

Everyone activated the bracelet and entered the 4th floor before they were truly shocked at the design of this bathroom floor.

This floor was 16,000 square meters big. It had a big water ride going into a gigantic pool and ten other hot spring pools in another section. This floor was also natural since those hot spring pools looked like natural hot springs dug into the ground. It also had greenery surrounding each pool and all of them were situated on high and low grounds.

There was another section with a marble floor and showers as well.

After looking at this floor in amazement for a minute, they all went to the next floor.

5th floor: Room floors.

Arkhen and others appeared in the small hall of this floor, which had ten small pathways of 10 meters long. All pathways ended with a door blocking them.

Behind each door was a thousand square feet room with a big bed, cupboards, a private bathroom, and such. Each room was exquisitely furnished and had everything one needs for a bedroom.

"From 5th to 9th floors are the room floors. Each floor has 10 rooms with a small hall as you see here," Arkhen said before he told everyone to press the 10th floor. "The 10th floor is my personal bedroom floor. Only if I allow from my bracelet can someone enter there."

Zoe pressed the [10] floor in her bracelet's hologram but didn't teleport directly. Instead, Arkhen's bracelet beeped and an additional small hologram appeared that asked for permission. [Yes] or [No] for the [Zoe].

"My name appeared? So you can also know who wants to enter," Zoe said with a surprised expression.

"Yep. That information was added when these bracelets appeared in your wrists," Arkhen said.

"Anyway, press on the 10th floor. I'll give you all permission," Arkhen said.

Everyone pressed on the 10th floor and Arkhen also gave permission as they disappeared from the 5th floor and appeared on the 10th floor.

This floor was the smallest so far. It was extra furnished because it was only one big room with one big comfortable bed. Just like the other rooms, it also had transparent windows, royal maroon curtains with beautiful designs, cupboards, a bathroom door, and an empty space with exquisite floor-work of a beautifully designed floor mat.

"So we will be living in this castle from now on?" Evelyn asked with excitement.

"Hmm, we will need many servants for such a big castle. Like, for preparing food and maintenance of the castle," Makoto said.

"I have a plan for that, no worries," Arkhen said with a grin. "We will have many servants lining up for the job. The servant rooms are on the 11th to 15th floor with each floor having ten houses."

"Houses?" Ellie asked.

"Didn't you see how the base area of the castle is one hundred thousand square meters but not a single floor you saw so far has more than 20,000 square feet area?" Arkhen asked with a faint smile.

"Yeah, what exactly did you do in each floor's remaining area?" Dionne asked curiously.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 69 Floating Castle: Aerzax (2/2)