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Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 50 GP

Combat Power : a half star

Tenku and the people in the hall fell silent when they saw the data displayed on the Combat Power Scanning Mirror. Even though their reactions are the same, their reasons are different. Tenku was confused because the tool in front of him couldn't display data from his other Phantasmal Objects or combine the values of the two.

At the same time, Tenku was relieved that the mirror could only measure his recently resurrected Phantasmal Object. Regarding the GP value and combat power shown, he doesn't care about that at all.

If the principal and the teachers saw the Devourer Scythe's measurement value, they would be suspicious. Those people would keep an eye on him under the pretext of special treatment for gifted students. It would limit his freedom and interfere with his plans for peaceful school life.

The students were still silent after seeing the value of the Combat Power Scanning Mirror. Then one of them opened his mouth and broke the situation.

"Hasn't the principal explained that you will have 100 GP after awakening the Phantasmal Object? Then why does that student only have 50 GP?" a male student from class E asked.

"Not only did he awaken the lowest ranked Phantasmal Object, but his GP value was also below the average human." another student from class F added.

"Pfft! Amazing! He's the opposite of Akio! If Akio is in the sky, then he is underground!" The student from class A commented and was followed by the laughter of the people around him.

"Hahaha! You are a real loser!" Masaru didn't waste the opportunity to mock Tenku and embarrass him.

"Everyone, please calm down!" Hayate shouted to the students and then looked at Tenku.

"Hurry back to your place!" Hayate said coldly, and Tenku just nodded in response to his attitude. He returned to class C calmly as the measurement result didn't bother him.

But it was again misunderstood by Akina, Takaya, and Noboru. They think Tenku feels sad and doesn't want to talk because of his low GP value. On the other hand, Asuka lowered her head like she didn't want to meet Tenku's eyes.

Takaya and Noboru didn't say anything this time as they were at a loss for words to comfort Tenku. Because of that, they could only be quiet and give Tenku time to calm himself down.

"Next student!" Hayate raised his voice and continued the measurements of the Class C students.

After class C was over, the measurement continued in classes D, E and F. There were not many special students from the three classes. Only a few people could be considered good enough; one was Masaru.

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 200 GP

Combat Power : 1 Star

The students' measurements were completed, but they were still not allowed to return to their respective classrooms. Their homeroom teacher gathered them to listen to Benjiro's further instructions.

"Congratulations! You have become Realizers, but you need one more step before it's official. The data from your awakening ceremony and power measurement will be stored in your student ID card and used to register in the organization of your choice. After that, you will officially become a Realizer." Benjiro smiled and explained.

Even though the result of the awakening ceremony and the power measurement didn't live up to his expectations, it could be said to be quite good. Those students only had to go through the last stages before they became official Realizers.

"Before I explain the Realizer organization, I'll talk briefly about your Phantasmal Objects. It was a weapon used by humans to fight an invasion from another world. But you need to know that the Phantasmal Object is divided in two." Benjiro looked at the students and added another explanation.

In that explanation, the students learned that Phantasmal Objects had two types. The first is the person who awakens the Phantasmal Object from the bright side or is called Avalon, while the dark side is called Acheron. Ever since the students awakened it, they already knew automatically which type their Phantasmal Object was from.

Both types have their respective advantages. Phantasmal Objects from Avalon are easier to control, but Acheron has more damage. But that could be covered by the phase, combat power, and unique abilities of the Phantasmal Object.

"About unique abilities, you will be learned in your respective classes. Then, we return to Avalon and Acheron. I explained it because the organization is divided into three based on the type of Phantasmal Objects you have." Benjiro got into the main topic.

The first organization was the Holy Union, which only accepted Avalon as a member. The second is the Belial Alliance, and its only member is Acheron. The third is the League of Heroes, whose members come from both types.

"So you only have two choices. Are you going to register in an organization for your type of Phantasmal Object or a mixed organization? That is your decision. I want you to answer tonight through the school system because tomorrow, you will have to register in the organization of your choice. If you already understand, this is enough for my explanation. You can disperse and return to your respective classrooms." Benjiro smiled and left the hall.

