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Realm of Myths and Legends
Chapter 25 Learning New Heavenly Laws

Izroth, Halls, and Luna were currently on the path leading through the ’Willowed Forest’ directly to the capital city of Amaharpe. They had been traveling for over one hour already but did not to run into any monsters that posed a threat to them.

Halls let out a sigh of disappointment, "I was really hoping we’d run into a world boss soon, but it’s been one hour and we haven’t come across any decent EXP or loot yet".

Luna shook for her head in response to Halls disappointment, "Can it be that easy to find a world boss? We were incredibly lucky last time and happened upon it by coincidence. The probability of us finding another one by chance is extremely low".

Halls knew that what Luna said was true. They were indeed fortunate enough to run into a world boss. Expecting the same thing to occur once more could only be considered as wishful thinking.

Luna glanced over in the direction of Izroth and noticed that he appeared to be in an almost trance-like state. Whenever they ran into a monster he would not interfere but maintain that state. This was most likely due to him not feeling threatened in any way. After all, the monsters that they had run into so far were all level 10 or lower. It would be embarrassing if she and Halls could not handle such monsters alone and needed the help of Izroth to do so.

Luna did not want to be impolite and stare so she was only taking little sneak peeks at Izroth and noticed that the way he moved was... Strange. This made her a bit curious as she watched Izroth closely. But before she had the chance to further observe him she heard a voice call out to her.

"Luna? Hey, are you listening?" Halls was trying to get Luna’s attention for the past few moments but she seemed to be in a world of her own.

Luna snapped out of it and understood that she had begun to stare at Izroth without realizing it. A light blush formed on her cheeks from embarrassment as she quickly turned her head away and held her head down. "I’m listening, I’m listening alright?!"

Halls was a bit surprised, that was actually the first time he heard Luna sound a bit agitated. He figured that he did something wrong and just rubbed the back of his head in confusion. How could he know that she was just simply embarrassed by her actions?

During the entire hour, Izroth had not been wasting his time simply walking and doing nothing else. If one examined closely, they would discover that each of his footsteps was exactly the same distance apart from the last. The bizarre part was that it appeared as if each time one of his feet were about to touch the ground, they would suddenly stop as if they were hovering above the ground, moving in a strange slithering motion.

Izroth was taking this time to create more skills. He realized from the time spent inside of the dungeon ’Goblin’s Paradise’ that although the skills he possessed were powerful, he did not have many of them that he could use consecutively. The skill ’Breaker of Limits’ helped him to bypass a lot of the system parameters, but it still did not allow him to freely use the abilities as if he were in the seven realms itself. In the seven realms, as long as one had enough spiritual essence they would be able to use the technique, however, in RML there was something called a cooldown in which during that period of time you would be unable to perform that skill.

Izroth noticed that lower ranked skills cooldown times were much lower than that of higher ranked skills, at least from what he could tell thus far. But it made sense in a way since it would require a longer recharge time to use higher level techniques, than that of basic level techniques. Not only that but higher ranked heavenly laws took much longer to learn than lower ranked skills. For example, it took him 5 hours to learn the A ranked skill ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’ while it only took a few moments in the middle of battle to obtain the B ranked skill ’Phantom Strike’. Even though the skills were separated by a single rank, one still took much longer to learn than the other. If that were the case, then he would create a few lower level heavenly laws as to allow himself to have a more versatile battling capability.

He wasn’t only working on that one heavenly law itself, but rather two other different kinds of lower level heavenly laws at the same time! Even though they could not match up to the ’Heavenly Golden Body’ physique or even the ’Three Baneful Swords’ heavenly law, that did not mean the techniques themselves were useless.

Besides the heavenly law Izroth was practicing using his footsteps, he was also moving his index finger in a peculiar motion. It gave off an incredibly piercing aura as though it would not have any problem breaking through tough defenses.

The last heavenly law Izroth was practicing was actually a palm technique. As his palm moved, it was followed by a myriad of illusions and each one seemed to have an existence and mind of its own.

The three skills that Izroth were learning was ’Serpent’s Bite’, ’Fissuring Point’, and ’Myriad Elusive Palms’. Not much deliberation was needed for Izroth when choosing these three heavenly laws as they suited his requirements to allow for a more versatile fighting style. None of the techniques were particularly impressive when compared to the ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’, especially when it came to attacking power, but their uses would be much more frequent.

Not too long after Izroth received his first system alert!

Ding! Congratulations, player Izroth has created a new skill! Please name the skill!

The first skill Izroth obtained was the Serpent’s Bite’ heavenly law. So, of course, he named it as such without having to think about it.

Skill Name: Serpent’s Bite

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 1/3

Skill Rank: C

Energy Cost: 35 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

Active: The user kicks with deadly precision dealing 75% of the user attack as damage. This skill has a high chance to ’Paralyze’ the target struck for 1.5 seconds preventing them from taking any action.

