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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 373 Leaving (R-18)

"How long will he take?" Lisa muttered with a bored look as she sat on a sofa chair she had taken from her storage ring.

It's been five hours, and Arkhen was still inside the orb.

By now, Arkhen was in the last stages of this quest. He was absorbing Fallen's Spark and integrating it into his inner space.

Half an hour later…

The big sphere slowly dissipated, revealing Arkhen in a new outfit and hair.

His new outfit was an intense dark purple sharp-designed robe and trousers while his hair turned light violet.

The robe was more black rather than purple color, and it oozed out a mysterious black aura.

[My lord. The new cycle of side effects will start in a couple of hours.]

'This time, I'll resist all of them until the end,' Arkhen internally replied before walking towards Lisa with a smile. "My work is done here. Thanks."

[System has absorbed information and energy from Fallen's Spark and automatically upgraded to level 4, along with changing its evolution system.]


Arkhen looked at Lisa to check her status and was surprised.


-Stamina: D+

-Agility: D+

-Strength: D+

-Charm: 11

-Soul: D+

-Energy Power: C-

'Her charm is 11? Damn, I wonder how she looks?' Arkhen wondered as he looked at the veiled face of Lisa.

He could only see her eyes, and they were indeed wonderful. A pair of dreamy dark violet eyes that could be any average person's soul.

[Also, my lord. You got a concept fragment of Nixes Torch and comprehended some of its power. You can now absorb light or give light. There are many other uses of this power, which you have to learn yourself.]

"What did you get by absorbing it?" Lisa asked before pausing as she looked around and saw that the blackness in the atmosphere was reducing.

"Just a weak power of sniffing out light," Arkhen said with a grin as he waved his hand and absorbed all residual energy of Fallen's Spark in the atmosphere, causing the entire underground cave to become clearly visible.

Arkhen looked at illume Crystals decorated in this place, but they had no power left due to Fallen's Spark absorbing their lights.

Waving his hand, Arkhen lit up those Illume Crystals as they glowed and illuminated the whole place.

Lisa was surprised, 'Interesting.'

"Want to come with me? If Myriad Mayhem is after you, then they will come again. We will use that chance to kill them," Lisa said with a smile.

"You mean, you want me to become a bait?"

Arkhen raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, something like that. Haha."

Seeing her laugh, Arkhen wryly smiled before saying, "Wait a min, let me discuss."

Arkhen talked with everyone in Mystic Wonderland and Velshi before deciding.

"Alright, we'll come with you."

Everyone thought that this was a good idea because, one, they were weak at the moment. Second, going with Lisa would mean that Arkhen became bait, but they also got protection and information regarding resources.

After arriving at Sword Cloud Island, where Lisa's clan and one of the most powerful forces of the 3rd realm resided, Arkhen and his group immediately went to challenge Divinity Spirits and absorb their cores to increase their stats.

After constantly battling for over a month, everyone reached the peak of the first stage, the Divine Accumulation Stage.

Everyone's stats reached D from F+ in a month.

Before starting the training for the second stage, everyone needed a break.

On the castle's 3rd floor, Arkhen was sitting on Isabella's lap and playing with her plump and beautiful breasts.

"Arkhen, you didn't behave weirdly this time. Are you okay?" Isabella asked while playing with his dick.

"Yeah. I got those side effects, but I was determined not to let them affect me and my training."

"That's great, but I am craving this, so…" Isabella said with a sultry smile as she got up and sat on Arkhen's thighs and grabbed his dick.

"Already so wet?" Arkhen questioned with a laugh.

"I told you I am craving it," Isabella said and immediately put Arkhen's dick into her pussy before she started moving her hips.

"Aaaahh~ Yes…."

Isabella was moving moderately and savoring the pleasure to the fullest. Her plump white breasts with erect nipples were bouncing to her hip moving, making Arkhen even harder.

He grabbed those juicy boobs and started fondling them, causing Isabella's moan even more seductively.

Those moans were music to his ears, making him harder and more excited.

"There they are!"

Suddenly, Zoe arrived on the 3rd floor and saw his mother and Arkhen going at it. Pouting, she said, "Next turn is mine!"

"And then me!" Meya.

All the other girls arrived one by one, and the hot springs floor became lively.

Arkhen visited other pools with girls one by one, and everyone had fun for the whole day.

Meanwhile, Makoto, Ellie, and Dionne were going through the last stages of their trial.

After finishing the last trial, they would finally reunite with Arkhen after a long time.

[A/N: To remember their appearance, go to the first AUX chapter ( Harem So Far ). ]

In an open mountain pavilion, Arkhen and Lisa sat across each other at a short table.

"It's been a month, but they haven't attacked me yet," Arkhen said with doubt. "What's going on?"

He had been going out in the open often in the past month but was not attacked even once.

"Who knows? Maybe they are onto something else? Anyway, even if they don't attack us, the top forces of the 3rd realm are finding them," Lisa said with a grin. "That aside, your wives are really beautiful."

"You must be beautiful too. How about showing me your face?" Arkhen asked with a faint smile as he took a sip from a teacup.

"You won't be able to bear my beauty, haha."

"We won't know unless you try it. I might be able to bear it."

Lisa stared into Arkhen's eyes for a few seconds before standing up, "I have to go now, Arkhen. See you later.

"You and your companions can continue the training of creating your Divinity Spirit here. This mountain peak has several high-grade plants to help you focus more."

"Alright, thanks."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 373 Leaving (R-18)