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Tenku raced his motorcycle at full throttle and drove down the road at high speed. Fortunately, it was quiet that night, and Tenku's motorcycle ran smoothly on the streets without a hitch. He was not worried about the traffic police in the area because he had a fake driving license that Wang Haotian had made for him.

It only took less than two hours for Tenku to reach his destination. He parked his motorcycle in a small restaurant and went on foot to the location of the space collapse according to the coordinates that Wang Haotian had given him.

It was a beautiful forest and was used as a tourist spot in the past. Space collages only appear in uninhabited areas such as forests, mountains, and seas because humans have created a machine called the Dimension Stabilizer.

The machine can overlay dimensional walls in an area and prevent Space Collapse. The Dimension Stabilizer was only used in densely populated areas because the engine's primary fuel was dimensional stone.

Dimensional stones are fragments of space that crumble and crystallize into sparkling stones. It is precious and rare because it stores dimensional power that can be used for various things and can only be found in small amounts of space collapse locations.

In addition to dimensional stones, other valuable items can also be found at the space collapse location. It is a gem and a medicinal plant used as a raw material for potions and elixirs.

The plants were originally ordinary plants that grew in the forest. But it evolved because of the aura from another world overflowing from the portal when the space collapse occurred.

After Tenku arrived at his destination, he checked his surroundings. As Wang Haotian had said in his message, the Realizers of the organization would arrive late at the place, and Tenku would have to eliminate the monsters that emerged from the Space collapse quickly.

Unfortunately, the space collapse still hadn't happened when he arrived, and Tenku could only wait under the tree. He touched the watch on his right wrist, and his wireless headphones popped up. It was no ordinary watch but a custom-made dimension watch.

Dimension watch is a smartwatch that is used as a versatile device for Realizer. It can be used as a communication tool, make payments, map, and many other functions. In contrast to smartwatches, dimension watches can display three-dimensional projections for all features. Dimension Watch is made of dimensional stone and is very expensive. Because of that, not many realizers are willing to buy it.

Kaziya especially makes Tenku's Dimension watch in a typical classic watch style, and he has added a Space Pocket feature. This feature allows users to have a particular space as a virtual storage area of a specific size. Of course, the price is much higher than the dimension watch. But Tenku is willing to buy it because the feature is convenient and useful for him, who always fights alone.

The combat gear, motorcycle, and dimension watch he owns are custom-made, costing him most of his money. Because of that, Tenku didn't have much money in his savings. Even though he had killed a lot of monsters and gotten a lot of valuable items from the space collapse, it was quickly depleted of his needs as a Realizer.

Tenku took off his hood and put the headphones on. After that, he paired it with the dimension watch in his right hand. He played his music player, which only had one song on the list. It was the same as the song he had on his smartphone.

"Wait for me, Haruna. I will seek you into that world and bring you back!" Tenku muttered while looking at the reddish-green bracelet on his left wrist. He could still feel that his consciousness and Haruna's were still connected and that his sister was still alive somewhere in another world.

"According to information from the master, this space collapse should be at the disaster level. Unless other factors suddenly arise, I'm sure I can eliminate those monsters before the Realizers arrive." Tenku saw a message from Wang Haotian through the three-dimensional projection of his dimension watch that had been synchronized with his smartphone.

The threat level in space collapse is divided into five based on the dimensional crack, the size of the portal, and the monsters that appear. The first is the Accident level with a narrow dimension crack scale, and the size of the portal created is not so large. The monsters that appear are usually first to third-level monsters.

The goblins that Tenku had killed were classified as first-level monsters. Orcs were second-level monsters, and ogres were Third-level monsters. The higher the threat level of space collapse, the wider the range of dimensional cracks and the stronger the monsters that appear.

If it were to be described, the threat level of space collapse and the monsters that appeared would be like this:

1. Accident : third-level monsters and below

2. Disaster : fourth-level monsters and below

3. Calamity : sixth-level monsters and below

4. Catastrophe : eighth-level monsters and below

5. Apocalypse : ninth-level monsters and below

The space collapse that has occurred in Ibaraki, Tenku's hometown, is an accident level. After that, Tenku mostly handled space collapse at the accident level and sometimes disaster, but he still didn't dare to face the calamity level with his current strength. He didn't want to take the risk because he was fighting alone.

