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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 374 Reality & Unbound

Arkhen and others wasted no time and started creating their divinity spirits.

Makoto, Isabella, and Dionne came out after five days and joined the group.

Time passed as minutes turned into hours and hours into days.

After ten days…

At different spots on the prominent mountain peak, everyone was meditating.

Each had a different and unique aura around them that showed a faint magical and colorful phenomenon related to their progress on creating Divinity Spirit.

Around Arkhen was an aura consisting of a dark green liquid-looking aura with sparkling lapis blue and pitch black motes.

Inside his consciousness, he was creating a divinity spirit by using his soul energy and accumulated divine essence he got after defeating many divinity spirits.

Alas, things were dire for those who went on the quest to get strong.

Only several of those peak 9th realm powerhouses that went into Battle Spirit World… only several of them were alive out of eight plus that went there.

Aside from five exotic demons, only Dragon Lord Mexo and Curse Empress Chiwa were alive.

On the other hand, Shiron was brought to the brink of pulling his hair in frustration.

"How? How did they find out?"

"OLD MAN! We won't survive for long. Quickly inform Arkhen to summon us! If you got some other plan or shit, then do it!"

Nixeno's flickering avatar shouted at Shiron one last time before it vanished.

Shiron punched in the air with great frustration before taking a deep breath to calm down.

"This is not going as good as I expected… No. Must I go with the last resort?" Shiron muttered.

But before going for that, he decided to observe Arkhen and see how he was doing.

Alas, when he checked Arkhen and the people around him, his location, and such, Shiron almost puked blood.

'Brat, why are you so close to an enemy? Did Kunik think that he could hide their world's soul characteristic from my eyes?'

Shiron instantly recognized that Lisa was not from the World of Nine Realms but an enemy.

"I can't take any risks… It's time to step it up," Shiron muttered before sighing.

'Ancient Blood Of Mine. Awake, Rise, and Serve. Spread the mindful soul, and inform the others.'

Shiron finished chanting and disappeared.

While Arkhen was in training, Lisa watched him from her cloud palace.

Alas, it was not long before she got a shock.

An old man with a white beard and hair appeared before her.

"W-Who are you?" Lisa spoke with a stammer as fear oozed out of her.

"You don't need to know," Shiron indifferently spoke before his eyes flashed goldenly.

But that brief moment was enough to completely obliterated Lisa's soul and body.

She was deader than dead!

And this news instantly reached her father.


Kunik roared, and his eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

"Kunik, everything is fair in a war of this scale," Shiron muttered before he vanished again.

From that moment, another strange thing was happening throughout all the realms.

"What War?"

"No way. Are you sure about that news, ancestor Snakal?"

"A force stronger than ever before is trying to destroy our world! Prepare for it!"

The world of nine realms was shaking. All races and people of the nine realms were united as the news about the incoming war spread.

Myriad Mayhem was completely exposed, and its members were hunted in all realms.

They didn't know it was just the start of their despair.

Shiron had two goals, and he wanted to complete both goals. But given the current state, he had to sacrifice one of his goals.

"Arkhen, nice to meet you."

Arkhen's eyes shot open as he heard the voice.

"It's time to go, boy," Shiron said with a severe expression.

After four months…

In a particular dimension attached to the ninth realm.

Inside a big hall with a large rectangle table in the middle, Arkhen sat on the short side of the table, and behind him sat his harem.

Sierra, Isabella, Meya, Sasha, Azela, Zoe, Evelyn, Grace, Makoto, Luna, Ellie, Dionne, Emily, Haruna, Ruchina, Yeezy, and the forest fairy Yura.

Aside from them, other people also sat at different places at the table.

"This world will not survive in the current game of chess that four big parties are playing. I was sent here by one of them with two goals," Shiron said somberly.

"Every world in this Grand Pontos Cosmos is stacked in this game, and Arkhen, you have one of the most powerful chess pieces," Shiron finished speaking and looked at Arkhen.

Arkhen nodded. Velshi finally briefed him on everything after the system reached level 9. Of course, he was basically piggybacked to this level of strength, but he understood all of their essences due to the profound knowledge that Shiron passed him.