After the principal's figure disappeared, the students also left the place and took turns using the elevator according to their class order.

Tenku could hear them whispering about him on the way to the classroom. By the first day of school, he had already become famous in a bad sense.

Tenku doesn't care about that. He realized that some things had changed, which was how the students looked at him. They just had no interest in him before. But now, those students looked at him with pity, and some even avoided him out of disgust. One of them was Asuka.

When Asuka saw Tenku, she gave a forced smile and quickly averted her eyes from him, not wanting to linger with him for long. Tenku knows what the reason is and doesn't blame her. Asuka is a girl who longs for the perfect hero. When Tenku saved her in elementary school, he became a temporary hero for her. But after Akio appeared, Tenku was no longer needed.

Tenku didn't want to be the student with the lowest Phanstasmal Object rank and GP score. But he couldn't do anything about it. Fortunately, Noboru and Takaya's attitudes didn't change at all to him. So he still has friends in class C.

Not long after they returned to the classroom, the students were dismissed because it was five o'clock in the afternoon, and they were allowed to go home.

"Tenku! Noboru and I intend to go to a shopping center to buy something. Will you come with us?" Takaya invites Tenku.

"I'm sorry, but I have to open my stall and sell crispy tofu." Tenku politely refused.

Since high school, Tenku has opened a crispy tofu stall not far from a shopping center. He earned his capital from the sale of valuable monster parts as well as items he acquired around the space collapse.

Crispy tofu is one of the mainstay recipes from his parents and was also sold in his restaurant in the past. Besides, Tenku also really likes it. When he eats it, he will remember his parents and Haruna.

"Ah! I forgot about it. Then, I'll be going with only Noboru today. But next time, you must come with us!" Takaya smiled and patted Tenku's shoulder.

"Yes. If I have free time." Tenku nodded slightly.

"You opened a crispy tofu stall?" Noboru asked.

"Yes. I did it to earn a little money while spending my free time." Tenku answered half-honestly. The main reason for selling crispy tofu is because he likes it, which makes him nostalgic.

"it was great! Next time I will stop by your stall!" Noboru patted the other Tenku's shoulder.

Tenku couldn't help but smile and shake his head when he saw their behavior. He was happy that their treatment had not changed despite knowing he was the weakest student in Suisei High School, or so everyone looked at him.

After chatting for a while, Noboru and Takaya said goodbye to Tenku because they had to go to the shopping center. Tenku was the last person in the classroom. He packed his things and quickly left the place.

Akina had informed Tenku that she couldn't go home together because she had to go with her classmates. She also asked about Tenku's condition and was worried that he was still sad about the Phantasmal Object he had awakened. But Tenku just said he was fine and stopped chatting with her.

When Tenku came out of the school gate, he saw the atmosphere in the area was relatively quiet. Before he could take a step towards his destination, he found a little girl aged six to seven years running in the middle of the street and intending to pick up a small cat. They were tens of meters apart, but he could faintly see her face. The little girl reminded him of Haruna. But then Tenku saw a truck speeding down the road and headed towards the little girl.

Tenku sighed, and his figure suddenly disappeared from where he was standing. He reappeared before the little girl, quickly embracing her, and returned to the sidewalk.

"Isn't what you're doing dangerous? Where are your parents?" Tenku released the little girl from his arms. But she didn't answer and just stared at him in a daze. When Tenku saw her face, he was surprised because the little girl looked adorable.

The little girl had an oval face with short straight, shining black hair and her skin was as white as snow. Tenku feels he has seen her somewhere, but he doesn't remember. The little girl still didn't answer his question, and Tenku couldn't help but sigh. He thought the little girl was still in a state of fear.

"Okay. You have to be more careful in the future. Don't cross the street carelessly." Tenku rubbed the little girl's head. He quickly left the place and headed in the direction where his stall was located. Tenku feels someone is calling him. But because the voice was faint, he thought it was just his feeling and ignored it.

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