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Realm of Myths and Legends
Chapter 19 Prelude to the Unforeseen Even

Name: Izroth

EXP: 1,847/7,200

Level: 11(Stat Points: 0)

Title: None

Class: Combat Master

HP(Hit Points): 520/900(700+0+200)

Energy: 100

ATTACK(ATK): 180(120+40+20)

DEFENSE(DEF): 50(20+10+20)

AGILITY(AGI): 115(65+30+20)



The ’Heavenly Golden Body’ physique! How could Izroth not be excited about such a thing? Even though the spiritual essence of this world was incredibly weak, he was somehow still able to cultivate as if he was linked to some unknown power source. What was most strange about this was the fact that the spiritual essence from that unknown power source, was not any weaker than any of the seven realms.

"How can this be?" Izroth was perplexed. Could it have something to do with his ’Heavenly Immortal Print’ technique?


While Izroth was trying to figure everything out, the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ fired off a ’Mana Burst’. It would not simply halt its attacks on Izroth just because he was thinking after all.

Izroth had not forgotten that he was in the middle of a battle and remained on guard as he reviewed the system alerts. Although his ’Flickering Steps’ was no longer active, thanks to the stat increase he obtained from the ’Heavenly Golden Body’ skill his agility was now at 115. That was a bit more than the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ agility of 100.

That formless mana rushed directly towards Izroth as he kicked off his left foot dodging off to the side, evading the incoming ’Mana Burst’.


"When I get into close range it changes to its battle axe and when I’m at a distance it changes to that book. The only deviation was when it used that ’Firestorm’ skill" Izroth thought to himself as he sped straight at the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’. Even though he could not manage to close the distance near instantly as when his ’Flickering Steps’ was active, it still did not take him long before he once again arrived in close combat range with the boss monster.

The ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ took out its battle axe when Izroth was around 3 meters away from it. As Izroth was rushing forward, it swung its battle axe downward as if it were trying to split Izroth in two.

Izroth sidestepped to the blind side of the boss monster as its battle axe crashed down onto the platform forming a miniature crater.


Now that Izroth had his natural advantage of agility again, he would become ruthless with his assault. With his ’Nameless Blade’ in the palm of his hand, Izroth almost seemed as if he were performing an ancient sword dance. Although his movements were the most basic of sword forms, he had clearly mastered them to the point of perfection. The HP of the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ was dropping at a steady pace.

61% HP...

55% HP...

49% HP...

When the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ HP hit below 50% HP, the battle axe in its hands vanished and was replaced by a book. "Puny human, burn!"

Izroth knew that this was a start to the boss monster skill ’Firestorm’. He instantly began to retreat to the edge of the circular platform. However, he could not reach the safety zone before being struck by the fire raining down from above.

-100 HP!

420/900 HP Remaining! (Izroth)

Izroth did, however, manage to arrive before taking another tick of damage from the ’Firestorm’ skill. "As I thought... Without using ’Flickering Steps’ it’s impossible to make it to the outer area of the platform without taking a bit of damage" Izroth muttered to himself.

As soon as the ’Firestorm’ cleared away from the circular platform, a ’Mana Burst’ shot out towards Izroth. By now, he had more or less figured out the attack pattern of the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’. It seemed like the only time it would deviate from that pattern is when it was in melee range, wielding its battle axe. But besides that, every time it used ’Firestorm’, immediately after it would shoot out a ’Mana Burst’. Knowing this ahead of time made it quite easy to avoid the skill.


Izroth darted off to the left side of the circular platform before adjusting his left foot slightly and pushing off of it zooming directly at the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ and continuing his assault against it.

42% HP...

36% HP...

30% HP...

24% HP!

Izroth let out a deep breath as the ’Nameless Blade’ within his hand sat atop his right shoulder. He had just retreated from another ’Firestorm’ and was waiting for it to die out before going back into the fight. He had taken a hit from it and so his HP was now at 320. But, what he did not expect was the door that he had come in through would be opened by someone. Izroth glanced over and noticed that it was Gilidore that entered into the room, he had finally arrived!

Gilidore looked right at Izroth and a friendly smile appeared on his face. "Fellow adventurer, I have finally found you! Did you located the relic of power yet?" he dashed towards the circular platform that Izroth stood on. When Gilidore approached he noticed a barrier appeared to be preventing him from entering inside. A small frown began to set on his face as he stopped in front of the barrier.

Izroth shook his head slightly, "I have yet to find the relic of power" when Izroth finished speaking a ’Mana Burst’ was rushing straight at him as he skillfully evaded it. The ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ skill ’Firestorm’ had just ended and so Izroth returned to his fight.

"Then I shall continue to search!" Gilidore shouted out at Izroth before beginning his search around the gigantic room. He moved very quickly, searching every little corner of the room as Izroth was fighting against that monster.

As Gilidore continued on with his search, Izroth pounced at the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ with a light milky blue aura surrounding his ’Nameless Blade’. Accompanying that aura was a suffocating force and as it connected with the body of the monster, it made a cruel wound appear across its entire torso! Izroth was using the skills ’Sword Force’ and ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’!

