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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 62 Pinch

7 days later…



"Shssss, idiot. Don't be loud. Brother hasn't created force-field, he is still sleeping," Evelyn said as she lightly hit Zoe's buttocks while she was riding Arkhen's divine cock of morning wood.

Luna opened her eyes as she woke up and helplessly smiled. "You two are doing it again."

Zoe was resting on Arkhen's bare chest with a lusty expression on her face. Her soft breasts were pressed against Arkhen as she squeezed her butt tightly and savored Arkhen's dick inside her.

She was focused on moving quickly as Arkhen's hard meat rod hit her deepest part and sent waves of extreme pleasure into her being.

"Hehe, brother's morning wood is best. Also, it's exciting to do it while brother is sleeping," Evelyn said while softly giggling.

Luna stood up and sat on the bed before stretching her arms. This was her 8th night here without a nightmare.

"Luna, you might be feeling shy, so how about doing it while brother Arkhen is sleeping? It really feels good," Evelyn said as she went behind Luna and fondled her boobs.

"Don't, it tickles," Luna's face turned red as she looked at Arkhen's dick that was being savored by Zoe.

"Come on, you love brother Arkhen, it's clear. He also loves you, and that too in a more special way than us," Evelyn said with a smile. "That's why he is not using his tricks on you."

"You have already tasted his full massage so now you should taste this too, hehe," Evelyn grinned.

Luna blushed intensely but changed the topic as she noticed something amiss.

"Arkhen should have woken up by now," Luna said as she looked at the sleeping Arkhen with doubt.

"Well, I think he worked a lot yesterday since it was a holiday. AX was everywhere in the news."

"Aahh- Mhff…" Zoe suppressed her moan as she climaxed, her love juice overflowing from her pink pussy. Arkhen also released his load while sleeping, filling her insides with his hot semen.

"Haaaah…" Zoe closed her eyes in bliss and kept Arkhen's dick inside her as she felt the extreme pleasure of her inside filling up to the brim while Arkhen's hard and hot dick twitched constantly inside her, shooting out white hot semen.

Arkhen also finally opened his eyes and sat Zoe's face up close as he wryly smiled. "You two are really too horny."

"Good morning, brother," Zoe grinned with a lusty face, her tongue out as she reached for a kiss. But before that…

"It's my turn now," Evelyn kicked Zoe's butt and pushed her to the side before sitting on top of Arkhen and quickly putting Arkhen's dick inside her and started moving after hugging Arkhen. She moved her hips as fast as possible while tightly hugging him, pressing her plump breasts against his chest.

"Aaahh~, this is best..."

Arkhen grabbed Evelyn's breasts and pinched her nipples playfully, giving her the effect of Touch of Ecstasy to increase her pleasure by a fold.

"Arkhen and girls! When are you waking up? It's almost time for the academy."



Luna quickly moved as she disappeared from the bed with her fast speed and appeared behind the door, not letting Isabella open the door fully. "Aunt Isabella. They had a rather tiring day yesterday because it was a holiday and we played a lot. They are still sleeping. Wait, I'll wake them up in a minute," she said quickly.

Evelyn's pussy tightened like never before at this sudden pinch situation, making Arkhen feel really good as his dick was tightly wrapped by the soft insides of Evelyn's pussy.

He couldn't help but move as he felt super good. Of course, he created a force-field first because Evelyn released a moan right after he moved.

"Alright, wake them up quick," Isabella said before she left.

Luna closed the door and locked it before she sighed relief. "You girls, why was this door unlocked?" Luna asked with a speechless expression.

"Cough…I went out at midnight to grab some snakes," Zoe said with a rueful smile. "I forgot to lock it after entering."

"Aaaaahhh~~…brother, Mmmm~...Mmhh~...Mmmhh~...Mmmhhh~…" Evelyn constantly released moans as Arkhen stood up and laid Evelyn on her back on the bed before moving his hips fast.

He caressed Evelyn's breasts and played with her nipples while moving his hips strongly and fast, sending jolts and jolts of pleasure into Evelyn as her eyes rolled upward.

The divine cock inside her was hitting her deepest part, and she had lost herself in pleasure, not even spending any more energy moaning after that.

A minute didn't even pass before Evelyn squirted and in tandem with that, Arkhen also released his white hot load inside her before resting on her soft breast and putting one of them in his mouth. His tongue played with her nipple as he sucked hard.

Evelyn locked her legs on Arkhen's waist, not letting go of his dick from her pussy, and hugged him tightly with her eyes closed in absolute bliss. The feeling of this hot dick staying inside her at its hardest after climaxing and filling up her insides was the best. It caused her body to twitch in pleasure automatically.

After a whole minute of staying like that, Arkhen finally pulled his dick out with an extremely satisfied expression on his face, while Evelyn lay there with a lost and lusty expression on her face.

"We should get ready now," Luna said with a wry smile.

Arkhen turned to Luna and walked toward her with a faint smile. "How can we leave before I make remove that discomfort from your body? Come, lie on the bed."

Arkhen princess carried Luna as a blush appeared on her face. She knew what Arkhen was going to do.

"Brother, clean us first so we go back to our room and take a bath," Zoe said as she stood up with Arkhen's thick white liquid dripping from her pussy.

Arkhen put Luna on the bed and then used some reality points to clean Zoe and Evelyn before giving them new clothes.

After Zoe and Evelyn left, Arkhen locked the door again before walking toward Luna. She had her usual blush and cute face with her eyes crossed below her supple boobs.

"Quick, please… "Luna said, her voice as soft as a mosquito's buzzing.

Arkhen gently smiled as he widened her legs before putting his mouth on her vagina.

"Mhmfff…" Luna released a muffled moan as she felt Arkhen's tongue enter her pussy. He ate her pussy and sucked while his powerful tongue played in her pink cave.


Arkhen smiled as he additionally added his finger along with his tongue and also activated Touch of Ecstasy.

Luna closed her eyes while she caressed her own sensitive breasts and erect nipples. Arkhen's one hand was also massaging her boob and pinching her lovely pink erect nip, making her fill with ecstasy.

"It's co-coming…" Luna said after a minute before a hot spray of her love juice was released.

Arkhen took back his mouth and hugged Luna, resting his head on her breasts and caressing them while his dick rubbed her pussy. 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

"Arkhen, do you want to do it?" Luna asked softly as she gently held Arkhen's head and pulled him towards her face before kissing him.

Arkhen kissed her while his dick rubbed her pussy but never entered inside. "Only if you want it."

"Then I'll endure and remain patient until I have my revenge. After that, we will become one," Luna said with a smile before she once again kissed Arkhen for a few seconds before separating. "Alright now, get ready. You need to go to the academy."

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