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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 371 Trouble & Scheme

Arkhen was notorious among Myriad Mayhem as he had killed many of their people, and the people of Myriad Mayhem also had only one goal, which was also to capture Arkhen.

And soon, both parties would meet.

"I found one that matched me! Finally!" Evelyn said with excitement as she felt power similar to hers in the divinity spirit in front of her.

That divinity spirit had extraordinary glassy transparent eyes with a tiny black dot in the middle of its rhombus-shaped body.

Soon, its eyes showed killing intent towards Evelyn as she laid her eyes on it and felt a call from deep within it.

Arkhen and others stopped and moved to a side because, in a battle between a person and a divinity spirit, the atmosphere would get locked by the realm before filling it with power pulses related to the participant's powers.

As such, Arkhen and others couldn't even see the battle between Evelyn and the divinity spirit because one of Evelyn's most powerful and main power was the Ethereal affinity that she evolved to level 4, Scope!

Everyone aside from Evelyn had also encountered one divinity spirit and defeated it before absorbing its powers.

Evelyn was fighting by hurling various of her offensive powers and constantly transporting them from various angles and directions by using her scope-based abilities that she learned herself.

While they were fighting, Velshi sensed something again.

[My lord, this time, I am sure. We are not alone on this island. My reality power is not working properly here, so I also can't scan the area properly, but I am sure that there are people after us, and they are from Myriad Mayhem.]

'Hmm… if you are so sure, then we can't ignore it. They must but stronger than us, right?'

[Yes. The best is to avoid and run away from them because if they catch up to us, the fight won't be easy, and lives will be lost.]

"Guys, we won't hunt divinity spirits anymore. Let's finish the main mission first and then train to reach the peak of this realm."

"Any trouble, Arkhen?" Sierra asked as she felt something amiss hearing Arkhen's tone.

Arkhen wryly smiled and nodded, "Trouble is following us, or rather, me."

"Myriad Mayhem is here?" Meya asked in surprise and frown.


Velshi also told rough numbers Arkhen, causing him to gulp as he continued, "They are here and in great numbers. All of them are peak, and near peak in this realm, so we won't stand a chance against them."

"Arkhen," Sasha said in a bit loud voice before continuing, "We will fight with you. That's why we are with you. I won't let this go like how it usually goes."

"Hahah, I know. So, let's go and get strong," Arkhen said with a laugh.

"Let's run, you mean." Zoe cheekily said with a snicker.

"It's hard to know the direction we are moving in this place. The trees and plants… it's strange."

"It's been two hours, and they shouldn't have gone too deep. Why can't we find them?"

"Just keep going. We can't use divination here to pinpoint Arkhen, but his location is still on this island."

The people of Myriad Mayhem continued searching for Arkhen.

Meanwhile, Arkhen and the group didn't stop for any fights and resource hunting. They moved straight towards Fallen's Spark.

After one hour of quick moving, they finally arrived in an ancient underground area after entering a hidden cave covered by plants and bushes.

Since everything was various shades of black, they could see things, but the scenery and atmosphere of this island still jumbled all senses of everyone.

Arkhen and others continued in the underground area and finally arrived in a large hall with a black orb floating in the middle on top of a pedestal.

The black orb oozed out a mysterious black mist that whirled around it.

"Fallen Spark…" Isabella murmured upon seeing the mysterious orb that felt like it would suck her soul.

Everyone felt danger and trepidation.

[Yep. Arkhen, please go and carefully make a connection with it using your soul.]

[Also, everyone should enter Mystic Wonderland. If all of you stayed outside, then Myriad Mayhem would capture you.]

"Everyone, get ready," Arkhen said as he willed his power to send everyone inside.

White motes appeared around everyone except for Arkhen.

"Not that fast!"

A wave of violent energy spread toward Arkhen and others, canceling everyone's transportation.

Shortly afterward, Twenty-six people arrived, all at peak and near peak strength.

Arkhen saw their status, which caused his expression to turn somber because he knew that they were truly in deep shit.

"Arkhen, give us the reality token, and we'll leave you alone," said a man with a shark head and muscular dark blue body that wore chest-only armor.

Velshi was in full panic mode and was trying to find escape routes while Arkhen and the gang adopted solemn and cautious expressions.

"You have one minute to think," said a slim snake-like man with a snake tongue. He narrowed his eyes afterward and fell into thought,' will lady Lisa's plan really work?'

On the other hand, Arkhen also narrowed his eyes after hearing that they gave one minute to think.

[My lord, I got it! The chance is very slim and…nvm, but that's the only chance we have.]

Afterward, Velshi went into a public mode so that everyone could hear her.

[All of you except Arkhen, immediately condense 10% of your soul power into a tiny bead made of your soul energy. Quick!]

Everyone started doing as told while Velshi used 1000 reality essence to create a mysterious dark grey sphere. The sphere shot out a string that connected to Arkhen.

[Make and maintain a connection with this sphere so that Arkhen can use your soul energy. With this much soul energy, Arkhen can hold them off until I prepare the escape route. I need full thirty seconds, my lord.]

People of Myriad Mayhem couldn't see anything because Velshi used reality motes to hide power presence of everything happening there.

"Something is going on there," a man with one eye said as he focused on Arkhen and others. "Let's start with the plan. Fuck one minute."

Arkhen was receiving power and was ready, but he didn't want to take the initiative. He planned to defend for thirty seconds, so when he saw moments in enemy numbers, he quickly said in a loud voice.

"Alright! You want a reality token, right?"

Hearing his words, the leaders were startled, but one of them snorted and said, "he has a reality token, so everything is possible. Don't let him get the chance to escape."


'Fuck,' Arkhen cursed, but didn't waste time as he used Oblivion Shrine to make three seconds of invincibility around him.

All attacks that were hurled at him vanished.

"Continue attacking! Let's see how long he lasts!"

Meanwhile, Velshi was preparing a dangerous escape by breaking space.

[My lord, I need 20,000 reality essence and 200,000 reality motes to make a quick escape.]

'Do it!'

If Velshi had a physical body, she would bite her lips and show an intensely determined expression. After all, she hid something from Arkhen.

Her escape route was not safe. It was only safe for Arkhen, but not others. Since they couldn't enter Mystic Wonderland, they would go through space tear, and going through it would be extremely dangerous.

She knew that a few would definitely die, but there was no other choice!

Alas, Lisa and her group were also there and watching them secretly.

"Miss Lisa, aren't they your companions? I don't think that person will last long. If we want to save them, we should go right now."

A bald man near Lisa advised her.

Lisa's eyes showed a shrewd light as she grinned, 'Arkhen…you will be in my palm soon.'

"Let's go!"

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 371 Trouble & Scheme