-1,200 HP!

720/8,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja)

Ding! ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ has entered an enraged state!

Ding! ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ Attack and Magic has been increased by 100%!

Ding! ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ has gained the skill ’Endless Rage’, every 1 second its attack and magic will increase by 5%!

The ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ eyes turned blood red as it entered into an enraged state. It held up one of its hands and instead of the ’Firestorm’ that took at least a moment to cast because it had to switch to its book, this one happened instantly. "My king, grant me strength!"

-200 HP!

120/900 HP Remaining! (Izroth)

The skill was so sudden that Izroth did not even have the usual small window of time to begin his retreat from the attack! But even within that situation, he remained calm and under control. Immediately, Izroth took out a ’Lesser Health Potion’ and gulped it down regaining some of his lost health.

+150 HP!

270/900 HP Remaining! (Izroth)

Instantly after that, he activated the skill ’Shadow Movement’, turning into a shadow and making his way to the edge of the circular platform with his speed greatly increased. Though he did not make it far before his shadow form broke after taking another tick of damage from the ’Firestorm’.

-210 HP!

60/900 HP Remaining! (Izroth)

Just as the third tick of damage was about to go off, Izroth had managed to safely arrive at the very edge of the platform barely avoiding his death. Izroth had that carefree look on his face, but on the inside, he was actually filled with a calm rage. When was the last time he, the number one cultivator in the seven realms, got pushed so near to his death?

It was a good thing that Izroth had picked up some ’Lesser Health Potions’ from some of the monsters he eliminated earlier, or else things may not have gone so well just then. "A boss monster’s enraged state is really troublesome, it appears not only do they gain an immense damage boost, but their abilities also increase in overall strength".

Izroth made a decision at that moment, he would take time out along the way to create some more skills. Now that Izroth knew that the system could generate a skill as powerful as the ’Heavenly Golden Body’ physique, he had great confidence in creating a good variety of skills so as to have more options in unfavorable situations such as this.

There was still another minute left before Izroth could use another HP potion, but did he have time to wait around for it? Izroth’s been in countless battles of life and death, yet he always came out on top by never accepting defeat as a possibility. Besides, the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ would not just wait around for his HP potion to come off cooldown and he could not retreat due to the barrier, so there was only one option remaining, fight till the end!

Izroth accelerated forward with his ’Nameless Blade’ held outwards behind him. If one observed closely, they would notice a very faint shadow that looked like a phantom following next to this sword. The ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ took out its battle axe, but it was too late. The blade from Izroth’s ’Nameless Blade’ had already passed by its neck twice while it was in an enraged state.

Critical Hit!

-300 HP!

Critical Hit!

-480 HP!

0/8,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja)

"Noooooooo! My king... I have... Failed..." the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ eyes slowly turned back into those black beady goblin eyes as he fell over onto the surface of the platform defeated!

Ding! You have defeated ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’!

Ding! You have been awarded 6,000 EXP!

You have leveled up to level 12!

You have gained +3 stat points for leveling up!

Loot Drop:

-12 silver coins

-x1 Goblin’s Essence

-x1 Commander Boots

Ding! Congratulations, you have completed the dungeon ’Goblin’s Paradise’!

You have been awarded 500 EXP!

You have been awarded 50 world fame!

You have been awarded +1 skill point!

Ding! Congratulations, you are the first player to clear ’Goblin’s Paradise’ and have been rewarded! Would you like to announce it to the world?

Armor Name: Commander Boots

Armor Rank: Uncommon

Armor Level: 15

Armor Type: Leather

Requirements: 50 Agility

DEF: 15

AGI: 15

Izroth went over to pick up the loot, then put it into his inventory as the ’Commander Boots’ instantly equipped to his boots slot. The ’Commander Boots’ were not all that great and so he was a bit disappointed that he did not get another rare item, but at least they helped to boost his stats some. What really made him happy though was the fact that he received a skill point. They were not easy to come by since you only obtained one every 3 levels.

Izroth blinked a few times as he read the system messages. Dungeon? ’Goblin’s Paradise’? Izroth searched through the memories of the Jin, hardcore gamer inside of him and found out some interesting things. "So that’s why this place provided such great loot and exp... That also explains why this place had two strong bosses and unusual tricks to it" Izroth had come to a sudden understanding as to why it seemed his luck was so good and bad at the same time in this place. Dungeons turned out to be one of the main ways of gaining EXP and loot in video games.

He did not have to think about whether he wanted to announce to the world or not, especially since he had already decided to let himself be known by this point after he defeated the ’Shadow Wolf’. Soon after a world announcement system message sounded off.

Ding! World Announcement: The first ’Dungeon: Goblin’s Paradise’ run been cleared by the party ’Izroth’!

Party Leader: Izroth

Party Member(s): None

They have been rewarded for their efforts!

The system then went on to show all the rewards Izroth had received for being the first to clear the ’Goblin’s Paradise’ dungeon.

Almost instantly after that alert went off Izroth, received two messages from the system.

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Realm of Myths and Legends Chapter 19 Prelude to the Unforeseen Even