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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 63 Troubled Azela

Everyone reached the academy on time.

Today was apparently a special day for everyone. It was also Arkhen's special day because he reached 10,000 EP and will commence his big move today.

Azela entered the class with a small box in her hand. However, there were slight dark circles under her eyes and she was not exuding her usual beauty. Arkhen had noticed this for the past three days that teacher Azela was not in her usual and today was the worst of all.

Seeing students looking at her with doubt and confusion. Azela revealed an unstable smile. "It's been really tiring for the past few days, haha. Anyway, there's good news for you all today."

"You already know the ropes of training, so there won't be training classes from now on. Instead, we will have skill learning sessions. But before that, all of you will get a boost in your overall power," Azela said as she put the box on the table.


"So we will be getting resources that refine our core and increase energy power faster?"

"Is that true?"

Azela nodded. "Yep. But how much increase you get in your energy power depends on your performance in the trial pool."

After saying that, Azela opened the box and looked at the students before speaking, "come here one by one and take a crystal badge from this box."

The students stood up excitedly one by one. Ellie, Makoto, Dionne, and Arkhen were the last ones.

After Dionne took her badge and left back to her chair, Arkhen walked forward while looking at Azela, his eyes piercing into hers. Azela became felt a bit of discomfort but she still put on a smile. "You're the last one, Arkhen. Take the badge."

The students were curiously checking out the crystal badge, but Arkhen spent 1 reality point checking her mental status of Azela and frowned. He stretched his hand towards the box but instead, grabbed her hand that was holding the box before asking, "what happened? Are you facing any troubles?"

Azela slightly trembled after hearing that. Her eyes became compact and her irises shrunk, reflecting some fear in her eyes. But she composed herself and smiled. "What? I am fine."

However, after Arkhen removed his hand from her hand, he left a small piece of paper on her hand that he created by spending another reality point. He muttered something before he picked up the last crystal badge and returned to his chair.

Azela looked at the piece of paper near her hand. Her eyes briefly reflected hope before returning to the previous state. But she still grabbed the piece of paper. [I will help you solve your trouble, so just tell me what is the problem later] was written on the paper.

She then looked at the students before explaining to them about the crystal badge. "This crystal badge is your ticket to the trial pools area. These trial pools are built behind the headquarters. Once you enter inside, after handing over the crystal badge, you will know what to do."

"The longer you can stay in the trial pool, the more your core will be refined," Azela said before she paused to take a breath and continued, "theoretically, you can increase your energy power by 10,000 in that pool but the longer you stay in that pool, the more pain your whole body will feel. If you can't endure anymore or faint, you will be taken out to prevent your death."

The students became excited.

"So we can go now?" Chishi quickly asked.

"Yes. You should go right now before other uni energy section classes occupy the uni pools," Azela nodded. "Otherwise, you will have to wait in the queue."

"Let's go!"

The students stood up excitedly and left the class.

But Ellie, Makoto, Dionne, and Arkhen were still seated.

"What are you waiting for?" Azela asked as she looked at Arkhen and the girls. She smiled somewhat weakly before saying, "go to the trial pools or you will have to wait in the queue."

"I want to know what happened to you. Your usual radiance has been decreasing for the last three days," Arkhen said with a serious expression. π‘–π—»π—»π‘Ÿe𝒢𝗱. π’„π‘œπ‘š

He had already put Azela on his harem list since the first time he saw her. Since he had considered Azela as his, and she also appeared to be in trouble right now, Arkhen decided to solve it. Moreover, he also needed a teacher for his plan.

"Thank you, Arkhen. But this trouble is not something you can solve," Azela said with a sigh as she shook her head. Her eyes were actually filled with despair!

"Teacher." Ellie adopted a reassuring expression before saying, "please tell us your problem. Arkhen will definitely be able to solve it."

Azela tiredly shook her head and sighed. "Arkhen, you are only one, while the trouble I have upon me is of a powerful clan and pressure of this academy. You don't possess the power to oppose an ancient clan. Just forget it. I'm only here for today."

Arkhen stood up and appeared in front of her with his quick speed and grabbed both of her hands before speaking, "Azela. I not only possess the power to oppose an ancient clan, but I possess the power to oppose this entire world. Now tell, what is the problem?"

Arkhen exerted his Gaze of Conqueror but also used Touch of Ecstasy as he gently held her hands.

"I..." Azela felt a lump in her throat while her eyes became teary, but there was also anger in her eyes. "I have become a bargaining chip for the academy. Since I have no one and am an orphan, they want me to marry into a clan forcefully as a concubine of a disgusting man. He is not even young, but an old man in his fifties."

"What?!" Arkhen was startled before his face turned angry. Clenching his fist, he angrily cursed. 'A pig wants to eat a swan? Fucking hell!'

Such a sin! He is going to burn that bastard to death and clean the red dots of that clan, period!

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 63 Troubled Azela