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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality
Chapter 26 Sensation

"Arkhen…" Grace climbed on top of Arkhen, her erect nipples and soft breasts pressing against his chest. "I don't think I can live without you anymore."

Her face was of utmost satisfaction and euphoric. This was the best day of her life, period. She had never cummed this much and felt such pleasure before in her life.

"I'll fuck you whenever I feel like it. Just get ready," Arkhen said with a domineering grin. He stood up and carried her into the bathroom before dropping her into the big, round bathtub.

"You released so much inside," Grace said, but she was smiling as the pleasure was undeniable.

"Don't worry, there's not a single drop left inside you. I made sure to remove everything by pressing acupoints and using the massage."

Grace swam towards Arkhen in the bathroom and pressed herself against him while wrapping her arms around Arkhen's neck. "You can do whatever you want to me, anytime."

"I will," Arkhen grinned before he grabbed her ass and kissed her lips. His tongue entered inside her mouth as he savored every ounce of dopamine.

After five minutes of another short fuck session, they came out of the bathroom.

"I'll teleport you to your room, go and change clothes. After that, we have to teleport outside and return to the company. There's still dinner left."

"Okay~," Grace said with a lovely smile as she approached Arkhen for a kiss.

"Haha, I don't need to kiss to teleport. I was just kidding," Arkhan laughed.

Grace was startled. "Really? So all this was your plan?"

"Yep," Arkhen grinned before he pushed towards the wall and pressed his body against her, making her soft and plump boobs squeeze against his chest. "Why? Are you regretting all this happening?"

Grace's startled expression turned into the most sexy and hot smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Not at all. I am rather glad you all did this."

"Good, now go," Arkhen said as he slapped Grace's butt and teleported her into her room.

After changing his clothes, he saw that his main quest was completed. 'Good. The next main quest and side quest will appear in the morning, right?'

[Yes, my lord. Congratulations on completing the main quest. Should I unlock the shop using the shop ticket? You can only buy one item from the shop. After that, it will close again. The items will refresh every day, so you should unlock it now and look out for things.]

'Alright do it,' Arkhen said with a nod before he teleported himself into Grace's room.

"Arkhen, Isabella might recognize this dress," Grace said.

"No worries, I'll make some changes," Arkhen said. 'Velshi, consume a reality point and alter her dress.'

"You seem like you can do anything," Grace was a bit speechless but happy as well seeing her dress transforming into a different one.

"Not yet," Arkhen said before he grabbed Grace's waist and teleported both of them to a corner of a crowded plaza one kilometer away from the Queen's Crown company building.

[5 reality points consumed]

'Eh? Only 5 for both of us?'

[Since you had a physical connection, the space ripples took it as a single object.]

"Aunt is safe now, right? When will they come?" Zoe said with a frown.

"Mom is back, let's ask her," Evelyn said as she saw Isabella entering the office with a smile.

"They are on the way here. Grace has regained her consciousness and since they were in a hotel, she also got ready there after buying a new set of clothes. So, we will directly go to the dinner," Isabella said smilingly before her face turned solemn. "Remember, we did nothing today. Aunt Grace was also here all day, and we just planned a dinner like a regular family, got it?"

"Roger, mom!"

Evelyn and Zoe both said simultaneously with happy grins on their faces.

After ten minutes, Arkhen and Grace arrived at the company in a cab. They meet up with Isabella, Zoe, and Evelyn.

"Thank god," Isabella hugged Grace with a smile and also hugged Arkhen. "Thanks a lot, son. You saved a lot of things today."

"Come on~ I may have just entered your life, but it's my duty now," Arkhen said with a smile. "Let's go and have dinner at some luxurious restaurant," he said as a short laugh escaped his mouth. "I never went to one before."

The next day, something shocking happened that shook the entire country.

Minister Luther Fox was found dead at the riverbank of Raidon Lake. Moreover, the big media channels had gotten USB drives that showed all the dark deeds of Luther Fox. When this was blown out, the public was outrageous!

Another mysterious thing was a metal plate with a unique symbol of a fancy 'A' letter with a cross mark found beside the dead body of Luther Fox. On the other side of the plate were some words written boldly that shook many.

[Justice will prevail! The next turn is…yours!]

This silver metal plate was on every news channel, along with Luther Fox's deeds.

People were watching such lively news after a long time. When they found out about such vile deeds of Luther, the public even supported his death.

Many of them were actually anticipating the next move by this mysterious hero AX. People named him AX because the silver card had a symbol of X carved on top of A.


While eating breakfast and watching the news, Isabella, Grace, Zoe, and Evelyn glanced at Arkhen smilingly.

"Dad, this guy really did a good thing," Zoe said with a smile. "It's like those dark heroes in the movies. I like them more."

"Yeah, me too. Swift justice is the best," Evelyn grinned.

"Cough…" Mark coughed awkwardly and shook his head. "Well, we are not completely innocent, but at least, we have only harmed those who have intended to harm and troubled us."

"I knew Luther was a bastard, but even I am surprised but some of those deeds," John commented while looking at the mobile.

"Humph, it's good that he is dead. He was being an obstruction to my company a year ago and asked for a large sum," Katherin snorted. "Greedy asshole."

After everyone had breakfast, the whole family sat down in the hall and talked to each other about various things until the school bus of Prime-Star academy arrived.

After reaching the academy, he separated from Zoe and Evelyn. While walking towards his class, he looked at the main quest and side quest.


[Side Quest: Apex Mortal]

-Task: Reach 100 stats in strength, stamina, and agility and defeat another person with 100 stats or higher in strength, stamina, and agility.

-Rewards: 1 x Entry into Doom Dungeon.


However, the main quest surprised him...

[Main Quest: Chaos Self]

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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality Chapter 26 Sensation