Description: A skill created by Izroth that focuses on precision and immobilizing the target for a short period of time. Beware the serpent’s bite!

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Izroth was satisfied with the overall performance of the skill. If he had this skill back when he fought against the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’, then he may have been able to escape from the ’Firestorm’ skill it used by giving himself a 1-second window to retreat using ’Serpent’s Bite’ just before it could cast. Although the damage on it was not that high, it was the ’Paralyze’ effect that made the skill shine in combat. Though what surprised him a bit was a new thing called ’Energy Cost’ on the skill. To be honest, Izroth had always wondered why he possessed an ’Energy’ stat that seemed to serve absolutely no purpose. It wasn’t that the stat was useless, but just that no skill that he obtained thus far required the use of it.

The strange thing was that his ’Energy’ stat was always at 100 no matter which stat he used a stat point on. Out of curiosity, Izroth used the skill ’Serpent’s Bite’. His right leg seemed to move in a motion similar to that of a snake striking its prey. It was silent, precise and incredibly fast.

Izroth took the time to examine his ’Energy’ stat and noticed that it went down from 100 to 65. Exactly one second later it went up to 68 and the next second 71. As his ’Energy’ kept increasing, Izroth concluded that after using a skill which required ’Energy’, it would slowly regenerate 3 energy every 1 second. That means every minute he would regain a total of 180 ’Energy’.

"I see... Although the cooldown is low, it now requires the use of ’Energy’. It seems I’ll have to pay attention to it in future battles" Izroth thought to himself.

A few minutes later, yet another system alert went off.

Ding! Congratulations player Izroth has created a new skill! Please name the skill!

Skill Name: Fissuring Point

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 1/3

Skill Rank: C

Energy Cost: 30

Active: Deals 100% of the user attack as damage. The damage from this skill ignores all shields and 60% of the target’s defense. If this skill deals damage to someone with a shield active, the cooldown of this skill is doubled. This skill cannot be ’Blocked’.

Description: A skill created by Izroth that can penetrate through almost any defenses with ease. Trying to block this skill is futile.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Izroth could not help but be astonished by the accuracy of the system that managed this game. He at first held some reservations about it being able to perceive his actions and form them into skills, but it exceeded his expectations. "The fact that it’s able to analyze and generate heavenly laws is extraordinary." Izroth knew first hand how difficult it was to learn heavenly laws and even more challenging to understand them. One must possess a high level of comprehension in order to learn specific heavenly laws.

The last skill left for Izroth to acquire was ’Myriad Elusive Palms’. This heavenly law was meant to face multiple enemies at once. At the moment, he did not have any other skills that could attack multiple opponents at once. It seemed that even with the skill ’Breaker of Limits’ it would not let him bypass this rule. There was always an invisible force that concentrated single attacks onto whoever was being targeted. It felt weird having to get used to that kind of restricted fighting style, but Izroth was one who learned to adapt. With Izroth able to focus all his attention on the last remaining heavenly law, it barely took a moment before the final system alert Izroth was waiting on to go off.

Ding! Congratulations player Izroth has created a new skill! Please name the skill!

Skill Name: Myriad Elusive Palms

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 1/3

Skill Rank: C

Energy Cost: 35

Active: Deals 100% of the user attack as damage to all enemies within 3 meters. This skill has an increased hit rate and is difficult to evade.

Description: A skill created by Izroth, capable of striking multiple targets with hard to follow movements. One true strike hidden within a myriad of palms.

Cooldown: 25 seconds

A slight smile formed onto Izroth’s face, he now possessed three additional skills that would increase his combat prowess by leaps and bounds! Truth be told, he really wanted to finish learning the ’Three Baneful Swords’ heavenly law, however, it took him 5 hours to learn the ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’ alone. Thus, he decided it was best to wait until he could find a quiet place to settle down for an extended period of time and begin learning the finally two forms of the ’Three Baneful Swords’. After all, the strength of the next two swords was not as simple as two plus two equals four.

Just as Izroth finished ’Myriad Elusive Palms’, he suddenly heard a voice sound off from in front of him.

"We’re here!" Halls spoke with a voice full of enthusiasm.

Izroth came out of his trance and took a look at what was in front of him. He could see city walls that towered so high that it seemed as though they were trying to touch the clouds in the sky. A thin transparent barrier covered the entire city, protecting the capital from potential threats. There was a colossal metal gate leading into the city with all kinds of weird symbols on it. Guards stood at the entrance of the gate wearing a glorious full plated armor and giving off an intimidating aura so as to prevent any trouble from taking place there. Many players were entering inside after handing off their recommendation letter to the NPC’s managing the entry into the city.

They finally arrived at the capital city of Amaharpe!

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Realm of Myths and Legends Chapter 25 Learning New Heavenly Laws