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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 68 Floating Castle: Aerzax (1/2)

After keeping his stiffest meat rod inside her for ten seconds after completely pouring his load, he finally took it out.

"Three rounds are enough. If you want more, then you can apply to join me," Arkhen whispered in her ears before he put Ruchina on the floor, her body twitching in extreme pleasure as Arkhen's pimping hot white semen was dripping from her pussy along with her love juice. She didn't know how many times she climaxed in the last thirty minutes.

Arkhen put on his pants and walked toward Sierra with a faint smile. "Your aunt was injured a few days ago, and this process was necessary to remove the curse power from her. Don't think too much."

Sierra opened her mouth to speak but didn't know what to say.

"Close that mouth or I'll my meat rod in it, hahaha," Arkhen said as he walked past her, causing Sierra to quickly close her mouth.

After Arkhen left, Sierra walked toward her naked aunt and looked at her mind-broken expression. Her glance went to her crotch and saw Arkhen's thick semen dripping out of her like a river slowly. "Aunt… Why did you do this?"

Ruchina opened regained her senses and sighed. "I felt like I was heaven… That boy, he is…he is a beast of pleasure. I bet all those girls outside have tasted his might."

"What are you saying?! What about my uncle?" Sierra said with a frown.

"Your uncle?" Ruchina's eyes turned cold. "Fuck him! He is a moronic idiot. The only thing valuable to him is his title of the eldest son of the Jothan clan. I fight outside and suffer while he is holed up at the house with his concubines. I am his main wife in name only but he only feels inferior to me. Humph, he is not man enough for me."

Sierra was speechless. But now finally understood why her aunt spent the majority of her time here and even built a hut for herself to live in this forest.

Ruchina stood up and circulated energy towards her crotch to remove all semen of Arkhen from inside her pussy before opening a ward and wearing new clothes. "Did you ask him to teach you? He is way better than me in martial arts."

"How can I ask him in this situation?" Sierra said with a speechless expression. "You really lost your senses, huh?"

"Yes, in pleasure," Ruchina said as she pinched Sierra's cheeks. "You will know once you taste it. I tasted it for the first time today and I might go to him for it again. Hehe, I might not be the most powerful but my beauty is among the top."

Sierra pushed her aunt's hand away with sighed. "I can't believe this."

"You should," Ruchina said as she walked past her and went out of the hut. "Oh, he already left. Well, do you have his number or should I get it from the database for you?"

"Sigh, please get it. I need to train under him to win. I have no other choices."

"Brother, how was she?" Zoe asked curiously, grabbing his hand tightly at her breasts.

"She was good, haha. It felt like it was her first time. There was a lot of frustration in her but I removed it all in that thirty minutes."

"So, now are we going to teacher Azela?" Makoto asked.

"Yep. And also, commence the grand plan," Arkhen said with an excited glint in his eyes.

After meeting up with Azela, all of them went into a private training center.

"Why are we here? Don't tell me?" Dionne asked before she looked at Azela and coughed.

"Haha, we are not here for that. Grab each other's hand, we are going to teleport," Arkhen said.

"Teleport?" Azela was startled as she looked at Arkhen. "You can teleport?"

"Yep," Arkhen said with a faint smile. "I can do a lot of things. But for now, let's go to my castle."

'Velshi, initiate the build. What is the final cost?'

[Build up initiated. The final cost is 20,769 reality points]

'Do it and teleport us.'

In the dead center of the Antarctica continent, it was freezing and cold as always.

However, something started to manifest in the air, five thousand meters off the ground.

A chaotic orb first appeared before it expanded into 300,000 square meters wide and one thousand meters tall.

A second later, countless cracks appeared on it before its outer shell burst open, revealing a small island with a magnificent castle on it. The island was 300,000 square meters wide while the castle at the center of the island took up 100,000 square meters of space.

On the island, Arkhen, Zoe, Evelyn, Makoto, Ellie, Dionne, and Azela appeared in front of the castle gates.

"It's freezing!"

Zoe, Evelyn, Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne started freezing and trembled with cold as the atmosphere was super cold. Azela and Arkhen were fine since they had high physical body stats.

"Circulate your energy," Arkhen said as he quickly created a force-field around girls.

"It was so cold," Zoe said before she waved her hand and created a small fire tornado in front of her to produce heat.

"This castle… It's so awesome," Dionne said as she looked at a sky-high castle that was seven hundred meters tall. In comparison, it was just 130 meters shorter than Burj Khalifa.

"But a bit too big, no?" Ellie said as she was slightly speechless at its size.

"Haha, it's big from the outside but small from the inside," Arkhen said with a mysterious smile.

"Eh? I have heard small from the outside and big from the inside, but what is this? Big outside, small inside?" Makoto was confused.

On the other hand, Azela was just dumbfounded. She couldn't comprehend how Arkhen managed to have this floating castle or island. Like… How was any of this possible?

Of course, the girls also didn't know, but they were not surprised by Arkhen's feat anymore. They just felt that he could do anything.

"Let's go inside, then you will know," Arkhen said with a mysterious smile as he pushed open the castle door.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 68 Floating Castle: Aerzax (1/2)