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It felt a bit weird, but very......satisfying, he could not relieve the thirst he felt last night, it seems, that the problem comes from Shu Ning. A complex note passed Shu Heng’s gaze, quick, fleeting. He picked up another piece of food and gently put it in the little one’s bowl.

After taking a sip of the soup, only then did Shu Ning notice another piece of meat appearing in his bowlΣ( ° △°|||)︴

He lifted his head over, Shu Heng was staring, what’s with him? He’s got a mental disease! That’s not right, maybe a spirit disease? No no, if Shu Heng had a spirit disease will there still be normal people left in this world?

“Don’t like it?”

Shu Ning:”......”Great god, what has happened to you today?

After the meal, Shu Heng had already left while Shu Ning was drinking his Chinese medicine, dressed in a tailored suit, in a refreshed mood, his handsomeness soaring to new heights, wearing a watch matching of his identity, meticulous, individualistic, and dignified. He went to report to the company, I wonder if he’ll affect Qin Yu Zhuo’s power, I’ll give a like to that.

In the school, He Ran really was quite urgent, he who was late to school everyday had already sat down on his chair, with his legs crossed, humming a song, filled with arrogance, the other classmates pretended as if they did not see him, how inferior.

Shu Ning felt proud at heart, step by step he walked towards his own seat and sat down, and pulled out the school supplies from his schoolbag.

He Ran put his leg down, and coughed twice, moving to Shu Ning’s side:”Where are your battle plans? You weren’t just talking smack were you? If that is the case, don’t blame me for turning back on you.”

He was just playing with him because he was too lazy to talk to him, Shu Ning took out the papers from his bag, and put it in front of He Ran:”These are the key points for the exams on the previous year, and the year before that, take it back and answer them, send them over tonight and I’ll help you take a look at it.”

He Ran’s eyebrows were raised up high, whatever, as long as I pass, the teacher had also grumbled about these matters to him on a daily basis, but he never took it to heart. As soon as He Ran left, everyone relaxed, only Shu Ning had the corners of his mouth curved. Just after half a day, He Ran returned again, and slammed the paper in front of Shu Ning, filled with pride.

He already knew that all the answers were correct without even taking a look at them, the questions that He Ran couldn’t answer, he would naturally go over to harass the top students.

Shu Ning took out a dozen more papers from his bag, He Ran’s face instantly darkened and he glared at him:”Are you playing me?”

“These are comprehensive tests, if you can get at least sixty on them, then you should have no problems in the coming exams.”

Um, He Ran is no fool, Shu Ning had already guessed how he had answered those questions, and he felt slightly embarrassed. It was easy to pass subjects like geography and history, but to pass a subject like English was too hard, He Ran did not study well at all usually, but as the old saying goes, better late than never, might as well give it a go, if it’s not effective in the end, then he’ll deal with Shu Ning after that, he’ll give him a good beating to vent his frustrations.

WIth the papers in hand, He Ran’s steps were heavy, as if he wanted his life.

Ha ha, fill them all in, it’ll be great if you vomit blood from exhaustion, He ran was infamous for being uneducated, ignorant, and incompetent, Shu Ning felt extremely at ease. Time passed by quickly, and the day of the exams were here, Shu Heng had finished his as per usual, because his current position was different from the one in his past life, when it was time for dinner, the whole family had gathered at the table with pleasant gazes, but nobody brought up how he had done in his exams, they were all afraid to pressure Shu Ning.

The whole night, Qin Yu Zhuo had been stuck to Shu Cheng, Shu Cheng had also taken note of his father’s attitude, Shu Gao had just returned from the holiday resort after a long drive, so he was too lazy to care.

All the subjects were over with, and the He clan’s cocktail party was grandly held on that evening.

Qin Yu Zhuo had originally wanted to give Shu Ning time to shine through the cocktail party, but now she was hesitant, her relationship with her husband was more important. Shu Heng had been cutting a fine figure in his few days at the office, he was quite extraordinary, it was hard to believe that he was just an eighteen year old boy, he actually made her feel quite pressed, what a joke.

But of course, to avoid suspicion, not only did Qin Yu Zhuo avoid making any movements, she had assisted them as well, if she did make her move, her luck would’ve ended here.

It would be great if she only had to bring Shu Ning, Qin Yu Zhuo had such thoughts more than once, Shu Gao was watching her, so she was still afraid of bringing trouble to herself.

