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Class A will get the first turn in the Phantasmal Object awakening ceremony. The principal decided, and the reason was that the new student representatives were from that class.

The homeroom teacher of class A stood next to the altar and recorded the students' awakening results. It will be saved on their student ID card. Asuka and the students from that class stood close to the altar and lined up neatly.

When Asuka saw Tenku, she smiled sweetly and waved her hand at him. Tenku replied with a small nod because he didn't want the other students to see them, making him the center of attention. But the female student next to her immediately stopped Asuka's actions. Tenku remembered that he was with Asuka when that girl was chatting with the new student representatives.

Tenku saw that the relationship between the two was very close, and he was grateful that Asuka had found such a good friend. But then he felt two glares at him, one of which contained hostility.

The first gaze came from Akina. Tenku asked Noboru about the students who gathered with Akina, and he said they were from class B.

Akina didn't tell Tenku that she was placed in class B because she thought that Tenku would find out independently. Otherwise, he would know when he got home because Akina would tell Misora and Kouta about it.

Then Tenku turned his eyes to another gaze filled with hostility. It came from a handsome boy with blond hair, or at least better than him. Tenku knew the boy because they had attended the same middle school.

The boy's name is Masaru Igarashi, and he has affectionately for Asuka since middle school. But because the girl always clings to Tenku, it makes Masaru jealous and harbors hatred for him.

Tenku could only sigh and shake his head. He knew that pretty girls would only bring him unnecessary trouble. But he was grateful that now Asuka had found the hero of her dreams. Tenku smiled when he saw Asuka cheerfully chatting with the new student representative and another female student.

The Phantasmal Object awakening ceremony began. One by one, the students from class A were called by name in alphabetical order and came forward to awaken their Phantasmal Objects, except for the new student representative because he asked for his name to be called in the middle.

The new student representative said he was a little nervous and was afraid it would affect the process of awakening his Phantasmal Object. Therefore he wanted to see the other students do it first, and his request was quickly approved by the principal and his homeroom teacher.

When a student from class A stood in the center of the altar, the runes imprinted on the surface of the circular plate shone, and light particles appeared, condensed, and formed a weapon befitting the person who manifested it.

Unfortunately, the Phantasmal Objects they manifested only had D and E ranks after the first few students. This disappointed their homeroom teacher as well as Benjiro. Not long after, Asuka had her turn. Tenku saw that the new student representative, the female student, and another male student were cheering her on.

Tenku also noticed Asuka's eyes on him, but he could only reply with a nod and pray for the girl to get a high-rank Phantasmal Object. When Asuka stood in the center of the altar and concentrated, the number of light particles that appeared was overwhelming and then condensed into a shape.

"This is…" The homeroom teacher was shocked, but his face quickly turned enthusiastic when he saw the scene before his eyes. Benjiro smiled when he saw the Phantasmal Object that Asuka had manifested. Then the name and rank of the weapon were written on the large screen next to the altar.

Gale Fan : B-Rank

The Phantasmal Object that Asuka awakened was in the form of a medium-sized iron fan that seemed to suit the girl.

"Wow! Amazing!"

"So Beautiful!"

"As expected of Asuka!"

"Great! You are the best!"

The students of class A shouted excitedly when they saw that, but the other class could only look at Asuka with envy. B-rank Phantasmal Object could be the third best, and few students had it at Suisei High School.

"Cancel your manifestation and return to your place." The homeroom teacher smiled with satisfaction.

"Yes!" Asuka quickly did as her homeroom teacher said and immediately came down from the altar with a smile on her face. He looked at Tenku and walked over while puffing out his chest proudly.

On the other hand, Akina looked at Asuka with fiery eyes filled with rivalry. She was sure she would get a Phantasmal Object with a rank no worse than her or maybe better.

"Hee… That girl got a Phantasmal Object with a good rank." Takaya said enviously.

"You will get the same rank as her." Tenku replied in a joking tone.

"Yes. You should be able to get a high-rank Phantasmal Object. Otherwise, the girls won't even look at you." Noboru suddenly entered into their conversation, and it made Takaya confused.

"I apologize. But, who are you?" Takaya asked and then looked at Tenku. But before he got an answer, Noboru spoke first.

"I am Noboru Hagiwara and you can call Noboru. My goal is to become a great Realizer and enjoy life." Noboru offered a handshake to Takaya.

Takaya looked at the boy like he was looking at himself in a mirror. Noboru's nature reminded him of himself, but the boy was more direct and shameless. Then he looked at Tenku, and the other party shrugged his shoulders.

