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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 28 Short Conflict

After the classes were over, Arkhen left to meet up with Zoe and Evelyn, as usual. This time, Ellie, Makoto, and Dionne also came with him to the cafeteria.

Although Zoe and Evelyn were dissatisfied, they didn't voice it out.

'The daily quest is good. I don't need to refine my body with primal energy to make it stronger.' Arkhen talked with Velshi and the girls while eating.

[Yes, my lord. Generally, one needs to strengthen their body daily after refining their core. This way, their stronger uni energy can strengthen their bodies every day.]

'Usually, what EP of primal energy is required to make strength, stamina, and agility reach 100 points?'

[10,000 EP of primal energy is required to make one's physical state reach the maximum limit.]

'Yeah, you said that. But those five people I met when I first arrived in the academy had over 100 stats.'

[That is because they have broken the limit. Once you break the limit, you can feel a connection with the 1st realm. It takes time to solidify that connection and ascend. However, those who have surpassed the limit will be suppressed and can only bring out limited power]

'That's fair,' Arkhen nodded. 'Otherwise, if some powerful madman went to the lower realm, it would spell doom for everyone.'

[Yes. They still can, but at least, it can be countered because there's not a whole chasm of a gap between their power]

"So, what are you going to do after eating?" Ellie said with a smile. "The lunch break is almost over, but we three are free."

Zoe and Evelyn looked at each other and nodded.

"We are also free," Zoe said.

"Yes, we are taking a day off today," Evelyn said with resolve.

"You girls really want your brother for all yourself, huh?" Makoto said with a chuckle.

"You two attend classes," Arkhen said. "It's not good to miss studies."


Arkhen looked at them with a gentle smile. "Your brother will need your knowledge in the future regarding business, negotiation, and such things. So, you should learn it for my sake."

"If you say so," Zoe said with a pout, "fine, we'll study. But we don't want to miss our training session. You have to arrive on time."

"Yes, we will be waiting for you at the training center," Evelyn said with a stubborn expression. "We want to get strong faster and only you can do that by teaching us your martial arts and exercises."

"Don't worry, I'll be there on time," Arkhen said as he nodded with a smile. "Now go, don't miss your studies."

Zoe and Evelyn were reluctant to leave their brother with those girls, but they had no choice.

"So, what's the plan?" Arkhen asked as he leaned back in the chair.

"Well, no plan yet, but we can make one," Dionne said with a grin.


Suddenly, they heard a shout and saw three men coming toward them. The man in the middle looked a bit similar to Ellie, with the same hair color.

"What do you want, brother?" Ellie asked in confusion. "It's rare for you to come to me."

"Come with me," Eliot said with an indifferent expression. "You two as well," he said as he looked at Makoto and Dionne.

Makoto and Dionne frowned. They didn't like this forceful brother of Ellie.

'This bastard has 1447 EP but his physical body has over 20 stats. How? And he seems to be a mana user…so a Mage, huh?'

[My lord, he must have used resources to strengthen his body using some method. Just like one can refine their core using resources, this is also applicable to the body]

"What's the matter?" Ellie asked with a frown.

"I don't want you to hang around this crap," Elio said without any expression as he looked at Arkhen. "He beat some of my club members the other day. If you don't come with me obediently, I'll have to take it out on him and you know it won't end well."

Ellie flinched and stood up. She didn't want to trouble Arkhen because she knew that her brother was very strong and a senior at this academy. He could easily beat Arkhen who was just a new student.

Arkhen's eyes turned cold as he felt angry. He kicked the table while sitting on the chair as the table lightly hit Eliot.

"What does that mean?" Eliot asked as he narrowed his eyes.

'Mother fucker! Just because he is stronger than me, don't tell me I can't win?'

[You can win, my lord. You are a Tyrant. You must also win against foes stronger than you. Numbers are not absolute. You have way more knowledge regarding martial arts and your force-field creation is a top-quality superpower. It's a matter of how one fights since there's not a big of a power gap between you two]

"It means that you are not leaving if I don't make you bleed," Arkhen said coldly but didn't attack first. However, he was ready and focused.

"Heh," Eliot sneered and waved his hand as a burst of icy aura released from his hand and aimed at Arkhen. This icy aura with sparks was way more powerful than the D-rank skill, Icy Mist.

'Now I am acting in self-defense,' Arkhen grinned as a maddening light lit up in his eyes. He nimbly dodged to a side and created a force-field behind Eliot to push him.

Eliot was not expecting such swift responses and counters. When he was pushed towards Arkhen, he couldn't dodge at all as Arkhen's punch, which was ready with the <Condensing Impact> directly hit his face.


Arkhen's bones also cracked a bit since he used <Condensing Impact> to a limit for the strongest punch he could muster and the result…was satisfying.


Eliot flew away several meters with his nose and teeth broken. He made a few rotating rounds in the air before crashing into the wall.

He was knocked out cold! Unconscious!

"Do you two want to join him or take him to the infirmary?" Arkhen said with a wild grin on his face as he looked at the two goons of Eliot.

They quickly scurried away and took Eliot with them.

"Sorry for hitting your brother, Ellie," Arkhen said with an apologetic smile. "But I can't stand it when someone insults me without knowing their own worth."

Ellie snapped out of her trance as she didn't expect this to happen. She quickly sat down on the chair beside Arkhen with an excited smile. "How did you do that?!"

"Eh? Are you not upset that I beat your brother?" Arkhen was startled.

"Humph. Trash brother, you mean," Makoto snorted. "They looked slightly similar because of their same hair color since they have the same father. But they don't have the same mother."

"Oh…" Arkhen was surprised and nodded. "Well, then. Let's forget about the bad things and leave the cafeteria first. I acted in self-defense. You can vouch for that, right?" he said as he lightly pinched Ellie's right cheek.

Elli's face became red as she quickly nodded. "Of course," she said before standing up. "Let's go and roam a bit. There's a market and stores where you can buy some things. You are new, so let us show you around."

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 28 Short Conflict