Shu Heng wore a well-fitting black tailored suit, looking exceptionally handsome, he walked past the door of the little one’s room, and lightly knocked on the door, Shu Ning had already finished preparing, the elaborately designed suit that was ordered by Qin Yu Zhuo was naturally unique. Shu Heng’s gaze darkened, and he suddenly felt reluctant to go, Shu Ning was dressed up specially for the occasion, and looked rather handsome.

“Brother?”Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t choose to be this flashy, but when it came down to it, if he took off the luxurious coat, it made him way more low-profile, it suits him just right:”Let’s go?”

“Let’s go.”

Shu Heng took the lead and left, Shu Ning followed behind him, this is just basic manners. Shu Gao didn’t go, Shu Cheng and Qin Yu Zhuo brought their two outstanding children to the cocktail party, three cars were dispatched in a row, in the middle is an extended Lincoln, with two black Mercedes-Benz to its front and back, with their bodyguards in alert, they reached safely without any accidents.

The hotel of the He clan was magnificent and glorious, under special preparations, naturally the place was exceptionally grand, and luxurious, displaying their unparalleled status and financial resources.

Many characters such as reporters and the like were at the door, they parked their cars in the underground parking lot to avoid attracting attention to themselves, the person standing inside to receive them were all insiders, they kept a tight watch on things, not even a single reporter was allowed in.

Shu Cheng walked hand in hand with Qin Yu Zhuo, extremely loving, the man is handsome and the woman is......lacking, they didn’t quite match next to each other, they still looked like the chairman and his executive assistant as before. So Qin Yu Zhuo changed her behaviour, turning from a gentle woman into a wealthy madame, if her image is not enough then she’ll hide it with her clothes, dressing exquisitely, with diamonds adding onto it, there was no other way, to continue being a humble young lady in this kind of scene was just asking for abuse.

Who dares to look down on me?

A top grade man like Shu Cheng, you lot are dreaming to marry someone like him aren’t you?

Qin Yu Zhuo stood with her chest raised and head held high, and a sweet smile, she could enjoy a simple conversation with anyone, with her husband on one hand, and the other holding her son’s hand, having a pleasant chat with the host who had just made the opening speech from the He clan, there was no need to mention how much attention they attracted.

But Shu Heng had fallen to the back instead, Shu Ning looked over at him from time to time, Shu Heng had only given a few nods, and walked away.

For an elder son like Shu Heng, with such extraordinary abilities, as well as the influence from his mother’s family, if he were to rank himself as second in the ranking of young masters in C city, who would dare to rank themselves as the first?

They had just appeared, and they were already being watched by many people, they immediately went up to greet them, showing their regards.

Shu Heng was aloof, he sat atop the sofa at the corner of the room, Xu Jin and the other young masters walked over to gather around him, as long as Shu Heng has appeared, it doesn’t matter where he sits, that area will become the center of attention, the little corner that did not receive any attention had become the new hot spot, all the top young masters had their conversations there, passing drinks around, attracting envy from the people at the side.

The rich young masters who did not have a high enough status could only stare at them enviously, they had no ways to join in that dazzling circle.

Qin Yu Zhuo had no ways to stop Shu Heng from coming, so she could only think of ways to disgust him, she had already instructed Shu Ning in private to stay with his father at all times, as long as everyone could see Shu Cheng introducing Shu Ning to the big shots, that would be a big slap to Shu Heng’s face. But of course, Qin Yu Zhuo was not foolish enough to do so, she had already discussed it with Shu Cheng early on, this was Shu Ning’s first time coming here, he will definitely feel nervous, Shu Cheng had thought so as well, and so he agreed to Qin Yu Zhuo’s proposal.

At that time Qin Yu Zhuo was pleasantly surprised, but hesitation appeared on her face instead, asking about whether Shu Heng would feel unhappy, Shu Cheng had only given her a smile and did not respond, not taking it as a problem. Qin Yu Zhuo was going mad from happiness, day after day, year after year, she will definitely be able to uproot Shu Heng from Shu Cheng’s heart, she had two kids of her own, how could that not be enough to deal with that child?

The current Qin Yu Zhuo was filled with incessant glory, dazzling the masses!