While enjoying music from his headphones, Tenku suddenly narrowed his eyes as he felt the space around him vibrate. He quickly took off his headphones and put them back in the space pocket.


The sound of broken glass rang out and a vortex formed in that place. The size of the portal appeared wasn't too big, and Tenku had seen space collapse at the disaster level with a vortex larger than the current size.

"My current cultivation is at the middle stage of the sky origin realm while the Tyrant King Body Tempering Art is at the third layer, blood tempering. I wonder how strong I am right now without a Phantasmal Object." Tenku stood up and ignited his fighting spirit. He looked towards the portal and waited for what kind of monster would appear.

After Tenku broke through to the Earth Origin realm, Wang Haotian told him that Qi could be used to kill monsters because the energy source was judged to be from a different dimension, and Tenku had already proven it in real battles.

It wasn't long before Tenku saw many human skeletons wearing armor and holding weapons coming out of the portal, and the number of the monsters was at least over two hundred. Because it was night and the atmosphere of the forest was dark, the scene looked scary.

"Skeleton soldier, skeleton captain, skeleton general, and skeleton king." Tenku muttered the names of the monsters that came out of the portal. Then he smiled broadly after realizing that those monsters would be very useful for the Tyrant King Body Tempering Art's next layer, bone tempering.

"Great!" Tenku shot toward the monsters with terrifying speed. His movements looked like he was teleporting. Tenku didn't want to waste time and let the monsters destroy the surroundings. When the skeletons noticed his presence, it was already too late. Tenku appeared in front of the horde of monsters and swung his Qi-coated fist.



The attack destroyed dozens of skeleton soldiers and several skeleton captains. Tenku wasn't happy because the two types of skeletons were just first and second-level monsters. The main targets were the skeleton general and the skeleton king.

Tenku moved towards the nearest skeleton general while slaughtering the skeleton soldiers and skeleton captains blocking his way.


The Skeleton soldiers and skeleton captains attack Tenku at the same time. Meanwhile, the skeleton general, his target, suddenly retreated as he sensed the danger from Tenku.

"In this distance, I will find it difficult to attack him." Tenku clicked his tongue. But he suddenly raised his eyebrows after remembering something.

"Don't I have that? I originally intended to try my current cultivation strength. But I felt better using the Phantasmal Object I had just awakened at this point." Tenku stretched out his right hand, and a golden-colored gun manifested.

"Then let's test the power of this weapon." Tenku pointed his gun at one of the skeleton soldiers and pulled the trigger. He exchanged his Qi for genesis power when using a Phantasmal Object.


Gunshots rang out but what happened was that the skeleton soldier was fine and didn't even have a scratch.

"What the hell is this gun!? As expected of the lowest-ranked Phantasmal Object!" Tenku cursed and punched the skeleton soldier. But then he looked at the gun in his hand and was confused.

"What is the use of this bullet chamber?" Tenku saw a small, marble-sized hole in the back of the gun. It was hidden and made him realize it too late. He was sure that it was a port for loading bullets.

"Isn't the shape and size similar to a monster core?" Tenkuu moved away from the skeletons and took a marble-like object from his space pocket.

Monster cores are precious crystals obtained from within the monster's body. The higher the level of the monster, the darker the color of the core. Tenku took out the core of the fourth-level monster because that was the only thing he had in his space pocket. He had sold the other cores a few days ago and kept it as his savings for his sudden needs.

Tenku gritted his teeth and loaded the monster core into the bullet chamber. Unexpectedly it entered perfectly.

"I wonder what this gun can do after I put it in a monster core." Tenku smiled bitterly and pointed his gun at the skeleton king in the middle of the monster's horde.

Today was the first time Tenku used a gun in battle and he had never trained it before. He had to focus so that his aim would hit the skeleton king. Once he was sure of his target, Tenku pulled the trigger.



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