But all that strength build-up and knowledge required to elevate his soul to this level was to catalyze his existence so that he could partake in this game of chess involving every world in this cosmos.

Velshi appeared out of Arkhen's body and said, "My lord. If you died, I would have to find a new host, which I don't want to do. For this war, I want you as my lord. So, please….go with this plan."

Shiron nodded. 'We can't afford to let the Reality Token go in search of another host. Arkhen is the last chance; the furthest one has come with Reality System.'

Myriad Mayhem or Dream League targeted all previous hosts of reality. But two more parties could tackle both of them individually.

All four were enemies of each other that played with eight chess pieces.

Those eight pieces were Eight Cosmos Breaker Artifacts.

Reality, Dream, Abyss, Unbound, Eternal, and Void.

"Arkhen, I was sent here by Theo, The Unbound. Otherwise known as limitless and infinite. Your Reality power is the arch enemy of Unbound because your reality can bind Unbound to limit within the confines of your reality.

Of course, you are not strong enough to do that now, but instead of eliminating you, he wants an alliance with Reality, You."

A whirling silver orb appeared with the wave of Shiron's hand.

It flew towards Arkhen before turning into a portal door on top of him.

"Once you leave through this portal, you will set foot into that chess board, and the grand game will start."

"But you think I am not ready, right?" Arkhen asked with a wry smile.

Sierra, Meya, Isabella, and all the other girls were determined. They would support Arkhen with their all.

Even they knew that everything happened too fast.

"Compared to them, you are indeed not ready," Shiron replied wryly. "But that's why you got the support from Unbound. All of your companions have received an inheritance to help them rise faster to support you.

"You got five rule profundities from me, and you also earned that Nixes Torch Rule's profundity. From now on, you will have to play with rules and laws and pick threads from them to create your own style of power and combat."

"Lasses, all of you have to support Arkhen in this game. The world you will next step into is highly merciless," Shiron said with a smile, looking behind Arkhen at his harem.

"Darling will rise. We'll make sure of that," Meya said with a cheeky smile.

Everyone smiled.

"Old man, you are underestimating me, hahaha."

Arkhen laughed out loud with excitement and a hint of madness. "Since I am alive and got this chance, I am not backing out or going in half-assed."

He didn't want to just partake in this game. He wanted to flip the entire board!

Meanwhile, Velshi was turned on by Arkhen's burning will that she had never felt from any of her previous hosts.

'Yes, my lord. You are the one with unbreakable madness and will. I want no one other than you…Ahh…my dear lord~'

"If the preparations are done, then we will get going," Arkhen said after his laugh and stood up.

"I await the good news of hearing your name alongside Unbound," Shiron said with a smile.

"I won't take long." Arkhen nodded with a grin and entered the portal with his harem following him.

The girls were also fired up. They had gotten strong and reached the peak of the 9th realm because of inheritance, but they had suffered a lot in the past four months for it.

After all, it was no easy task to absorb those inheritances.

Their stats reached SSS, but it was just the start of their true adventure!

Arkhen, The Tyrant of All Lords, incoming!

[ A/N:

I am ending this story here as I can't write it anymore. This novel was my light when I almost despaired. I had high expectations for my 3rd book and worked hard for it, but hard work doesn't always pay off, and I am aware of that. That book didn't do well, and I was feeling stressed because I had to do something or I would become penniless.

That's when I started writing out of stress, and this novel was born, and I could go by life because of it. I never thought it would earn the best of out all my novels. I am thankful to all of you who supported me.

Unfortunately, not writing it for two months made it dead, but there was no choice as I had problems irl. I had made plans for this novel, but sadly, I can't execute them now.

Now as a writer, I feel sick writing this, but my mind is not focusing on the story. There was no other choice but to finish it like this so that I could stop thinking about it. Life doesn't always go as planned, but I am not backing out.

I am stopping as LivingVoid, but I am going onto a new journey. Please wish me luck. For my final words to every reader who read my books, I can only say Thank you and... Sorry.


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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 374 Reality & Unbound