The mayor and his wife had brought their daughter over, and made some small talk with Shu Cheng, the other lady introduced her young daughter who had just returned from overseas, studying the violin in country W, Qin Yu Zhuo looked at her with satisfaction, she was sensible and obedient, and she was in middle school as well, she immediately lifted her hand to introduce Shu Ning......where is he? He was clearly by my side a moment ago, damn it, he had skittered off while she was shaking hands with the mayor and his wife.

Shu Ning would be a fool to ride on her waves╮(╯▽╰)╭

He had come here in his past life, he flashed past the crowd with good knowledge of the floor plan, and reached the corner, he ate desserts and drank fruit juice, feeling extremely satisfied, he watched the gorgeously dressed adults showing their business smiles as if he were watching a play, the bigger the smile on their face, the dirtier their inner hearts could possibly be, they would call you their brethren in front of your face, but they’ll back stab you as soon as you turn around.

He recalled his good pals in his past life, weren’t they the same as well?

Who would’ve thought that the hearts of some could be so distorted, they had been good friends for over twenty years, but actually they had always been envious, jealous, and hateful, looking forward to your demise, gnashing their teeth in hatred, but when it benefits them, they’ll swarm to you like a bunch of maggots feeding on a corpse, you couldn’t drive them away even if you tried, but when there are no benefits, they could still show their kind regards to you, being pretentious in lowly ways.

His eyes swept towards the most eye-catching place, Shu Heng was definitely there, Shu Ning did not go over, his friends were all basically scoundrels, smart to extents that you would not be able to imagine, even if there was no evidence, they could sniff out Shu Ning’s tracks and reveal him as the offender, under the pressure of not being able to hide, felt like a large pair of hands were tightening around his neck, thinking about it now made it seem hard for him to breathe.

The seat next to him sunk down, and someone had grabbed Shu Ning by the shoulder:”Hey, there you are, I’ve been looking for you.”

He ran was the prince of a big family after all, he had his ways, he found out that all his exams were passed, this was a miracle that he had never experienced before! Thinking back on it those days were truly miserable, writing exam papers every day, his nose bled, and his tears flowed, he had gotten so dizzy that the English letters appeared as tadpoles in his eyes, he had even thrown up in disgust, he was teased by his brother, asking whether he had a baby? I’ve had your sister! He had nearly gotten insomnia and diarrhea due to Shu Ning, he had even gotten thinner, and had become even more handsome than before:”You have my thanks this time, I’ve already regarded you as a friend! Are you happy? Jolly?”

Shu Ning:”......”Let me go out to die for a moment, he had nothing to say to him, this person is simply a pile of human shaped trash, he tilted his head, and remained silent, everyone please leave me alone, the heart of this thirty year old uncle is bitter~

“What’s with you?”

Can’t be assed to deal with you, Shu Ning lifted his arse, and switched over to another sofa, a pile of desserts with beautiful shapes and colours were in front of him, he took up an emerald coloured piece to try, pretty tasty.

He Ran sighed, his gaze filled with pity:”I understand your situation, don’t be afraid, I will cover for you in the future.”

Three black lines went down Shu Ning’s face:”......”Young man, the hell are you thinking about?

He Ran’s friends have arrived, and gathered into a little group, they chatted and laughed, silence was unlikely. But their conversations were too obscene, talking about whichever rich young lady had bigger breasts, whichever family was more ferocious, they could invite them out to play around, as well as whichever family’s young lady looked like a virgin, that they wanted to date them and whatnot. Actually it was normal for young boys to get together and talk about such topics, girls would discuss about boys at the back too, but in his past life Shu Ning had hated these types of people the most, he had hidden himself in the restroom, and succeeded in drawing out a floor plan, continuing to eat and drink, his tummy was full anyway, so his mood was pretty good.

But some people just won’t let you have a good time!

Shu Ning who was hiding in the nook was found by Qin Yu Zhuo, the woman who was mad from rage had a wonderful smile, and her gaze was even more dazzling, she stretched out her pale hand, the warning intent was clear.

Why would Shu Ning be afraid of her?

If she’s happy, then he would be unhappy, so he frowned, and held his stomach with his hand:”Mom......”

“What’s happened to you?”Qin Yu Zhuo’s complexion had changed slightly, she sat beside Shu Ning, and wiped her son’s forehead with her handkerchief, but in truth she was feeling his forehead, it was quite cool, could she have fallen into his plan?

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