"I am glad to be your acquaintance! I am Takaya Kitamura. You can call me Takaya! We will be classmates, and I hope we can get along well. No, I'm sure we can get along well since we share the same ideals!" Takaya accepted Noboru's handshake vigorously.

"We can get along! I'm happy to meet people who can understand me! Hahaha!" Noboru laughed horribly, and Takaya followed suit. Tenku kept his distance from them as their laughter disturbed the students around and looked at the two with disdain.

"Continue the awakening ceremony! I hope the other students can get a good rank." Benjiro said in a rather loud voice, and his words brought pressure on the other students.

After that, the students of class A resumed the awakening ceremony. Although the results are not exactly good, they are not bad. Some of them also got B-rank Phantasmal Objects.

"Akio Sanagawa..." The homeroom teacher called the student's name. Then, the new student representative walked out from the line of class A students. His footsteps toward the altar were accompanied by cheers from the female students, including Asuka.

"Oh, so his name is Akio Sanagawa. Sanagawa? It doesn't seem like the surname of the famous Realizer." Takaya rubbed her chin and searched in his memory for the names of the powerful Realizers in Tokyo but couldn't find the students' surnames.

When Akio stood in the center of the altar and concentrated, light particles appeared in abundance and far more than Asuka.


The students and homeroom teachers in the hall were shocked when they saw the situation, but Benjiro laughed with satisfaction, knowing what was happening.

"Is it a rank S Phantasmal Object?" One of the homeroom teachers muttered.

"No. The light particles that emerged from the S-rank Phantasmal Object should be much more than this and fill the hall. But this student's Phantasmal Object should have a high rank, at least A!" Benjiro nodded in satisfaction. Benjiro said and smiled broadly. The students and homeroom teachers turned their attention to the large screen next to the altar.

Holy Sword : A-Rank

Akio wielded a sword that emitted a dazzling light. His figure looks like a hero in movies or stories in novels. The female students looked at Akio with eyes sparkling with admiration, and Asuka was among them.

"It was like he was born to be a protagonist." Takaya said bitterly as he watched the female students fall in love upon seeing Akio's figure.

"You don't need to be depressed, Takaya! The Phantasmal Object we awaken may be higher in rank than him!" Noboru patted Takaya's shoulder and tried to cheer him up.

"I hope so." Takaya sighed and answered weakly because he wasn't confident about it.

Akio returned to his class calmly, and it seemed that awakening A rank Phantasmal Object was nothing for him. His face showed that it was only natural for him to manifest a high-ranking Phantasmal Object. Akio was warmly welcomed by the students of class A, especially by the female students. The revival ceremony continued. But after Akio, none of the A-class students got as high a rank as him.

After all of class A finished, the awakening ceremony continued with the students of class B. Akina was also unexpectedly able to manifest a B-rank Phantasmal Object with the name Arcane Rapier.

Class B students didn't take long to finish the awakening ceremony. Unfortunately, none of the students in the class manifested an A-rank Phantasmal Object, which disappointed their homeroom teacher. Next are the students of class C.

The Phantasmal Objects awakened by the students from class C were, on average, low-ranking and overall no better than the first two classes. Noboru managed to manifest a D-rank Phantasmal Object with the name Snail Drill, and Takaya was a B-rank with the name Crush Knuckle.

Tenku's turn finally arrived. He gets encouragement from Takaya and Noboru. Asuka was also cheering for him, but she did it secretly.

Tenku felt a little nervous because it was his first time using Phantasm Altar. He hoped in his heart that his scythe didn't appear when he tried to manifest his Phantasmal Object.

When he closed his eyes, Tenku felt a single large gold particle almost the size of a light ball. After that, a voice sounded in his mind. The scene was similar to when he awakened his Phantasmal Object, Devourer Schyte. But he felt a little different.

Tenku was confused and unsure of what he felt because he shouldn't be able to resurrect another Phantasmal Object. he had heard from Wang Haotian that in the past, there was a Realizer who awakened two Phantasmal Objects, but that was very, very rare. He's not one of those Realizers, is he?

One Phantasmal Object was already overwhelming for him to control. Then what if another one appears? Tenku wasn't sure he could control both of them at once and was afraid of being eaten by one of them.

But if he didn't manifest anything, the homeroom teachers and Benjiro would be suspicious of him because every human could awaken their Phantasmal Object with the help of the altar.


Tenku gritted his teeth and ventured to grasp the golden light. Then he slowly opened his eyes. When he saw the object held in his right hand and then the words on the big screen, he and the people in the hall could only say in bewilderment.


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