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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 67 Part Of The Treatment

"Ah, my bad. I had decided to use Crouching Tiger martial arts moves today and all its attacks are claw-like so…" Arkhen said with an apologetic smile. "On the bright side, they felt really comfortable. Although you are Sierra's aunt, you look just like someone in their early thirties and very beautiful."

Ruchina's face turned cold with a hint of red. She didn't try to hide her failure and narrowed her as she dashed towards Arkhen again. 'How did he know?'


She got pushed back again and this time, her right perky big breast was also out in the open.

Of course, Arkhen had Touch of Ecstasy activated both times and also Heavenly Massage Art so he made sure to not let her feel any time with his attack but instead, let her feel ecstasy.

"You win," Ruchina said with an indifferent expression as she walked towards her hut. Her boobs moved up and down as he walked but didn't try to hide her.

After Ruchina went inside the hut, Arkhen also walked toward the hut.

"Where are you going?" Sierra frowned as she blocked Arkhen. "Are you courting death? Aunt didn't say anything because it was the spar and anything can happen in a fight. She will not take offense but if you go inside now, you will die."

Arkhen lightly laughed and shook his head as he moved past Sierra. "Relax, she can't kill me. Moreover, she won't try to kill me."

After entering within three meters of the hut, Arkhen created a force-field around it and entered the hut.

Sierra looked at Zoe and the other girls before asking, "what is he up to?" i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

"Well, we don't know, but it's better that you don't try to find it," Makoto said with a chuckle.

"Yep. Anyway, since we are free, then let's spar. This area is really good for sparring and fighting."

After Arkhen entered inside, he saw that Ruchina was sitting seiza-style with her back facing the entrance of the hut. Her upper body was naked.

"How did you find out?" Ruchina asked without turning around.

Arkhen walked towards her and sat down behind her in seiza style. "What you need to know is that I can cure it. The injury is also fresh, how did you get it?"

"Aside from humans, there are also supernatural evil entities and beasts. They don't appear often but when they do, they are usually very powerful. We went to exterminate one three days ago, and I was injured by its curse attack. My external wounds were healed but the curse attacks power flared internally last night," Ruchina said everything clearly as if she were telling her to report to a doctor.

Ruchina then looked below and saw Arkhen's hands caressing her waist before reaching her belly. From there, they slowly went upward and gently rubbed her breasts. "What is the price?"

Arkhen smiled as he didn't answer immediately. "Are you a widow?"

"Does it matter?" Ruchina asked with a tinge of red covering her face.

Arkhen leaned against her and rested his head on her shoulder as he rubbed her breasts with Heavenly Massage Art. Moving his mouth near her ears, he lightly whispered. "It matters."

"Mmmff…" Ruchina released a muffled moan as her nipples were being pinched by Arkhen.

"I-I am married to an incompetent. The usual clan alliance marriage shit," Ruchina said.

Arkhen sighed as he appeared in front of her and pushed her down before sucking her breasts while massaging her belly and sending primal energy via Heavenly Massage Art to force the cursed power towards her crotch.

Arkhen sucked her breasts hard while his hand slowly moved downward along with the cursed power and finally reached her crotch.

"T-That…." Ruchina stammered and put her hand there to block Arkhen's hand.

Arkhen got up and looked at Ruchina who was lying on the floor with her upper body naked and lower body in hakama.

"There's no stopping time," Arkhen said with a smile as he spread her legs apart and removed his pants, showing his monstrous divine cock. "If we don't remove that cursed power now, it will hurt at that place even more."

After saying that, Arkhen rubbed his dick on her pussy a few times before he entered inside.


Ruchina started moaning as she felt pleasure like never before. 'So t-this…this is what it feels like to hit the deepest part?'

Her boobs jiggled with each thrust of Arkhen's dick inside her, sending jolts and jolts of euphoria in her being.

Around thirty minutes passed and they were still having it...

"How long they will take?" Sierra asked with a frown as she looked at the hut and moved towards it.

"Well, brother has removed the force-field so you can go and see," Zoe said with a snicker. "Just don't be shocked."

"Why would I be shocked?" Sierra snorted as she walked toward the hut. But as she neared, she started hearing some sounds.

Soon, her face turned red as she heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh and moans of pleasure.

"No way…" Sierra muttered with a red face as she moved in front of the hut's entrance and saw the scene that made her eyes go wide.

Her aunt was pushed against a wall by Arkhen as he sucked her boobs while he was moving his hips, his dick inside her aunt's pussy.

They were having sex!

"W-What are you two doing!?" Sierra uttered in a high-pitch voice, attracting Arkhen's and Ruchina's attention.

"Arkhen! Didn't you say that you blocked the surroundings of the hut?" Ruchina asked as her eyes trembled.

"I removed it," Arkhen said with a smile as he continued fucking her and went back to bite her nipples and suck on her soft and plump breasts.

"You…." Ruchina was speechless. She turned to Sierra, who was standing with her jaw dropped in shock. "Sierra, this…is a part of treatment. Aaahhh~~"

Suddenly, Arkhen released his load inside her, filling up her insides and pushing his dick inside to the extreme. Ruchina's eyes turned upward after moaning as she also held Arkhen tightly.

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 67 Part Of The Treatment